Goodal Green Tangerine Moist Cream

Feature: Goodal Green Tangerine Line

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

     Have you heard about the latest skincare craze in Korea? If you're a fan of K beauty, I presume that you know what I'm talking about- glass skin. Koreans are going cray cray to have a glass skin and in order to achieve that, investment in the right products is a must even if it's expensive plus the fact that they have a nice weather, right?

     I'm not against glass skin. Who doesn't want a youthful and glowing skin, so smooth and radiant like a glass? Of course, I want that but I'm having second thoughts if this is achievable by using their suggested products because one thing is for sure- it's not compatible with our hot and humid weather. But hey, ladies of the tropics are still lucky because there are skin care products that can make skin radiant and fresh. Enter Goodal Green Tangerine- a skin care line perfect for summer!

Feature: Goodal Green Tangerine Line


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