Feature: Megan Beauty Products #MegandaSiMayMay Campaign

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

     Have you seen or heard of Megan Beauty products? The brand has been in the market for quite some time now. They are famous for their affordable yet effective skin care products that Filipinas love. I'm sure you've seen them in shelves at leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide but this time, you will love the brand more because they got a new endorser.

     The witty and down to earth actress, model, and singer MayMay Entrata is the newest face of Megan. She was introduced to media and bloggers last November in an intimate press event held in Quezon City. During the event, Maymay shared a lot of things including her skincare routine and Megan products she is using. More about Maymay Entrata and Megan Beauty products below :)

Feature: Megan Beauty Products #MegandaSiMayMay Campaign

Feature: Strip It! DIY Hair Removal System

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

     Hello dearies! How's your summer so far? I'm sure that all of you are so excited to leave the city behind for a while for a dose of fun, relaxation, and discovery. Are you ready to show some skin and wear your summer ootd? I can feel the excitement but there's one thing that you need to check before heading to your destination- unwanted hair!

     I presume that some of you forgot about this department and it will be a last minute decision for hair removal. Going to a waxing salon a day before your trip may bring hassles and uncertainties. What if there are long queues or you cannot squeeze in some time because you are still busy packing and doing last minute errands before your trip? Worry no more, thanks to Strip It! for making hair removal a breeze.  Say goodbye to inconveniences going to salons for that much-needed hair removal. Stip It! is the secret weapon to silky, flawless, hair-free skin this summer. More about Strip It! DIY Hair Removal System after the jump.

Feature: Strip It! DIY Hair Removal System

Product Review: Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation

Thursday, April 11, 2019

     "Ganda for all" means that no matter what gender, age, skin color and skin texture you have, you are beautiful! This is what Vice Cosmetics is all about- "Ganda for you, ganda for all". I've known Vice Cosmetic because of Vice Ganda, the co-owner of the brand and from beauty bloggers that I follow who made reviews about their products.

     Vice Cosmetics first launched a lipstick line that's been a crowd favorite then followed by blush powders Early this month, another "pasabog" hit the makeup industry when they introduced their duo finish foundation with a tagline #GandangYouNaYou. I was invited to the unveiling of this promising face powder last week where we swatched and tried it on the spot to prove their claims. Sharing my thoughts on the Vice Cosmetic Duo Finish Foundation and a short review below.

Product Review: Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation

Feature: O.P.I. Mariah Carey Four Mini Holiday Hits and Ped Egg

Saturday, March 02, 2019

     Hello dearies! It's been a while since I wrote a feature of nail polishes on my blog. Aside from lipsticks and eyeliner, I'm a huge fan of nail polishes and I'm regular at nail salons for my manicure and pedicure sessions.

     If I'm busy to have my so-called 'me time', I choose to paint my nails at home. I have a few nail polish collection both from local and imported brands. I presume that you have seen or heard the brands O.P.I, Orly, Essie, and China Glaze to name a few. These are the brands that nail polish addicts use in their nail of the day or nail of the week post/s in their social media sites. Speaking of the brand O.P.I, let me share with you a collection that you will love because they collaborated with Mariah Carey for O.P.I. Mariah Carey Four Mini Holiday Hits

Fashion Nail x O.P.I. Mariah Carey Four Mini Holiday Hits

Feature: Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Nude Lipstick

Monday, February 18, 2019

     Hello dearies! Did you notice that the beauty trends last year like the Korean glass skin, the Asian drunk blush, the return of glitter were hardly felt natural for Filipina skin? Yes, they were great creative outlets but is not flattering to most Filipina skin tones.

     It’s time to go full circle with a fab palette that shows who we truly are. Luckily, Avon makes it easier to embrace #EveryShadeOfYou. They just come up with a new line of nude lipsticks from Avon True Color, and it’s as gorgeous as it gets with our natural skin tone.
Feature: Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Nude Lipstick

Feature: Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist and Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Friday, January 25, 2019

     Althea ended the year 2018 with a bang! From makeup to skincare, they launched two new products that will surely entice your senses- Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist and Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser. The first is a collaboration between Titi Kamal and Althea. 
Titi Kamal is an Indonesian actress and singer with a knack for fashion and style. Best identified by her luxuriously long black hair, she's a beauty icon that's captured the hearts of fans all across Southeast Asia.
     K-beauty fans will surely rejoice with this collaboration because if I'm not mistaken, only a handful of Korean brands offer cologne and perfume in the market. I have a collection of Western perfume and cologne brands and none from Asian brands. Althea is a K-Beauty online shopping destination and known to have produced their own line of cost-effective skin care products that why when I saw the pore purifying serum, I said to myself that it will be another keeper. More information about these new products below.

Feature: Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist and Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Cheese Platter Game On with Danes Cheese Ball

Monday, December 24, 2018

     What's one family Christmas tradition that you're excited every year? I bet it's preparing the food you will eat on Christmas Eve. Families all over the world gather to spend the holidays together because there’s nothing like the warmth of home. While no holiday celebration would be complete without family reunions, this is the best time to introduce new and fun traditions to make this holiday season even more memorable than last year’s.

     It’s a tradition that we serve spaghetti and salad on Noche Buena but this year, I’ve decided to make a little twist- instead of preparing pasta and salad, I told my mama to make a small cheese platter for the kids and adults to indulge during and after Noche Buena.

Cheese Platter Game On with Danes Cheese Ball 

Jergens Holiday Glow Kit

Friday, December 14, 2018

     The cold air that I felt this morning is my sign that Christmas is near. This cool breeze also reminds me that it's time to upgrade my skincare essentials with more moisturizing products to prevent dryness. I have combination skin but cold weather tends to suck out all the moisture in my skin making my legs and arms flaky and itchy.

      Looks like Santa heard my wish of sporting a glowing skin this season. Jergens sent me a holiday kit that will take care of the dryness and give my skin all the moisture that it needs. It will be a pampering kind of holiday because they also include a satin rob and jade roller, yay! Want to have a glowing skin this holiday season? Check out the tips I listed below :)

Jergens Holiday Glow Kit

Product Review: Soothies Foot Care Products

Monday, December 03, 2018

     One foot problem that I’ve encountered early this month was cracked heels. The culprit was constant walking here and there wearing rubber slippers at the hospital and staying in a very cold air-conditioned room.

     My feet became extremely dry and the cracks cause pain when walking barefoot. I’m glad that Soothies Foot Care products came to the rescue! These products are the newest pampering partner for all those foot care needs. These 5 piece foot care products will take care of those nasty foot problems at the comfort of your own home. More information about Soothies Foor Care Products below :)

Product Review: Soothies Foot Care Products

Feature: Bell HYPOAllergenic / Bell Cosmetics

Thursday, November 15, 2018

     Wearing makeup should enhance your feature, give self-esteem, and make you more beautiful. It should bring out the best in you not the stress in you! Do you have sensitive skin that prevents you from wearing makeup? I feel you because I saw how my sister’s sensitive skin reacts to makeup and it’s really bad! Red and itchy bumps appear after application that's why she's forced to wash her face immediately.

     She's been struggling for years in finding the right brand that will not irritate her skin. There are brands in the market that cater to individuals who have sensitive skin but it's not budget friendly and offers limited color selection. Fast forward today, a European brand has landed on Philippine shores- Bell HYPOAllergenic or Bell Cosmetics. It is a hypoallergenic line that uses very gentle formulas and high-quality ingredients for their products. Know more about Bell HYPOAllergenic after the jump and the sensitive skin's must-haves :)

Feature: Bell HYPOAllergenic Cosmetic  / Bell Cosmetics

Product Review: Eternity Rose 24 Karat Gold Dipped Rose

Monday, November 05, 2018

     The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching and one of the things that make it more exciting is shopping for gifts. I presume that everyone has a list and written on it are the possible gift/s that he/she will receive. What if that person on the list already has everything? This is one of the dilemmas that I also encounter when buying a gift- what to give?

     When giving a gift, I always consider three things: something that is unique, useful, or one that will last a lifetime. There are so many useful items and a wide selection of unique gift items to give but there's one thing that I recently discovered, 24 Karat Gold Dipped Rose from Eternity Rose- a beautiful and one of a kind gift that will last a lifetime. YES! A natural rose that is dipped in 24 karat gold. More details about the product after the jump.

Product Review: Eternity Rose 24 Karat Gold Dipped Rose

Where to Eat In Lucban, Quezon the Korean Way? Dun-ai!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

     "E di sa Dun-ai"!!! Prolly you've heard this or don't. But for Lucbanins (native of Lucban, Quezon Province), the expression 'doon ai'/'dun-ai' means doon or there when someone asks the question "where?". So when someone asks you "where to eat in Lucban the Korean Way? The no-brainer answer is Dun-ai! Yes, at Dun-ai Hotel and Restaurant.

     Dun-ai Hotel and Restaurant is a local lodging and restaurant located across Kamay ni Hesus. It started its operation last 2017 as a hotel to accommodate guests traveling to Lucban, Quezon for the purpose of visiting Kamay ni Hesus- a healing church founded by Fr. Joey Faller that serves as a pilgrimage site for everyone who wants to repent, give thanks and pray for healing. For more information visit their official website Kamay Ni Hesus.

Where To Eat in Lucban, Quezon the Korean Way? Dun-ai!

Feature: Star Margarine App-My Star Kid Adventure

Thursday, September 27, 2018

     When I was a kid, my grandmother would always tell me to sleep early and eat nutritious food so that I will grow healthy and tall. The default height increasing vitamin in our house is Star Margarine. I always see her mixing a tablespoon of the yellow colored spread in our rice or in my pandesal.

     I miss my grandmother, looking back at the past, methinks they are really doing their best to give everything that we need in order to grow happy and healthy. Life is so simple back then compared to a complicated life we have now. Modern technology is already a part of our lives and kids these days are so into gadgets and gaming consoles that in some situations, it hinders important aspect of their childhood- healthy eating habits and brain development. BUT, I discovered an app that will show you the brighter side of technology- learning while having fun with Star Margarine App- My Star Kid Adventure!

Feature: Star Margarine App-My Star Kid Adventure

Product Review: Danarra Aromatherapy Oil

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

     Stress is already a part of us. It is inevitable but we can manage it in different ways. Let's take for example the Filipino workers with 9-6 pm jobs. Their day begins with an average of two-hour commute to the office and another two-hour commute to get home. Can you see the picture? Days begin with stress and ends with stress!

     I'm a stay at home mom and I'm experiencing stress too! From daily routine house chores to parenting and daughter duties, I experience stress every day. To keep me sane, I look for ways on how to cope and manage it. Some people enjoy a nice dessert, go for a workout, watch a movie, or spend time with friends and family. These are effective but not accessible immediately, right? There's one thing that young professionals including me have in our bags or pockets- a soothing balm that comes in many forms. The trending now- aromatherapy oil!

Product Review: Danarra Aromatherapy Oil

Feature: Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

      I presume that you've read my thoughts on Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Toner last week. My apologies for not introducing first the entire line before making a review. Anyhoo, this set from Esfolio is promising especially if you have mature, dry, and dull skin. The superstar ingredient in each product is the coconut oil and many swears by its health benefits.

      Coconut oil has a lot of benefits and if you'll make a research, it is used in different natural beauty products for its antibacterial and antifungal property. It's an excellent moisturizer and smells so nice too. Never thought that a skincare product with coconut oil would smell divine. So without further ado, know more about Esfolio's Super Rich Coconut Line below.

Feature: Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line

15 Minutes of Bonding #15MinuteCalpolChallenge

Monday, August 20, 2018

     Time is essential for a stay-at-home/part-time mommy blogger like me. It’s always a ‘so little time so much’ to do kind of day every day. That’s why if I have a spare time, I always make sure to bond with Kenzo even if it’s only 15 minutes.

     During the rainy season, it is extra challenging for moms to think of activities to do with their kids because doing anything outdoors is almost always out of the picture. With the limited time combined with the uncooperative weather, this significantly reduces their choices in making memorable experiences. Quality time with the kids is important and paracetamol brand Calpol shares some rainy days bonding activities that will brighten the gloomy mood.

15 Minutes of Bonding #15MinuteCalpolChallenge

Feature: Erceflora Probi Bears 2-in-1 Probiotic Supplement

Saturday, July 07, 2018

     A tummy ache is one of the problems that my son had experienced while growing up. He has a sensitive stomach and it's a pain to see him vomit after eating or drinking that gives the tummy big trouble. Kids tend to have a higher risk of getting digestive health-related diseases such as diarrhea and constipation from harmful bacteria.

   I've experienced a lot of tummy aches in the past too that's why I know the feeling- uncomfortable and mood changing. It's like I just want to sleep all day if possible and no food and drink at all. Sigh.  As a parent, this scenario causes emotional stress and I really don't want to see my son experiencing any kind of discomfort. Like experts say, prevention is better than cure so an everyday supplement to lessen or manage stomach pain is recommended. Read more below about probiotics and Erceflora ProbiBears 2-in-1 Probiotic Supplement below.

Feature: Erceflora ProbiBears 2-in-1 Probiotic Supplement

Feature: Goodal Green Tangerine Line

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

     Have you heard about the latest skincare craze in Korea? If you're a fan of K beauty, I presume that you know what I'm talking about- glass skin. Koreans are going cray cray to have a glass skin and in order to achieve that, investment in the right products is a must even if it's expensive plus the fact that they have a nice weather, right?

     I'm not against glass skin. Who doesn't want a youthful and glowing skin, so smooth and radiant like a glass? Of course, I want that but I'm having second thoughts if this is achievable by using their suggested products because one thing is for sure- it's not compatible with our hot and humid weather. But hey, ladies of the tropics are still lucky because there are skin care products that can make skin radiant and fresh. Enter Goodal Green Tangerine- a skin care line perfect for summer!

Feature: Goodal Green Tangerine Line

Product Review: Althea Bare Essentials

Monday, May 21, 2018

     Yes, you've read that right! Our favorite one-stop all K-beauty shop now has a skincare line. The Althea Bare Essentials skincare line was launched last April and many beauty enthusiasts gave their thumbs up in this simplified Korean skincare regimen.

     Are you a fan of the 8 or 10 step Korean skincare? I know it's very tasking and expensive to complete the products especially if you have a tight budget but Althea made this tedious skincare process easy by bringing Bare Essentials - your skin’s simply perfect savior. Althea strips down to the bare essentials with this new skincare line. Riding on today’s current minimalism movement, Althea’s Bare Essentials focuses on skincare fundamentals and drops all the non-essentials. 

Product Review: Althea Bare Essentials

Unboxing, First Impressions, Review: ASUS ZenFone 5Q ZC600KL

Friday, May 04, 2018

     Hi dearies! ASUS Philippines successfully launched a series of genius smartphones that captivated the hearts of mobile photography fans. The brand's DNA to champion goes up a notch with its must-experience Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and features in its 5th and latest generation of ZenFones.

     If you've seen my Instagram post, I revealed all the ZenFones that I currently have. From ZenFone 2 Laser 5.2, ZenFone 2 Laser 5.5, ZenFone 3, ZenFone Live, and up to the latest ZenFone 5Q which I'll be unboxing and reviewing below :) I'm a certified ASUS user and to have given another chance to review the latest unit is an honor. During the epic launch of the ASUS ZenFone 5 series, we all went #Backto5- the comeback and going back to what they are loved for, bang for the buck smart phone and photography. So without further ado, here's the unboxing, first impressions and review of ASUS ZenFone 5Q.

Unboxing, First Impressions, Review: ASUS ZenFone 5Q ZC600KL


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