Kiss Me Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color Launch

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     Last week's been a very productive and busy week for me. I was invited to the launch of Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color at Sm Makati. I'm so excited when I received an invite for this event because I've read great reviews about Heroine Make from both local and international makeup aficionados. Heroine Make is a Japanese makeup brand that caught my attention because of the beautiful princess that is present in their fancy packaging. The brand is very promising because it is manufactured in Japan, the country with  strict implementation of their standards in cosmetics so rest assured that the brands they have are of quality and really delivers to what they've promised.

     Heroine Make is the fastest rising best-loved cosmetic brand in Asia. It is manufactured by one of the largest Japanese cosmetics manufacturers since 1825, Isehan; and distributed by Mandom Philippines Corp. During the event, invited beauty bloggers and selected crowd learned new tips and tricks from Ms. Sayuri Igarashi- makeup artist and beauty consultant from Japan. To know more about the product and the highlight of the event, scroll down dearies :)
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
     I mentioned above that the beautiful princess caught my attention right? She is Princess Elisabeth Himeko, the brand's cartoon ambassador whose mission is to educate the women of the world on how to beautify themselves. Isn't her mission cute and amazing?! Oh well, I salute the ever-beautiful princess for that! Spreading beautiful vibes to everyone and I'm so happy and lucky that I'm one of the ladies who got the first dibs on their Jewelry Eye Color.
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
Moi having a selfie with Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color standee
     Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color eyeshadow was the star of the event. We are all intrigued with the eye shadows pigmentation, texture, price, and performance as a whole. Will these eyeshadows be at par with other brands? To see the swatches and how to use the eyeshadows for day and night makeup look, Ms. Sayuri demonstrated different techniques on how to use Heroine Make makeups but focusing more on the eyeshadows. By the way these dazzling eyeshadows come in four special variants: 

  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Beige Gold
  • Pink Amethyst
  • Rose Garnet
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
Ms. Sayuri Igarashi
     Miss Igarashi has had more than 25 years of experience in Japan, Europe and in Asia where she currently serves as the make-up artist of KISS ME Heroine MakeMiss Igarashi said: “I am truly happy to have had the chance to do make-up for a number of Filipinas during the event. Filipinas as you know, are known the world-over to have beautiful, healthy skin which is in fact the best canvass for make-up.”
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
Step by step makeup application for day time look. See the detailed steps below :)
     Miss Sayuri Igarashi had chosen me to be her model for the natural/day  makeup look. I was ecstatic and nervous because it's my first time to be a model in front of beauty bloggers. Since I arrived with a minimal makeup that aftern, she only removed my bb cream, face powder, and lipstick.

  • Removes my makeup using Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover that can also be used in removing lipstick.
  • She applied Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream SPF 50 on my face. She just applied it on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. HER TIP: Apply the bb cream on problem areas only so that there would be a 3D effect dimension on the face. You can also use the bb cream to cover problem areas like dark spots, eyebags, freckles and other skin imperfections. Just apply a little amount and dab. 
  • The bb cream was set with Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder which is finely milled powder that's light on the skin. HER TIP: Use the puff and just pat the product on the face from one section to another. Don't rub just pat and smile :)
  • Next she chose the shade of Heroine Make Eyeshadow that matches the blouse that I'm wearing. Since my sheer top has pink and brown tones, she opted to use Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color in Pink Amethyst.
  • She applied the primer, then applied the eye shadow on the crease, lid, underbrow and used the brown shade to line my lids. HER TIP: Use the pointed edge of the sponge applicator to line the eyes. This can save time and space since the palette will serve as an all-in-one eye makeup product.
  • After the eye shadow she did my brows. HER TIP: Use the brow shade that is close to your hair color. The line should start near the nose line and end at the outer corner of the eye. The pencil method will help to make the shape of the brows perfect.
  • Eyeliner and mascara next. HER TIP: Use liquid eye liner for a more dramatic look. Apply the eyeliner not in standing position but in a more of bending forward position in front of a handy mirror so that the lines will be as close to the lash line. For mascara, choose depending on your lash needs. If you have thin and sparse lashes- Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara is your best friend. For short lashes there's Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara that is super waterproof too!
  • As for the blush, peach and pink shades are perfect to achieve a healthy flushed cheeks. Those shades will compliment light and fair skin tone ladies.
  • Lastly, the lipstick shade for natural makeup look should be from the coral, nude, and pink. HER TIP: Apply a coat of lip gloss for that healthy pucker shine!
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
     So how do I look? I so love this look and the texture of Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color. The powder is finely milled. Considering it has sparkles/glitters that I didn't feel during application. My eyes had a minor irritation that day so I have second thoughts when she chose me as a model because I'm thinking of my semi-swollen eye lids. The Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color did not worsen the situation of my eye lids. No further irritation or itchiness felt after eye shadow application.
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
   For night time/party makeup, Ms. Sayuri had chosen Rochelle Rivera as her model. She modified Rochelle's look and chose Heroine Make Jewel Eye Color in Rose Garnet for her eye shadow. To make the look more dramatic Ms. Sayuri applied the Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner plus coating her lashes with Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara. Ms. Sayuri is a fan of red lipstick since Rochelle was already wearing a red lipstick, Ms. Sayuri just applied the Heroine Make Liquid Rogue Lip Gloss to give a beautiful shine on her lips and make the color beautiful. 
     According to Miss Sayuri, the products of KISS ME Heroine Make are perfect for the Asian skin and weather where the demand for “all-weather” make-up that withstands the rigors of heat, humidity, rain and sweat are ever increasing. Well, this statement is soo true! Looking at the photos above, after six hours my eyeshadow was still intact. I attended another event after the launch and I've sweat a lot travelling from SM Makati to SM North but there's no sign of eye makeup fading seen on the photo!
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
L-R: Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eye Liner, Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder, Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color in Pink Amethyst, Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color in Yellow Sapphire
     Thank you so much Heroine Make for making me beautiful that day and for these babies that I'll be reviewing soon. I don't do FOTD (Face of the Day) post but with these products from Heroine Make methinks I'll be doing one soon. The eyeshadow is easy to use. It's a complete eye makeup product in a very handy compact. The Heroine Jewelry Eye Color comes with a primer, three eye shadow colors for the crease, lid, and underbrow plus a dual shadow applicator. There's a pointed applicator at one end perfect for applying eye liner too!

To know more about Heroine Make Philippines:
Like them on Facebook: heroinemakephilippines
Follow them on Twitter: @heroinemakeph
Follow them on Instagram: @HEROINEMAKEPH

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Hello May Giveaway

     Hello May! Time really flies so fast, one month to go and it's back to school again. You still have a month to enjoy summer, you can still hit the beach anytime and don't forget to bring your summer essentials okay? 

     Anyhoo, here's the giveaway for the month of May. It's three days late as I'm super busy with events and personal matter related stuff. Same simple rules will be applied, just follow what is asked by the rafflecopter app and your entry/entries will be counted. For this giveaway, the winner will receive the following items: Mishcka Derma Secret Lip Plumper, Jergens Lotion, The Skin Specialist Sunblock SPF 80, TocarreAromatherapy Oil, Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-perspirant and Deodorant Roll-on, TruGel Gel/LED Nail Polish, Vzone Bikini Razor, 2 Wooden Bracelets, Tony Moly Face Mask, Leaders Insolution Face Mask. Excited to join the giveaway? Scroll down now!
Hello May Giveaway
Mishcka Derma Secret Lip Plumper, Jergens Lotion, The Skin Specialist Sunblock SPF 80, Aromatherapy Oil, Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-perspirant and Deodorant Roll-on, TruGel Gel/LED Nail Polish, Vzone Bikini Razor, 2 Wooden Bracelets, Tony Moly Face Mask, Leaders Insolution Face Mask.
     The giveaway will be up for 27 days so there's a lot of time for you to join :) The winner will be notified via blog post and email on June 01, 2015. What are the things you need to do in order for your entries to be qualified?

  • KINDLY SET ALL YOUR POSTS IN PUBLIC so that I can verify it. Posts in private will be disqualified. 
  • Log in all you entries in the rafflecopter app below. There are mandatory entries that you need to follow in order for you to unlock extra points.
  • DO NOT SPAM the comment section. Leave a single comment that includes your Name and Email. 
  • LET'S PLAY FAIR. Following/Unfollowing, Liking/Unliking, etc will disqualify your entry in the present and future giveaways.
  • PLEASE check the blog post for the announcement of winner. The winner will be notified via email so make sure you'll comment with the email address that you check regularly.

Ready to join? Good luck dearies! 

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April Giveaway Winner

     Huwaat!? It's May already?! Time flies so fast, only one more month and it's school time once again. Anyhoo, I'm sure you're excited to know the lucky winner of this giveaway. I want to thank Mischka Derma Secret for sending their newest line of products for me to try and for my readers. This giveaway garnered 2,000+ points, thank you so much for supporting my giveaways and for joining!

     The winner of Dear Kitty Kittie Kath x Mischka Derma Secret April giveaway will receive CC Body Lotion, Spray-on Hair Treatment, Lip Plump Treatment, Hair Mask, Bath Puff, Manicure Tools and Sample of Givenchy Perfume. I've checked all the entries and I only disqualified a few who did not follow the instructions. Good luck to all! The lucky winner is.....
April Giveaway Winner
Congratulations to...
Leny Del Gallego Martinez :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
April Giveaway Winner
     Congratulations dear! I'll send the congratulatory email in a few. Kindly respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked.  Giveaway for the month of May will be up within the day so stay tuned for that. 

Do you like my new layout? Hope you do because I really do!!! Thanks to Deann of Hello Deann 

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High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian

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     One of the problems associated with having a vegan or vegetarian diet is the fact that it is quite difficult to get all the protein that the body needs. However, statistics show the fact that Americans actually eat too much protein. The truth is that vegetarians can get all the protein that is necessary and the reason why that does not happen is a lack of information about the high protein food sources that are perfect for vegetarians. Because of this, here are some of the best sources available. 

Legumes – Lentils – Beans

      Absolutely all of these are great in a vegetarian diet so you can choose any or all. Examples of what you should absolutely consider include Indian dhal, kidney beans, vegetarian chili, chickpea hummus, split pea soup and black beans. As a simple example, one kidney beans cup (canned) includes around 13 grams of protein. It is really easy to find legumes, lentils and beans in grocery stores. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian

     Tofu is a great source of protein, just as soy milk is. We even see bodybuilders that are vegetarian choose soy sources for the protein based supplements that they use. You can also try tempeh and TVP as soy foods that are protein-rich. To make matters even more interesting, many of the soy foods include great quantities of vitamin B12, iron and calcium. One half cup of tofu includes around 10 grams of protein and soy milk will offer 7 grams if you drink one cup. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian
image from
Quinoa – Whole Grains

     When looking for protein sources for vegetarians, you need to take a look at whole grains, with quinoa being the best possible option. The alternative if you do not find quinoa at the grocery store is kaniwa. You will love the fact that one cooked quinoa cup includes 18 g of protein, together with 9 g fiber. To make matters even more attractive for vegetarians, whole grains are really cheap. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian
image from
Nuts And Seeds

     Almost all nuts include high quantities of protein. Examples that have to be mentioned are peanuts, almonds, walnuts and cashews. Seeds like sunflower seeds and sesame seeds also have good protein quantities. You can use them as an occasional snack or after your workout. If you do not like the taste, you can also consider nut putters. 2 peanut butter tablespoons offer around 8 g of protein. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian

     Tempeh is basically made out of soybeans that are slightly fermented and then cooked. A patty results. It is quite similar to the firm veggie burger. Similar to seitan and tofu, protein content is high and can be then cooked in so many ways. If you want to reduce the consumption of meat or you are a vegetarian, this is obviously something that has to be considered. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian
image from

     All that you really need to do is to learn all that you can about the various opportunities that are available when you need protein in your diet as a vegetarian. The only real problem appears in the fact that it is sometimes difficult to find what you need. If that is the case, you can always use protein supplements, which is an option you do want to take into account.
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Feature: Magic Potions Online Beauty and Wellness Shop

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     Shopping for beauty products and other body essentials are now easy as 1, 2, 3 because there are so many online shops that offer hassle-free shopping at the comforts of your home. Since we're talking about online shopping, one shop that's been 11 years in the business offers a wide array of beauty and health enhancing products from head to toe! Have you heard of Magic Potions? I'm sure you've stumbled or have heard this online shop before and I'm so excited to share with you some of their best-selling products.

     Magic Potions sent me some of their best-selling products to try. If you're into whitening, I presume you already know this brand. I received whitening skin care products like BeauoxiWhite Whitening and Anti-Aging Moisturizing Soap and Beauoxiwhite Complexion Control Whitening Cream. They've also included an eyelash enhancing serum- Magic iLash Eyelash Enhancer, and White Allure Pure Morrocan Argan Oil. To know more about Magic Potions and the products I received from them recently, scroll down now dearies!
Feature: Magic Potions Online Beauty and Wellness Shop
Beauoxiwhite Whitening and Anti-Aging Moisturizing Soap, Beauoxiwhite Complexion Control Whitening Cream, Magic iLash Eyelash Enhancer and White Allure Pure Morrocan Argan Oil
     Magic Potions Merchandise Inc. is an independent distribution company in the Philippines of imported and locally made Nutraceutical and Beauty products. Magic Potions has been in the business since 2014. They're one of the trusted shop online because they are already 11 years as an online beauty shop that offers beauty products like skin care, skin whitening, anti-aging, slimming and weight control and other cosmetics. This online shop also carries health care products such as food supplements.
Feature: Magic Potions Online Beauty and Wellness Shop
     Even before Magic Potions tap me to feature their shop, I've already known them because they're one of the pioneers in selling affordable glutathione in the Philippine market and worldwide. I'm a lurker in different forums before I started blogging and in one of the thread that I'm following, members there buy their beauty and health care products at Magic Potions.

     So here are the individual photos of the products they've sent me to try. If you're curious about these products, I've included the price and important information on each one of them.

Beauoxiwhite Whitening and Antiaging Moisturizing Soap 120g Php120.00/$5.00 

     BeauoxiWhite is a uniquely formulated advance whitening and anti-aging soap for more moisturized, radiant, smoother, suppler and fairer skin. It contains Glutathione which is a powerful anti-oxidant, Grapeseed extract which is known to fight against free radicals and aging, it also contains a naturally extracted ingredient from seven Swiss Alpine plants which was proved to have a significantly natural whitening effect to the skin and reduces age spots, color and size and it also contains collagen that maintains firmness of the skin.
Feature: Magic Potions Online Beauty and Wellness Shop
BeauoxiWhite Whitening and Anti-Aging Moisturizing Soap
BeauOxiwhite Complexion Control Whitening Cream 30ml Php 400.00/$12.00
Spf 30 Antiaging Formula 
FDA APPROVED! FDA number NN 2014 111 090857

     BeauOxiwhite Complexion Control Whitening Cream more than just cover your blemishes, with continuous use it can help remove dark spots, age spots and wrinkles. BeauOxiwhite Complexion Control Whitening Cream provides natural-looking skin coverage with multi benefits that include skin protection from UV rays, skin whitening, oil control, moisturizing and wrinkle reduction.

Feature: Magic Potions Online Beauty and Wellness Shop
Beauoxiwhite Complexion Control Whitening Cream
White Allure Pure Morrocan Argan Oil 100ml Php 1,200/$32.00
Certified organic, Cold pressed, The Gold of Morocco, Super food for the skin and hair

     Argan Oil has been used for centuries by Moroccan women to treat dry skin, stretchmarks and other skin conditions. Argan Oil is an incredibly rich source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

     It has astonishing healing, conditioning and anti-ageing properties to keep your skin and hair nourished and revitalized and to keep you looking beautiful from head to toe. Argan Oil is not only a super food for the skin and hair but for the whole body.

     Argan oil presents an exceptional percentage of essential fatty acids, one of which is linoleic acid ensuring the functions of repair and defense of the skin. The essential fatty acids fight again drying, dehydrating and the loss of elasticity which encourage the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin E protects the cell membranes against lipid oxidization and thus slows down the process of skin ageing.
Feature: Magic Potions Online Beauty and Wellness Shop
Magic iLASH Eyelash Enhancer Serum 8ml per bottle Php 990.00/$29.99

     It's time you stop using falsies or paying a fortune for eyelash extensions that last only for a few weeks. Magic Potions has the answer to having flirty, beautiful lashes. Start growing them naturally now!

     Formulated to safely enhance your eyelashes giving you that longer and thicker eyelashes that you've always wanted.
Feature: Magic Potions Online Beauty and Wellness Shop
Magic iLash Eyelash Enhancer 
     There are so many reasons why you should consider Magic Potions Online Beauty and Wellness Shop on your next shopping online: 
  • Fast and discreet shipping to any part of the world.
  • You can pay securely thru their website. 
  • Magic Portions is a proudly pinoy (Filipino) corporation.
  • Their mission is to meet our client’s satisfaction.
  • They also help other online sellers because they are available for distribution and reselling.
  • They have retail stores located at: Makati, Ortigas, Manila, Alabang

     I'm so excited to share with you my review/s on the products above. Comment below which one you like me to review first :)

Shop Locations
  • Magic Potions Main Office, MAKATI- Unit 3 G/F Eight One Eight Bldg., 818 A. Arnaiz Avenue (former Pasay Road) San Lorenzo, Makati City (Beside BPI Family Bank and Kashmir Restaurant and across Prudential Life Bldg.) 9am – 6pm (Monday – Friday) 815-9763/752-7009
  • Magic Potions St. Francis Square Mall, ORTIGAS- G/F St. Francis Square Mall (Near LBC, Western Union and Mall entrance along Julia Vargas) Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Metro Manila Mall hours (Monday – Sunday) 696-7200
  • Magic Potions St. Thomas Square Mall, SAMPALOC 2/F St. Thomas Square 1150 España Blvd, cor. Padre Campa St., (Morayta) Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines Mall hours (Monday – Sunday) 254-9835
  • Magic Potions Metropolis Starmall, ALABANG 2/F, Right Wing Metropolis Starmall Alabang, Muntinlupa City (Near Netopia Internet Café and Beside Dodolon Amusement Center) Mall hours (Monday – Sunday) 822-1171

To know more about their products visit their
You may also contact them thru Line: MagicPotions
Send them an email at:
SMS: 0917 888 2999
Like them on Facebook: MagicPotionsBeautyShop
Follow them on Instagram: @MagicPotionsBeautyShop

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Product Review: MET Tathione Glutathione Supplement

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     Ever wonder why there are light and fair skinned individuals who still consider taking glutathione as one of their daily supplements? I'm not sure if you will agree with me but not all 'mapuputi' have clear, flawless, porcelain, and glowing skin. Some women have pale white skin that is not flattering to look at. It's like they look 'sick' because their skin is pale and paper white. If you're to going to choose, do you like a pale white skin or glowing white skin from within? Let's change your idea of whitening with the new Met Tathione Reduced Glutathione with Algatrium Dietary Supplement.

     I presume all of you already know what glutathione is. It is considered as a food supplement here in our country while in Japan and other countries, it is a medicine that can cure serious illnesses. Our body is producing glutathione naturally but as we age, the production of glutathione slows down that's why our immune system weakens. Glutathione is called the master anti-oxidant as it protects our body from free-radicals. The whitening effect is the known side effect of glutathione :) I learned so many things about glutathione during our meeting with Dra. Cecille- Met's resident doctor. To know more about the new Met Tathione and why despite the price, I will still highly recommend it to everyone who wants to experience whitening at its finest :) More information after the jump!

Product Review: MET Tathione Glutathione Supplement
     Met Tathione is a well-know brand of glutathione here in the Philippines. I can say they're one of the pioneer brands that's been commercially sold in pharmacies, drugstores and beauty stores nationwide. When you say glutathione, the first brand that will come to your mind is MET right? I've known this brand years ago but wasn't able to try it since I've read so-so reviews about the effects. 

     My cousin have tried Met Tathione years ago with the first formulation and swears with the effects on her body as a whole, she took this not only to whiten skin but to strengthen her immune system. Even though Met Tathione had received some negative reviews in the past, I still believe that premium brands will give great results. Always remember that results vary from one individual to another, the effect of whitening may be fast or slow depending on the individual's body. If you smoke, drink, and have more toxins in the body from environmental pollution, chances are there will be a slower effect since the glutathione will protect you first from those free-radicals then with continued use of glutathione let's say for two more or more, the whitening effect will be seen slowly but surely.

Product Review: MET Tathione Glutathione Supplement
     Met is a brand under Ivi Ryo Corporation. It is the pioneering brand of glutathione that brings you the latest in whitening: Algatrium. This product innovation makes Met Tathione three times more effective than the previous formulation in bringing out that radiant glow in your skin. 

     It works from the inside out, giving you evenly toned and lighter, glowing skin in as little as two weeks. One capsule contains a potent formula of reduced glutathione and an imported new antioxidant called Algatrium. 

These are the benefits you can get from taking Met Tathione on a daily basis:
  • MET helps strengthen the immune system, removes toxins from the liver, boosts sexual potency, and protects the body from free radical damage.
  • Reduced glutathione is the main ingredient in Met Tathione products. It is the safe and most potent form of glutathione that we need in our bodies.
  • Glutathione is often referred to as the master antioxidant. It has many benefits that prevent oxidative stress in cells. 
  • The Met glow is not just from the skin but also from the overall benefit of glutathione throughout the body. 
  • Glutathione (Met Tathione) keeps the body healthy. Can prevent cancer, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis in the long run. This product can help lessen the impact of age related degenerative disease in the body.
  • White glowing skin from inside and out!
Product Review: MET Tathione Glutathione Supplement
Supplement Facts:  per one (1) soft gel capsule
Reduced glutathione –200mg 
Algatrium –100mg 
Vitamin E –15mg 
Olive oil –160.9mg
Fish gelatin –137.3mg
Other ingredients –96.8mg
Product Review: MET Tathione Glutathione Supplement
size: 60 liquid soft gel capsules/box good for 1 month use
Also available in Packs of 2

price: 2,695 php (Around $60.90+)
90 php per sachet (Aorund $2.00+)

place bought: Free 
Available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, Shopwise and other leading drugstores nationwide

instruction for use: As a dietary supplement, take (2) capsules daily after a meal. Ideally 30 minutes after so that there will be less to no stomach irritation. Protect product from direct sunlight and store in room temperature. Consume within (3) three months of opening.

NO NEED TO TAKE VITAMIN C because there's ALGATRIUM already. 

TIP: You can take 1 capsule after meal in the morning and 1 capsule after meal in the evening or before bedtime. Divided doses makes it more easy for our body to absorb the supplement.

Reduced glutathione, Algatrium, Vitamin E,  Olive oil, Fish gelatin
Product Review: MET Tathione Glutathione Supplement
     After 1 month of taking Met Tathione, my skin is visibly glowing even though I only have 3-4 hours of sleep. The photo below was taken around 5 p.m. The lighting wasn't able to show how fair my skin is but there's a pinkish glow in my arms. NO FILTER!
Product Review: MET Tathione Glutathione Supplement
What I like: 

  • Met Tathione glutathione is FDA approved. 
  • The packaging is so classy. I like that it is repackage in a minimalist design. The design of the box and bottle packaging exudes what high quality Japan made products looks like. The box is sealed with plastic and the bottle opening is well-sealed also. 
  • The new Met Tathione is also available in two-capsule sachets. Great for trips. No need to worry about the extra bottle in your baggage.
  • The new Met Tathione is in liquid softgel capsule form- this kind of capsule is easily absorbed by the body unlike the regular capsule.
  • This liquid softgel capsule doesn't have funky or weird smell. 
  • The new Met Tathione is now combined with Algatrium, a component that can triple the glutathione production in the body. It is one of the most potent boosters available in the market today. Algatrium is a patented antioxidant found only in Met, first in the country making Met three times more effective!
  • I did not complain of discomforts like vomiting, headache, nausea, breakouts or whatsoever while taking this supplement.
  • No need to take a separate Vitamin C to boost the glutathione. Algatrium is more potent and will make absorption faster. So if you're acidic, this glutathione brand is for you. No need to worry about Vitamin C and the absorption of glutathione in your body.
  • Met Tathione glutathione made my skin glowing. There are times that I only have 2-3 hours sleep at night but 
  • This brand made me feel sleepy which is good for me because I have a hard time falling asleep at night. 
  • I always wake up feeling refreshed and energize. 
  • My skin looks luminous especially in daylight. 
  • Made my skin less oily. 
  • Made my skin supple and plump. 
  • It lessened cystic pimples popping around my chin which I experience every month. 
  • No weight gain, bloating, or unruly cravings. I also look after what I eat so I guess the worry of gaining weight depends on the individual. I also exercise before I sleep.
  • I have a small scratch on my knee became a scar. Taking Met Tathione plus applying my favorite whitening lotion lightened the scar a bit but I can say taking the glutathione made the skin renewal faster than the usual. Since I have fair skin, the scar is noticeable but after taking Met Tathione, the dark scar became less visible.
  • Batch, manufacturing and expiry date printed on the package. 
  • Easily accessible.

What I don't like:
  • The price is steep for budget conscious individuals and those with tight budget. 

Will I purchase? Yes! 

     I give this a 4.75/5 rating. I'm happy with results that I've experience with Met Tathione after taking it for a full month. I take the capsules in two divided doses because according to Dra. Cecille, absorption of glutathione is better in divided doses than popping it all at once. No need to take Vitamin C because Algatrium will boost the absorption of glutathione in the body faster. Less pill to pop because of that too. 

     This post is getting lengthy already and I have more things to share. Comment all your questions and I'll base my answers according to what Dra. Cecille explained to us :) I'm relieve that there will be a professional advice or back up for those who wants to take glutathione but afraid of ingesting food supplements/medicine inside their body. 

Good Times!~

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by IVI Ryo for review. The views expressed here are my honest opinion about the product. We have different skin types, what works for me will not work for you or vice versa.
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Product Review: Natura Organics Miracle Fluid

     Hello dearies! Here's a review of Natura Organics Fluid Miracle that made my contact dermatitis subside after five days of use. I'm planning to use this product as a face moisturizer but the need to treat the non-stop itchiness of my upper back arise so I tested this miracle in a bottle on that part. This product is very promising because it can be used from head to toe! By the way, the irritation/allergic reaction that I have on my upper back came from a cloth tag. I know you can relate when I say cloth tags can irk you and the only thing you have in mind is to cut them right? Or else, suffer the consequence like skin irritation. Since I've been scratching my back from time to time, I've developed small wound like scratches five days ago but with this product, it's almost gone :)

      If you're intrigued with this miracle fluid well in AYURVEDA, this unique blend of oils and herbs is formulated to help skin look young and healthy. It helps illuminate skin color, smooth fine lines, cool and cleanse while helping clear blemishes. Liquorice, an antiseptic, protects against bacterial and fungal infections. It also helps improve skin texture. To know more information about Natura Organics Miracle Fluid, click CONTINUE READING now!
Product Review: Natura Organics Miracle Fluid
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Biorè UV Sunscreens for Cool Summer Days!

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     I admire Japanese women because most of them have beautiful skin. Aside from their lifestyle and healthy diet, they give so much importance to their skin care routine and use products that contains the purest of all ingredients. I've read somewhere that they have ten to eleven steps in their skin care routine morning and evening. That's way beyond my skin care routine and sometimes I wonder if putting too much on their face literally give them a 'heavy' feel.

     One of the most important steps in our skin care routine is the application of sunblock and sunscreens everyday! Some women don't value UV products because they don't care walking under the sun. If you have medium or dark skin tone, don't be confident that you don't need sunblocks and sunscreens because aside from preventing your skin to get dark and burned, these products protects you from aging and skin cancer. Going back to Japanese products, one of the best-selling UV products in Japan recently arrived and wanted us to experience Cool Summer Days. Wanna know how you will experience a summer like no other with Biorè UV? Click CONTINUE READING now!
Biorè UV Sunscreens for Cool Summer Days!
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3 Ways To Beat the Summer Heat with J.CO

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     The heat is on and it's getting hotter and hotter everyday. I can say it's already extreme! I can see it, I can feel it and I can touch it! This weather is making me sick but I've heard that there are ways where I can relax, enjoy summer and beat this insane heat. Just in time for summer, one of the most favorite donut and coffee chains here in our country is treating everyone with their limited J.COFFEE creations: White Choco Frappe and White Choco Espreso Frappe! Click CONTINUE READING and read more on how you can enjoy summer at J. CO Stores :)
3 Ways To Beat the Summer Heat
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David's Salon x Honda Biker Beauty Event

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    Last Friday, I was invited to experience an afternoon of pampering sesh by David's Salon and Honda Philippines Inc.  The Biker Beauty: David's Salon x Honda Pampering Day was a collaboration by two of the country's best in transportation and salon industry. David's Salon is the default slash go-to salon of my family. We made frequent trips to their SM City Fairview branch for our much needed hair cut. My sister also had her hair rebonded there once.

     So when I received a short notice invite, I got so excited and asked the hubby to allow me to attend the event. He's persistent because we have agreed upon that no more events for the rest of that week. Since I also need a new hair color because the color of my roots were so noticeable already, I insisted him that I want to try the salon's hair coloring service. I'm so happy that I never doubted David's Salon's hair color service because in our experience with their hair cut, it's always a thumbs up! Click CONTINUE READING to see more of my experience and what happened during the event :)
 David's Salon x Honda Biker Beauty Event
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Product Review: Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-On, Spray and Whitening Cream

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     So where do I begin? Let's talk about our underarms, ua, pits, or whatever you call it. I'm sure some of you are not used to talking about your underarms most especially when you find it unsightly. My apologies for the term, but let's face the truth that when our underarms are dark, rough and bumpy, we don't want to raise it, we don't want to show it and we don't want to talk about it, right?! Let me also add that the worse things that we really don't want to experience with our underarms are the smelly sweat and dark stains caused by our antiperspirant and deodorant.

     I've experience some of what I've mentioned above in the past. I've tried several underarm care products and only a few of them became my pits' best friend. But the products that I've tried before just do one or two things, either prevents sweat or whiten my underarms. Don't you just wish that there will be underarm care products that will do both jobs? An anti-perspirant, a deodorant, a whitener, prevents darkening, minimizes pores, prevents redness after plucking and shaving, has an anti-stain formula (oh sounds so promising), and all! I think this wish just came true with Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Underarm Care products. I'm so excited to share with you my thoughts and the things why we should join Anne Curtis Smith in fight against dark underarms. Click CONTINUE READING and discover how to have beautiful #ANNEderarms now :)
Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-On, Spray and Whitening Cream
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