Cheese Platter Game On with Danes Cheese Ball

Monday, December 24, 2018

     What's one family Christmas tradition that you're excited every year? I bet it's preparing the food you will eat on Christmas Eve. Families all over the world gather to spend the holidays together because there’s nothing like the warmth of home. While no holiday celebration would be complete without family reunions, this is the best time to introduce new and fun traditions to make this holiday season even more memorable than last year’s.

     It’s a tradition that we serve spaghetti and salad on Noche Buena but this year, I’ve decided to make a little twist- instead of preparing pasta and salad, I told my mama to make a small cheese platter for the kids and adults to indulge during and after Noche Buena.

Cheese Platter Game On with Danes Cheese Ball 

Feature: Real California Milk + Milky Sopas Recipe

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

     When was the last time you enjoyed drinking a glass of milk? Last night, early this morning, or you can't totally remember at all? Even if you're not a milk drinker, I presume that you get your dose of dairy from other products like cheese, yoghurt, and everybody's favorite- ice cream. Yum!!!

     Did you know that dairy is an important part of a healthy diet? Yes, go and get your child's science book and turn to the page of food groups. You'll see that dairy products are on the third layer and an individual must consume at least 3 servings a day because dairy is your great source of protein plus essential nutrients. Dairy is loaded with nutrients and has a delicious taste that the whole family will surely love. Sharing below some of the nutritious benefits of dairy and my milky sopas recipe after the jump!

Feature: Real California Milk + Milky Sopas Recipe
Real California Milk Dairy Products- California cheeses, California Sunshine Homogenized Milk, and Coolhaus Ice Cream


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