Sunday, April 20, 2014

NOTD: Jada and Twill

     Happy Easter to all! Let the egg hunt begin :) So before you go out today and celebrate this special day let me share with you my first NOTD for 2014. I know it's super later post since I had this nail color last January. It's my second time using a gel polish to date and I think I already found the right kind of nail polish for my nails. My finger nails are soaked to laundry detergents and dish washing soap most of the time that's why regular and premium nail polishes easily crack and get chipped right after my manicure. I have mommy duties and I can't prevent my hands from getting wet all day long. Anyhoo, aside from my manicure I would also like to show you my pedicure because I'm really diggin' the color that I got for my toe nails. It's not gel polish though but it lasts more than 2 weeks or 1 month the most. The brand of gel nail polish that was used here is Jennifer Lynn. I'm not familiar with the brand but it's made in the US. There were so many colors to choose from and I totally had a hard time choosing because all of them looked gorgeous! Excited to see the gel polish that I chose? Click CONTINUE READING and find out more!
NOTD: Jada and Twill
Jennifer Lyn Professional UV Gel Nail Colour

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Press Release: Quality and Affordable Baby Products with Baby World

     Motherhood is the essence of being a woman. True that a woman may have know it all when she is already a mom! I'm saying this because the experience that motherhood taught me until now is one of the best experience that I have so far. I became more mature and independent. There's a little life that expects utmost care and unconditional love that's why I always think one hundred times before making a decision from the simplest to the most complex situation that me my son will face. 

     Months before my son was born, I'm so excite to shop for baby care essentials. Since I'm a cheapskate, I always consider the price first then the quality. There are so many baby brands to choose from the market today that's why choosing the quality and affordable brand was a bit hard. There's this one brand that I will not forget- Baby World because the brand exudes quality and affordability. I still have the milk container and the baby bath tub that Kenzo used when he was still a baby. Baby World has a lot of quality and affordable baby products to offer for the first time moms. Want to know more about Baby World and some of their affordable products? Click CONTINUE READING to find out!
Quality and Affordable Baby Products with Baby World

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Press Release: Sizzle In Velvet Rose Lingerie’s Swimwear and Lounge Wear This Summer!

     It's summertime once again, are you ready to have fun and basked in the sun with your toned body and sizzling swimwear? We're all excited and I'm sure you're already packing all the things you need for your summer getaway. Sunblock, sunglasses and swimwear! Three of the most important things that you need to bring with you whether you're just going to surf, to dive, to swim or party at the beach. Don't worry about your body, if you didn't reach your goal to have those sexy abs there's a wide range of swimwear and lounge wear that Velvet Rose Lingerie has in store for you. Say hello to sexy and fashionable swimwear and lounge wear that caters to your body shape. Problem about excess fats? They also have cover ups and lounge wear that can still make you look sexy. So scroll down, don't lose hope because Velvet Rose Lingerie is here to make your summer a sexy and a fab one! Click CONTINUE READING to see my favorite styles of swim wear and lounge wear :)
 Sizzle In Velvet Rose Lingerie’s Swimwear and Lounge Wear This Summer!
Velvet Rose Lingerie's New 2014 Swimwear Collection

Zalora Pop-Up Shop 3 Day Sale at Glorietta

     Fashion lovers united once again at the recently held Zalora Pop-Up Shop at Glorietta. Yes, Zalora- the giant name when it comes to online fashion had a very successful event last weekend where they've set a pop-up shop that showcased different fashion items from bags, to shoes and clothes! 

The leading online fashion retailer in the Philippines offers fashionistas a shopping experience like no other.

      ZALORA, Asia’s leading online fashion destination, brings Filipino trendsetters ZALORA POP-UP SHOP, the biggest fashion event of the season, presented by Glorietta, in partnership with BPI Cards and Globe Telecom. Even though I wasn't not able to attend this very exciting event, I'm sure all the fashionistas went home with a big smile on their face because of their shopping bag full of fashionable items! I've seen photos of very affordable shoes, clothes and bags that's 50% off the price tag! Whoa~ that's a steal and I'm sure all shoppers experienced shopping heaven at the Zalora Pop-Up Shop! To know more about what happened on the event, click CONTINUE READING :)
Zalora Pop-Up Shop 3 Day Sale at Glorietta

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Etude House Princess Run 2014 Registration EXTENDED!!!

     This coming May, a lot of activities for mother and women will happen to celebrate Mother's Day. Different ways of celebrating this special day for mothers became a tradition that's why Filipino families do their best to make this day extra special. We celebrate mother's day with simple gathering at my parent's house. My mom will just cook our favorite food. This kind of celebration became cliche that's why when Etude House Philippines invited me to the media launch of Etude House Princess Run, the idea of simple gathering should be set aside first and try something new. Even though the actual event will happen two weeks after Mother's day, it's still a day of celebration for all the mothers and women. From the title above, I presume you already know what kind of activity I'm talking about. It's all about running! Yes, this is the very first run organized by Etude House for the benefit of YesPinoy Foundation and Lifeline Foundation Team Support Inc. Are you ready to run in pink singlet and a tutu skirt? Yes you've heard it right, running in tutu skirt! Isn't it cute?! See details about the media launch and how to join after the jump, click CONTINUE READING and don't forget to register!
Etude House Princess Run 2014 Media Launch