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Feature: Star Margarine App-My Star Kid Adventure

Thursday, September 27, 2018

     When I was a kid, my grandmother would always tell me to sleep early and eat nutritious food so that I will grow healthy and tall. The default height increasing vitamin in our house is Star Margarine. I always see her mixing a tablespoon of the yellow colored spread in our rice or in my pandesal.

     I miss my grandmother, looking back at the past, methinks they are really doing their best to give everything that we need in order to grow happy and healthy. Life is so simple back then compared to a complicated life we have now. Modern technology is already a part of our lives and kids these days are so into gadgets and gaming consoles that in some situations, it hinders important aspect of their childhood- healthy eating habits and brain development. BUT, I discovered an app that will show you the brighter side of technology- learning while having fun with Star Margarine App- My Star Kid Adventure!

Feature: Star Margarine App-My Star Kid Adventure


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