Northern Moms Philippines Christmas 2019 at Tinker House

Sunday, January 19, 2020

     Last December 10, 2019,  Northern Moms Philippines had an afternoon of learning while having fun at Tinker House SM City Fairview branch with our dear readers and their little kids. We had an afternoon full of arts and crafts activities from Tinker House and the experience is one for the books.

     It's my first time to step inside a playhouse full of art materials, building tools, and science equipment. Their tagline "where curiosity grows" empowers kids to design, build and discover and Tinker House is on a mission to help nurture the next generation of creatives, innovators, scientists, inventors, and artists- one tinker project at a time! The kids were already doing the first activity when I arrived at the venue and the curious cat in me decided to join the fun!

Northern Moms Philippines Christmas 2019
Louisa and yours truly with our dear readers and their awesome kids!

Landers Superstore Accepts Donation for Taal Victims

Friday, January 17, 2020

     The world is deeply saddened with the news last Sunday because one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes here in the Philippines showed signs of eruption. From alert level 1, last January 12 to alert level 4 as of the moment, thousands of families are affected by ashfalls and this life-threatening situation has forced the government to evacuate them to a safer place.

     It's heart-breaking to see them on national television being rescued one by one, their bodies were covered with mud carrying small children, confused and shocked of what happened. Batangas and nearby province like Cavite is now under a state of calamity because of Taal Volcano Eruption and the victims need help. In times like this, no amount of help is big or small as long as you are willing to help. Want to send help to Taal victims but don’t know where to send donations? Or, have you been thinking of reaching out to those displaced by the eruption but are too busy to drive to the nearest drop-off center? Landers Superstore is the place to be. More information after the jump!

Landers Superstore Accepts Donation for Taal Victims

Product Review: Ishigaki Amino Classic White Glutathione (New Packaging, Label and Barcode)

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

    And the consistent effective glutathione brand in the Philippine market award goes to... Ishigaki! Hooray! Yes, this brand that was first introduced 10 years ago is still one of the most affordable and effective brands to date. My first review of Ishigaki Glutathione Whitening Supplement was 2015 and for a span of five years, I have seen how the brand improved its packaging and formulation one after the other. This brand is also a favorite amongst beauty bloggers in the Philippines and Pinay Youtubers are well.

     Ishigaki Glutathione is has been FDA approved since 2017 that's why aside from the certification from FDA, the variants have been repackaged, reformulated, and received a GMP seal. I presume that with all these changes, Ishigaki fans have this burning question if it has the same whitening and glowing effect after finishing one bottle. Will the new variant give the same creamy or almost translucent complexion and faster results in as early as 2 weeks? Cheska's Online Store, the trusted online shop of all things beauty sent me a bottle to try and hopefully answer that question. So here are my thoughts after taking Ishigaki Amino Classic White religiously for a month.

Product Review: Ishigaki Amino Classic White (New Packaging, Label and Barcode)


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