Back to School Giveaway Winner Announced!

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     Hello dearies! Thank you so much for joining and supporting my giveaway. I hope the first month of school went well. I wish that the winner of this giveaway will use these products and eventually like them all! I've tried most of the prizes here and all are good! Enjoy your skin care products and if you have time kindly share your experience too!

     The winner of this giveaway will receive the following skin care products: Safeguard Derma Sense Body Wash 200 ml, Zen Nutrients Repellant Spray 100 ml, SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Facial Toner 135 ml, Belo Essentials Advanced Whitening and Anti-Perspirant Deo Roll-On 25 ml, Jergens Original Variant Lotion 50 ml, Mischka Derma Secret Lip Plumper, Leaders Insolution Tea Tree Relaxing Mask, Makeup Pouch. Congratulations to the winner, scroll down to see who won the giveaway :)
Back to School Giveaway Winner Announced!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Back to School Giveaway Winner Announced!
     Congratulations dear! You won Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's Back to School Giveaway :) Kindly respond to my congratulatory mail within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked. Thank you so much for joining and for supporting my giveaway :) To those who didn't win, here's another giveaway for you- July Giveaway. Log in your entries now and good luck to all joining!
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Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's July Giveaway!

     Hi dearies! My apologies for the lack of updates here on my blog. I've been very busy with personal matters. I hope you will still visit this blog from time to time and read my reviews and other articles. Of course I will not forget to share with you my monthly giveaway. So without further ado, here's Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's July Giveaway! Same simple rules. Just log in your entries in the rafflecopter app below :)

     For this giveaway, the winner will receive the following: Safeguard Derma Sense Body Wash for Sensitive Skin, Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Wash for Sensitive Skin, Jergens Soothing Aloe Lotion, Tru Gel UV Nail Polish, Marina Cologne, The Skin Specialist Sunblock, Mischka Derma Secret Hair Spray, Jergen Sticky Notes, and Fairview Terraces Eco Tote Bag. Scroll down please and log in your entries! Good luck to all joining :)
Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's July Giveaway!
     The giveaway will be up for 30 days so join, join, join! The winner will be notified via blog post and email on August 02, 2015. What are the things you need to do in order for your entries to be qualified?

  • KINDLY SET ALL YOUR POSTS IN PUBLIC so I can verify it. Posts in private will be disqualified. 
  • Log in all you entries in the rafflecopter app below. There are mandatory entries that you need to follow in order for you to unlock extra points.
  • DO NOT SPAM the comment section. Leave a single comment that includes your Name and Email. 
  • LET'S PLAY FAIR. Following/Unfollowing, Liking/Unliking, etc will disqualify your entry in the present and future giveaways.
  • PLEASE check the blog post for the announcement of winner. The winner will be notified via email so make sure you'll comment with the email address that you check regularly.

Ready to join? Good luck dearies! 
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Feature: Apparel Candy Wholesale Fashion Online

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     There are so many online shopping sites out there but only a handful of gives quality and oh so affordable products that will make shopping more fun and exciting. I was browsing last week and saw an online shop that caters to fashion pieces from head to toe. Not only that they have almost everything, they also offer these products in a very affordable price. Should I say el cheapo but of good quality? Presenting the newest online shop that will make you gaga shopping! is the place to find it all! Here, you will find the ultimate and hottest trends in fashion rock bottom wholesale prices and unsurpassed quality guaranteed , everyday all year! This shop carries massive selections of fashion clothing for women and teens from tops, dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, shorts, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets and plus sizes. The selection of sunglasses is enormous. Inventory ranges from the ordinary day to day fashion sunglasses, to wayfarer, polarized, vintage, aviator, driving sunglasses to sunglass accessories. They cater to men, women, teens and even children. They also have cosmetics and fragrances, yay to beauty hunters out there! 
Feature: Apparel Candy Wholesale Fashion Online
     The store is one of the largest online wholesalers of cosmetics from nail polish, make-up, eye-shadow, lipstick, to nail polish removers and eye curlers, perfumes and colognes. also sells wholesale fashion accessories and costume jewelry. The newest addition to the product lines are the handbags and purses for fashion aficionados. Check them out and they won't disappoint. 
Feature: Apparel Candy Wholesale Fashion Online
     So let's talk about the prices, did I mention that they have wholesale clothing? prides itself as the leader in online wholesale distribution. Its dynamic and unique approach in bringing the newest and trendy style in fashion to the customer forefront minus the huge price tag separates the Apparel Candy brand from the rest. Attentive customer care, fast and reliable shipping, refund policy, seamless ordering are just one of the few things both loyal and new customers rave about Apparel Candy
Feature: Apparel Candy Wholesale Fashion Online
     Summer just ended here in our country but seeing these comfy and fashionable outfits from this online stores makes me wanna bask under the sun all year long! Head on to their site and grab those amazing deals perfect for any kind of weather. See you there!!!
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Product Review: Safeguard DERMA SENSE Facial Cleanser Acne Prone Skin

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     For this post, I'm going to share with you my final thoughts on Safeguard Derma Sense for Acne Prone Skin Facial Cleanser. I occasionally suffer from breakouts, one before and after my period and another during summer because of sweat. It is still summer right? It's still hot outside and I'm still busy running errands so sweat, dirt, and other forms of pollution touch my face. There's a time when I feel that a pimple will pop out on my forehead where sweat always runs down.

     Since I've been using Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin religiously day and night, the threat of having a new acne has been prevented by this facial cleanser. Recap of my experience before, during, and after 14 days of using this product below. Scroll down to see my honest to goodness review :)
 Safeguard DERMA SENSE Facial Cleanser Acne Prone Skin
Safeguard Derma Sense for Acne Prone Skin Cleanser 100ml 199.00
     Safeguard Derma Sense for Acne-Prone Skin is specially formulated to help fight the four major causes of acne breakouts: excess sebum, blocked pores, bacteria overgrowth, and inflammation—for clearer skin in eight (8) weeks. It is also:

  • Dermatologically tested to reduce mild to moderate acne by cleaning not just the skin surface but neutralizing acne-causing germs deep down in the pores, giving you healthy, beautiful skin.
  • Contains anti-bacterial ingredient to address a cause of acne, germs.
Product Review: Safeguard DERMA SENSE Facial Cleanser Acne Prone Skin
The texture is thick like lotion
size: 100 ml

price: 99 php (Around $4.47)

place bought: Free
Available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and groceries nationwide

instructions for use: Cleanse your face with Safeguard Derma Sense for Acne Prone Skin Cleanser twice a day, morning and evening. Place an ample amount on your palms and 
apply on wet face in a mild and circular cleansing strokes. Rinse well.

ingredients: Water, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether, Glycerin, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Betaine, Salicylic Acid, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, Steareth-21, Bhenyl Alcohol, PPG-30, Steareth-2, Fragrance, Niacinamide, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Disodium EDTA, Morus Alba Rooth Extract, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Extract.
Product Review: Safeguard DERMA SENSE Facial Cleanser Acne Prone Skin
A good skin care regimen will result in acne-free skin. My skin is not perfect but hey, I'm pimple-free :) 
What I like:

  • The price is affordable.
  • It comes in a squeeze tube that dispenses the right amount of product.
  • Can pass as odourless, so if you're like me who has sensitive nose, you will enjoy using this facial cleanser.
  • The product's texture is thick so a little amount goes a long way.
  • Using this product is a breeze, only mild circular strokes and you're done.
  • My skin felt squeaky clean after using the product.
  • I also felt my skin is soft and smooth to touch after use.
  • This product results in healthy, beautiful, and acne-free skin. I've seen that my skin is less oily even though I feel like melting under the heat of the sun. 
  • My skin feels refreshed every time I use this facial cleanser.
  • Most important factor for me is that Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin didn't cause breakouts, irritation, allergies, or whatsoever. 
  • This facial cleanser is so gentle not only to the skin but also to my eyes :)
  • No need to  worry about stinging or burning sensation even though it contains salicylic acid.
  • The product is easily available.
  • There's batch, manufacturing, and expiry date printed on the tube.

What I don't like:

  • Doesn't produce a good lather. I guess this is because I'm used to soaps that lathers well. 

Will I repurchase? Yes!

     I give this facial cleanser a 4.75/5 rating. I'm a bit skeptical on the first week of using the product but after seeing that it prevented acne formation on my forehead, I'm convinced that Safeguard Derma Sense targets the germs that cause acne. I'm also using an effective moisturizer after washing my face together with Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Cleanser so I guess a good skin care regimen will really help in combating those nasty zits.

     Have you tried Safeguard Derma Sense yet? Share your experience below. Safeguard Derma Sense is a must-try product for a clearer and acne-free skin. I highly recommend this product if you're looking for a gentle facial wash but tough on acne-causing germs :)

For more information on Safeguard Derma Sense, visit their website:
and watch Aryanna Epperson’s Safeguard Derma Sense video

Like them on Facebook: Safeguard Philippines

Good Times!~

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post.
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Preparing Healthy Baon for Kids with Philips

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     Another school year is just around the corner and soon the students will be back to their daily grind. And there’s a lot to look forward to: new classmates, new teachers, new faces, new books, new subjects and many more. Indeed, it’s a new start for everyone. Mothers, for their part, must make sure that everything is in order.

     Aside from ticking off the usual checklist of school supplies and uniform, mothers should also prepare for the back to school baon, ensuring that their kids eat the right meals to keep them healthy in school as they brave another year of education.
Preparing Healthy Baon for Kids with Philips
     “Mothers must make sure their children get the perfect start. Such preparations include planning in advance for their healthy baon,” says RJ Buenaventura, Philips General Manager for Personal Health.

     He says that the task can be daunting for mommies if they don’t have the right partners. Buenaventura explains, “Indeed, having the right kitchen tools for one’s back-to-school preparations can make a huge difference.”

     And because school cafeteria food may not always be healthy, most moms prefer to prepare home cooked baon for their kids. Towards this end, Philips, the world’s no. 1 home cooking and food preparation appliance brand according to Euromonitor International, offers a line of helpful kitchen appliances.

     “With these tools, both mother and child can definitely breeze through the back-to-school jitters with flying colors,” promises RJ.

Delicious with less fat
     Nowadays, mothers have to consider the taste of the food as much as its nutritional value. Philips Airfryer for instance, can cook delicious fried food with 80% less fat. It has a unique Rapid Air Technology that enables home chefs to fry with air to make food, which is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.
Preparing Healthy Baon for Kids with Philips
Philips Air Fryer
Healthy blends 
     For healthy fruit drinks, salads, dressing or vegetable dishes, mothers can use the Philips Avance Collection Blender. This kitchen tool can handle just about anything from fruits and vegetables to ice. 
Preparing Healthy Baon for Kids with Philips
Philips Avance Collection Blender
     Its multi-speed function will help moms blend, crush and cut for perfectly smooth blending and any consistency they want, says Reah Ronsayro, Business Development Manager for Kitchen and Domestic Appliances. 

     The Philips Avance Collection Juicer can help mommies make healthy drinks for the little ones, as well. This product, Ronsayro explains, extracts more juice from fruit and vegetables with an innovative quick clean sieve and has an integrated pulp container that allows the consumer to clean the products easier. 
Preparing Healthy Baon for Kids with Philips
Philips Avance Collection Juicer
Bread and breakfast 
     Preparing for back-to-school meals begins at home, with breakfast. As the old adage goes, it is the most important meal of the day. For children, fiber is quite important in the morning as it aids digestions and helps relieve and prevent constipation. 

     In line with this, the Viva Collection Toaster is yet another kitchen partner that can help mothers prepare bread for the morning meals of their kids. 
Preparing Healthy Baon for Kids with Philips
Philips Viva Collection Toaster
     With its wide deep slots and self-centering feature, this toaster ensures evenly golden brown toast on thick or thin slices. It also features an integrated bun warming rack, slide out crumb tray and one-touch reheat and defrost buttons, describes Reah. 

Don’t forget rice 
     For older children whose classes are longer and extend through lunch hours, there’s the Philips Rice Cooker, which comes with automatic cooking functions that better preserve the freshness and nutrients in rice. It can serve up to 10 cups. 
Preparing Healthy Baon for Kids with Philips
Philips Rice Cooker
Faster, mom 
     Finally, there’s the Philips Induction Cooker, which shortens cooking time and makes preparing baon more convenient for moms who don’t have a lot of time. The kitchen tool comes with a variety of cooking functionalities such as an automatic temperature control, timer, sensor touch surface, and several cooking presets that make cooking a breeze. 
Preparing Healthy Baon for Kids with Philips
Philips Induction Cooker
     Indeed, mommies need not go crazy over the back-to-school preparations for their little ones. They just need to find the right partners that would enable them to do their preparations in a smarter way. 

For more information about Philips, visit 
Like them on Facebook:  PhilipsPhilippines 
You can also call our customer hotline at (632) 6679000 if you are within Metro Manila or 1-800-10-7445477 if you are outside Metro Manila.
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4 Back to School Tips from Jeunesse Anion

     It’s that time of the year when most students get the fired up excitement for the new school season, but it also proves to be one of the most challenging chapters. Whether a high school student gearing up for a well-balanced academics and club activities, a college student aiming for a dean’s list, or an MA student going for the gold, storms of stress particularly during monthly period can wreak havoc on a woman’s mood and comfort. !

     And for those times of the month when unavoidable dysmenorrhea or mood swings become a crazy overdrive, there’s always Jeunesse. The first Filipino sanitary napkin and liners with a unique anion material, Jeunesse features seven innovative benefits crafted for women with busy, active lifestyle: 
4 Back to School Tips from Jeunesse Anion

  • top cover from non-woven material instead of chemical fiber surface
  • anion strip that emits negatively-charged molecules for lasting protection and freshness
  • side leak guard for double strikethrough protection 
  • a super-absorbent polymer for maximum liquid protection
  • strictly sterilized layer 
  • a breathable bottom layer for superior air flow 
  • a topnotch back adhesive to keep pad securely in place

     Aside from Jeunesse’s carefully chosen design and materials, the pads are machine packed and sealed in an aluminum foil packaging, which say a lot about its safety and sanitation standard.

     For a better appreciation of anion, this is not anything foreign when it comes to its host of health benefits particularly in enhancing natural release of happy, frenzied vibe. 

  • not only improves the mood, it does a lot of helpful wonders during the red days: balances PH and hormone levels
  • protects you from airborne germs
  • reduces inflammation
  • eliminates odor
  • fights against vaginal irritations  

     Jeunesse offers five varieties with different sizes to support all types of menstrual flow from day pad, night pad, all night, ultra day nonwing, to panty liners.

     School days might mean end of summer but it’s also an opportunity to rise above and become more positively better! While it’s so easy to lose sight of these goals, here are some practical tips which can make students give priorities a second thought: 
4 Back to School Tips from Jeunesse Anion

  • Set study goals. Discipline is one true mark of a person who wants to be more and do more. Be reminded about short term and long term visions which make studies a big step toward those many dreams in life. 
  • Make a study timetable and stick with it. A timetable serves as a practical guide of activities that demand urgent attention or things that should take a back seat. There’s really no hard and fast rule and flexibility is most welcome. This could include bed time, breaks, and —most importantly— quality time that should be spent on studies. 
  • Learn to say no. This is not about giving up social activities, in fact, it’s important to live a well-balanced life. The point is, never take on things that shouldn’t be part of the schedule just because it’s uncomfortable to say no. Keeping priorities in mind while practicing loving words to speak will take away the unnecessary awkwardness of saying no. 
  • Stay focused. One easy step is to have a journal. It’s a great tool for recording thoughts, ideas, and tracking progress. Written goals and visions make one easily detect distractions or interruptions, plus it’s a very personal thing which has a life of its own. 

     So whether it’s braving the exam week or beating a school deadline during a monthly period, no need to dread anything—Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin and Liners will surely boost your confidence for a more enjoyable and fruitful student life. 

     Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin and Liners is distributed by Wellgold International Inc. and currently available at Watsons Personal Care stores, SM Department store health and beauty section, PCX, Landmark Department Store, Shopwise, Rustan’s Supermarket, Waltermart, and selected Mercury Drug outlets and selected stores in Visayas and Mindanao. 

For more information, visit 
Email: or call (02) 4701294
Like them on Facebook: Jeunesse Anion
Follow them on Instagram: @Jeunesse Anion
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Product Review: Belo SunExpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF50

     According to the latest news I've heard, rainy season officially started here in our country. But why still so hot? The weather is still humid and there are times that I feel burning under the sun. I run errands almost everyday now. I've told you before that I have a love-hate relationship with summer. I have fair skin that's prone to sun burn. I'm afraid of basking under the sun because I know that my skin will get dark immediately without proper sun protection. 

     But this dilemma came to an end when I've discovered Belo SunExpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF50. Expect more praises because I really like this sunblock spray. The moment I've tried it during our Sample Room BBQ Cookout Party, I fell in love in an instant. It's light, cooling, and not sticky at all. I've been using this product every single day so my fear of getting dark vanished because I know I'm protected every time I spray this oh so good sunblock in my arms and legs. Full review details below :)
Product Review: Belo SunExpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF50
Belo SunExpert Ultragentle Sheer Spray SPF50 

     Belo’s very first kid-friendly product. Belo SunExpert Ultragentle Sheer Spray SPF50 is specially formulated sunscreen that is gentle enough for kids yet effective and strong enough to protect everyone in the family. Its ultragentle formulation provides effective broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. Its Cell Protect® formula strengthens the skin’s defense system and actively prevents accelerated premature skin aging.

Belo SunExpert Ultragentle Sheer Spray SPF50 

  • Is hypoallergenic, dermatologist- tested, and paraben-free. 
  • It is also non-sticky and quick-drying, and works immediately upon application.
Product Review: Belo SunExpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF50
size: 140 ml

price: 539.75 php (Around $8.50+)

place bought: Free
Available at all leading department stores, supermarkets, and Watsons nationwide

instructions for use: Shake well before use. Apply liberally onto dry skin before sun exposure. Re-apply as needed or after toweling, perspiring, vigorous water activities, or prolonged sun exposure. Do not spray directly onto the face, spray on hands, and apply to face.

ingredients: Butane, Isobutane, Denatured Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Propane, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, C12-15, Alkyl Benzoate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Octocrylene, Glycerine, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Ethylhexyl Methoxycrylene, Water, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Pentane, Chamomile Extract, Menthol, Menthyl Lactate, Fragrance, Benzyl Alcohol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Ethane, Benzylidene, Dimethoxydimethylindanone
Product Review: Belo SunExpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF50
What I like:

  • The packaging- it's in a spray bottle that is very easy to use. I can control the amount of product that I want to spray all over my body. Since this is spray type, I can use this to hard to reach parts of my body.
  • The scent is okay with me. There's a minimal sunblock smell but not overpowering unlike other sunblocks that I've tried before that smells weird and funky.
  • This is the most gentle sunblock that I've tried to date.
  • It is easily absorbed bu the skin once applied.
  • It's light on skin, I can barely feel that I've applied this sunblock on my legs and arms.
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy.
  • There's a cooling sensation once sprayed on the skin.
  • No white cast on photos.
  • Gentle even on kid's skin.
  • No irritation, breakouts, or whatsoever.
  • Easily accessible.
  • This protected me from sun burn and prevented my skin from getting dark even if I'm exposed to sun rays in the afternoon. I usually run errands from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 
  • My soon to-be sister-in-law used this sunblock during their Batangas trip. She's so happy that her skin tone remained the same after basking under the sun.
  • Batch, manufacturing, and expiry date printed on the bottom of the spray bottle.

What I don't like:

  • The price can be a bit steep for budget conscious individuals.

Will I repurchase? Yes, I'm on my second bottle now!

     I give this sunblock a 4.75/5 rating. I highly recommend this sunblock not only for summer but for whole year round. If you commute everyday, you need sun protection and this product from Belo SunExpert is your weapon against skin darkening and harmful sun rays.

Have you tried this sunblock spray from Belo Sun Expert? Share you thoughts below!

Good Times!~
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Summer Maternity Style Guide

     Although your priorities might shift, your love for fashion doesn’t stop altogether when you become pregnant. Not sure maternity jeans or muumuus are for you? Don’t worry; you don’t have to abandon your sense of style by buying clothes that may not quite fit your personality. Explore your options and make them your own.

     Fashion and beauty are two things to get excited about no what the season or circumstances. With summer in full effect, so are all the latest trends. While these may change from year to year, some staples just never go out of style.
Summer Maternity Style Guide
image from:

     There are two important fashion factors when you are pregnant. One is to be comfortable and the other is to feel fabulous. Yes, there is a way to achieve both. Baby pounds mixed with pregnancy hormones can make you feeling not so hot, so to speak, but there are ways to keep up with your summer style when you are expecting a little one. 

     Summertime is one of the best times for maternity fashion because styles are all about billowy, loose fabrics. You want to wear something that’s breathable and that has some give to it. Maxi dresses or skirts are a perfect way to embrace the season, but can also easily accommodate your growing belly. A simple shift or wrap dress can also be flattering. To avoid looking too boxy or tent-like, cinch above the belly with a belt or scarf. 

     Invest in extra-long tank tops instead of stretching out your current ones. Inexpensive tank tops can be found at Old Navy, Target, or other department stores and you can mix-and-match between neutrals and bold colors. Pair with drawstring shorts and a pair of cute sandals for a casual look. Needing to dress it up? Add a chunky bracelet, big earrings, or a floppy hat. 

     Speaking of bracelets and earrings, accessories are one of the best ways to boost your maternity style. Scarves and necklaces are also ways to dress up an outfit during any season. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing bolder or loud patterns when pregnant, wear neutral colors and add to your style with a stunning pair of earrings or a cute pair of shoes.

     When you think about what jewelry to wear, think about how fingers tend to swell up when you're pregnant (especially in the summer heat!), so consider replacing your wedding/engagement ring with a cheap cz engagement ring. It can be a temporary fix if you need a larger size. 


     Don’t forget about your beauty routine when you’re pregnant. How you take care of your skin, hair, and nails are all important to pull off a polished style. Breakouts are common during pregnancy, so be good to your skin and keep up with your skincare routine. Make sure to moisturize and definitely, everywhere you go, regularly apply sunscreen. 

     Use different sunscreen for your body than what you apply on your face. Sunscreen made especially for your face can limit the oil buildup that clog pores and keep your face protected without contributing to acne. Plus, with summer, you can keep your makeup look minimal. A little lip gloss and mascara, consider yourself good to go!

     Other ways to add in some style is to get a manicure or pedicure with a poppy shade of coral or fuchsia to fit with summer’s hottest hues. Avoid acrylics due to the chemicals, but don’t be afraid to indulge in a little pampering. A pedicure will feel fantastic, especially if your feet or sore and swollen. If you want to be cost-effective, treat your feet to a good soak at home. Add bath salts to warm water or create your own homemade scrub made of olive oil and sugar to massage into your feet and legs.

     You don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re pregnant. Embrace your pregnancy glow and this special time while you prepare for the new addition to your family. Your shape might be changing, but that just means your style can evolve too. It’s a great chance to get inventive and have fun with fashion.

     Style is what you make of it just as much as it about trends. Follow the fashion that you like from the season and what makes you feel best. What are your favorite summer trends for 2015?
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Dhalton Home Showroom Launch

     We all have a dream house and we want to make sure that the furniture we invest are timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. Before, investing in luxury furniture and other home accessories can be tricky. You have to carefully select a furniture gallery that will meet your expectations and demands. There are few names in the world of luxury furniture industry and one of the recent addition is the opening of Dhalton Home.

     In Metro Manila, one stand out exception is Dhalton Home, a European-inflected furniture gallery featuring a consolidation of classic and modern designs. The gallery is located in the exclusive old-rich borough of New Manila in Quezon City, a thirty-minute to an hour drive if you’re coming from the south. Now regaining its reign as the most coveted neighborhood in Quezon City with all the sprawling houses and glamorous lifestyle, New Manila perfectly calls Dhalton Home as one of its own. Situated right within the award-winning Robinsons Magnolia complex, it is far from the dross traffic and congestion. But the gallery more than repays the effort of getting here. 
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
     Dhalton Home showcases superbly crafted furniture pieces, service that is slightly formal and unfailingly gracious, calm and light ambience, and a complimentary consultation service for all its clients. Entering the gallery, you will be welcomed by a doorman, classical music, and seating areas to lounge on. The hues are light sea foam greens, golds, and browns, and the textures are dainty yet regal: exquisite tiles, iron, and light textiles. The interiors are fretted with greens and French doors, and at first sight the gallery calls forth associations that are all sentimental – a lovely Europeanmanor or a garden chateau in a bright sunny season.
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
     This concept is the vision of its creative director, Geoffrey Chua, whose goal is to make Dhalton Home a world of its own. As an interior designer himself who have worked with numerous A-class clients, he knows how a home can make one feel imperial. So from its brand products to service style, all are designed and planned out to bring a pleasurable furniture buying experience for its patrons. As he did in the overall conceptualization of the gallery, Chua set off on a quest to look for the right designers and manufacturers that would meet the outstanding standards he wants to offer. 
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
Dhalton Home Creative Director and Owner Mr. Geoffrey Chua
     Most of the key pieces are sourced in Denmark where it is carefully designed and set for manufacturing. But what really put its roster of products exceptionally on top are its meticulous details, above quality raw materials and tedious quality-control process. Dhalton puts great value in precision, thus most items are manufactured using top-of-the-line technology and specialized machinery which in turn minimize error and produce superior quality that is evident to the eye. While Dhalton Home also carries products handcrafted locally or in other Asian regions, it follows the same manufacturing standards to stay true to its brand promise of offering only the best to its clients.
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
L-R: Dhalton Home counter, Ceramic and Paulownia Vases, Digging this Carnarvon Left Closet and Chester Sofa
     Each Dhalton Home piece is a modern rendition of European charm and classic design aesthetics. The pieces will remind you of those royal manors and luxury estates with dedicated butlers minus the dark hues and bulky furniture. Instead, Dhalton Home pieces are rendered to seamlessly blend with the modern go-go lifestyle of today’s urban dwellers while highlighting their adoration for fine things and sophistication. 
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
L-R: Tudor Cabinet, Stuart Console Table, Lily Armchair, Pawn Stool and another Carnarvon Right Closet
     Dhalton Home summarizes that quintessential aspiration of many when it comes to luxury home designing: that is to make every home brilliantly cut-out not just for comfort and style, but to conclude the very persona of its sophisticated, cultured dweller.
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
L-R: Ceramic and Paulownia Vases, Pawn Stool, Chatsworth Drawer, and Mosaico Jewelry/Accessories Cabinet

  • Dhalton Home is far from your regular home store. As a “Furniture Gallery”, all pieces in their store are carefully designed and curated according to the ideals of the brand which stands for modern luxury and elegance. Their pieces are not just products. They are a designer’s sentimental idea, a well-refined craftsmanship, and a masterfully-made creation. 
  • Most of the sofas and cabinets are manufactured in Denmark and other parts of Europe, and coordinated with their single supplier in Canada. Items such as the jars and vases are kilned and hand painted in Shanghai. They also have items that are made here locally. Whether they are made in Denmark, China or Philippines, all pieces undergo a rigorous inspection process before it is brought to us. 
  • To maintain its precision and consistency, all furniture pieces are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and specialized machinery which assure an almost zero error rate. Their matchless lacquer finish for instance is an output of an infrared lacquer booth that adds a defined mirror-like finish to all lacquered products. 
  • The raw materials of their products are also carefully chosen to come up with the most high-quality pieces that don’t brittle with age. In some accessories, we use Paulownia wood which is resistant to fire, decay and rotting. It is also known for its very light weight and durability. 
  • To assist its client in choosing furniture and arranging the total look of their space, Dhalton Home is offering free interior design consultation exclusive to its clients. Customization is limited only to key products. Clients are free to choose from designated fabric swatches or paint color accurately set and provided by the designer himself..

     Thank you so much Dhalton Home for having me. It's an honor to be part of the blessing and launching of your first luxury furniture showroom in Robinson's Magnolia. To all my readers out there, investing in fine furniture can be easy as 1,2,3 with the help of Mr. Chua's team and Dhalton Home. So if you want your dream home to have the best furniture in town, Dhalton Home is here to help! Prices of their products are available upon request so make sure to visit their website and follow their social media accounts for updates!

For more information about Dhalton Home, visit their website:
Like them on Facebook: Dhalton Home
Follow them on Twitter: @dhaltonhomePH
Follow them on Instagram: @dhaltonhomeph

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PLDT HOME Presents The Regine Series Landline

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     Yes I know mobile phones are the in thing nowadays but nothing beats a classic landline unit at home. Communication is important and sometimes mobile phones can't deliver what a landline phone can give. There are times that a mobile phone’s signal may interrupt a good communication. In line with this, the number one telecommunications provider in the Philippines PLDT made Ms. Regine Velasquez their brand ambassador for PLDT HOME's Regine Series Campaign.
PLDT HOME Presents The Regine Series Landline
     Ms. Regine Velasquez, Asia's Songbird opened the first leg of PLDT HOME's 5-mall concert series, entitled as the Regine Series Mall Tour with a bang last June 14, at Robinson's Magnolia in Quezon City. Performing to a large crowd of enthusiastic fans, Regine certainly did not disappoint as she showcased her vocal prowess on stage.
PLDT HOME Presents Regine Series Landline
     PLDT HOME's Regine Series Campaign offer these amazing landline units for a very affordable price:

1. Limited edition landline units for as low as P75 per month. You can choose different land line phone units that suit your personality below. These landline phones are absolutely stunning! I mean, the colors are fashionable and looks classy. Come to think of it it's only P75 per month!

The Regine Series- CLASSIC
PLDT HOME Presents The Regine Series Landline
  • Built-In Caller ID Display
  • Last Number Redial
  • Mute/Flash/Pause Functions

The Regine Series- CORDLESS
PLDT HOME Presents The Regine Series Landline
  • Built-In Caller ID Display
  • Answering Machine
  • Phonebook
  • Call log

The Regine Series CORDED-R and CORDED-W
PLDT HOME Presents The Regine Series Landline
2. There also two very affordable call plans to choose from:

  • Unlimited PLDT-to-PLDT NDD calls
  • P10/call to SMAR and Talk' N Text for just P75/month 

  • 15 free IDD minutes/month to select international destinations
  • P2.00 per minute in excess, for just P10/month.

     The Regine Series Mall Tour is a series of mall concerts with Regine Velasquez as the main act along with a live band and exciting special guests like her famous impersonators Anton Diva and Ate Reg with musical direction by no less than Raul Mitra himself. Boasting of a talented lineup of performers, The Regine Series Mall Tour is an event no one should miss out on. During the event, they also had a mini game of fill in the blanks of Regine's song lyrics. The crowd gamely answered all the questions. Truly, Regine Velasquez songs are always an LSS in our ears!
PLDT HOME The Regine Series Landline
     Admission to the Regine Series Mall Tour is free and open to public. Fans are definitely in for a treat at every show. To those who missed the first leg of this exciting show can still catch the Regine Series Mall Tour at four other venues:

  • Robinsons Place Manila June 20
  • Market! Market! July 4
  • Glorietta July 11
  • Trinoma July 18

     For PLDT subscribers who sign up for the Regine Series landline units and call plans, log in on to now! I think I want one, but still not sure what Regine Series landline model unit to choose. But all I know for sure, each landline unit is like Regine- one of the country's number 1!
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Product Review: Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

     Hi mommies! Sharing with you this short review of my son's favorite shampoo. He's been using this brand for four (4) years now. He started using Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner when he was two years old. We've discovered this brand when a family friend gifted him a bottle of this oh so good hair care product from Suave on his 2nd birthday. Anyhoo, I thought I will not like Suave at first because the wild watermelon scent is too strong for my liking. I have sensitive nose so during bath time the wild watermelon scent lingers and find the scent off. I will cover my nose and will be relieved after bath. 

     But as days passed by, I became a fan of the wild watermelon scent. I'm also surprised that our first bottle of Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner lasted for more than six (6) months. So when we finished our first bottle, we bought other scents like strawberry, orange mango, coconut, cherry, and peach. We just alternate the variants every time we finish one bottle. To know more why I highly recommend this brand of shampoo and conditioner, scroll down please :)
Product Review: Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner
Coconut Variant
     Suave Kids® Coconut Smoothers 2-in-1 Shampoo gently combines shampoo and conditioner in one sure and speedy step. Its creamy formula, made with gentle conditioners reduces split ends and leaves hair feeling extra soft.
Product Review: Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner
size: 355 ml / 12 Fl. oz.

price: 219 php (Around $4.80+)

place bought: Sm Hypermarket, Fairview

instructions for use: Wet hair, squeeze a quarter size amount into palm, apply to hair, lather, and rinse. For tough knots or to retouch dry hair, follow with Suave Kids Detangling Spray.

ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Dimethiconol, Carbomer, Fragrance, Polyquaternium 10, TEA Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate, Tetrasodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, PEG 150 Distearate, Sodium Citrate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, PPG 9, Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)
Product Review: Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner
Kenzo's hair. It's already long. His last hair cut was March and his current hair style is undercut hence looks so uneven on both sides. We'll bid goodbye to this hair style a week from now.
What I like:

  • The packaging is cute because there are different cartoon characters/animals printed on the bottle. The bottle is also colorful and easy to grip.
  • The price- it's super affordable. This 355 ml bottle lasts up to five (5) months with everyday use!
  • It's a 2-in-1 product. No need to buy a separate shampoo and conditioner.
  • The scent is divine! Sweet coconut scent lingers the whole day!
  • It's easy to use. 
  • It's tear-free too!
  • The texture is creamy and semi-thick.
  • A little amount goes a long way.
  • Makes my son's hair is soft and smooth to touch.
  • It looks shiny and silky too.
  • I literally don't need to comb my son's hair after taking a bath.
  • His hair is easy to comb, no tangles at all.
  • Gives a bit of volume on my son's thin and limp hair.
  • Doesn't make my son's hair oily nor greasy after playing whole day. 
  • Even if his hair got wet because of sweat after playing, the smell of coconut is still there. No acidic smell from the sweat.
  • There's a batch, manufacturing and expiry date printed on the bottle.

What I don't like:

  • There are times that coconut variant is not available here in our area.

Will I repurchase? Yes! This is my son's HG (Holy Grail) shampoo. This is Kenzo's favorite shampoo and conditioner for four (4) years now!

     I give this a 5/5 rating. I love that this product because it makes my son's hair smooth and manageable. We really love the scent of Suave 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. It's easy to use and I don't worry that my son's delicate hair will experience negative effects. This brand is already a staple in Kenzo's hair care essentials! This brand is budget-friendly for mommies who have tight budget. I highly recommend Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. Our all time favorite scent is strawberry, coconut, and cherry :)

What's your kid's favorite shampoo brand? Share your thoughts mommies :)

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