Feature: Esfolio Facial Care

Sunday, March 10, 2019

     It has been 8 years since Esfolio was founded in 2011 and up to now, the brand continues to work hard to produce and sell quality skincare and cosmetics products that are safe and reliable to customers. If you're a fan of affordable K-Beauty products, then Esfolio is your best friend.

     Esfolio believe in their founder’s outlook to always be honest and confident. Honest and confident that they include quality ingredients at affordable prices to provide their customers with the best overall product experience. In line with these, the brand sent some of their best-selling skin care products made from natural ingredients to unleash one's natural beauty. Know more about Esfolio Skin Care after the jump.

Feature: Esfolio Facial Wash and Mask

Feature: Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

      I presume that you've read my thoughts on Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Toner last week. My apologies for not introducing first the entire line before making a review. Anyhoo, this set from Esfolio is promising especially if you have mature, dry, and dull skin. The superstar ingredient in each product is the coconut oil and many swears by its health benefits.

      Coconut oil has a lot of benefits and if you'll make a research, it is used in different natural beauty products for its antibacterial and antifungal property. It's an excellent moisturizer and smells so nice too. Never thought that a skincare product with coconut oil would smell divine. So without further ado, know more about Esfolio's Super Rich Coconut Line below.

Feature: Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line

Product Review: Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Toner

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

     It's been months since Esfolio Philippines sent their Super Rich Coconut Line and finally, I'll be able to feature the entire set and share my thoughts on my ultimate fave from the set- Super Rich Coconut Toner. Take note that this is not your ordinary toner because of the thick texture but I can vouch for the instant moisturizing and hydrating effects that it can give after application. I've tried a lot of toners before and those that made into my 'to keep list' are alcohol-free, made of or has a natural ingredient/s on the list, and affordable.

     In the recent years, I noticed that K-beauty brands have been introducing facial toners in two consistencies: water-like or serum-like which has a thick texture that doubles the purpose for those who are minimizing their skin care regimen. Toners with a thick consistency not only cleanse and prep the skin for full absorption of moisturizers and serums but it can also minimize the pores, boost moisture and infuse anti-aging or whitening benefits in every application. So without further ado, here's my review of Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Toner.

Product Review: Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Toner


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