Feature: Eres Tu Korea Sunscreen and Anti-Aging Skincare

Thursday, July 20, 2017

     Ever wonder why Koreans have nice and beautiful skin? It's because they are obsessed with skin care products that target blemishes and reverses the signs of aging. They have a special kind of skin care routine that can take up to 8-10 steps! Imagine how tedious their ritual just to achieve young and flawless skin, some may say it's crazy but 'Patience is a virtue'

     There are so many Korean skin care brands in the market today and a new player is here to offer specialized products like sunscreen with anti-aging benefits in the name of Eres Tu. Their products contain peptide and other active ingredients that will benefit the user in the anti-aging department. More information about Eres Tu Korea below :)

Feature: Eres Tu Korea Sunscreen and Anti-Aging Skincare

Is My Preteen Safe Online?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

     We cannot deny the fact that the internet is already an integral part of our lives as it makes life a breeze. It provides easy access to information through search engines like Google, faster communication with the use of email, chat, and social media, convenience in online shopping and banking, and the list goes on.

     Everyone in my family has social media accounts either on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, there's one situation that we need to handle seriously - the social media use of our preteens. I will enumerate the pros and cons of social media in preteens below and why it is important for parents like us to make sure that our kids are safe in this digital age.

Is My Preeteen Safe Online?

Just Jewels Online Store

Monday, July 17, 2017

     Shopping for jewelry is now easy because it's already available online thru Just Jewels Online Store. For those who are not familiar with Just Jewels, this jewelry store is the forerunner of the by the gram concept in jewelry selling in the Philippines. 

     I presume that some of you like to shop online because it's hassle-free. No traffic, no long lines, no rush, no erratic weather, and so on and so forth. It's really convenient to shop online these days that's why Just Jewels launched their online store so that clients can easily shop anytime, anywhere. More information on Just Jewels Online Store after the jump!

Just Jewels Online Store


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