Product Review: Mikrozid Surface Wipes

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

     In this time of uncertainty, it’s comforting to know that there’s one thing you can trust in keeping you safe, anytime, anywhere! Thanks to Mikrozid- the trusted surface wipes used by hospitals worldwide. I'm surprised that it kills Covid 19 virus in just 15 seconds! Yes, you’ve read that right! For a clean freak and OC mom like me, disinfection is an everyday thing even before the pandemic that’s why I have different kinds of wipes at home.

      I’ve tried different brands before and nothing compares to Mikrozid!!! This surface disinfecting wipes is heaven-sent and music to my ears when I saw that it kills coronavirus in just 15 seconds!!! I have to emphasize this because my family’s health is non-negotiable and I have to repeat this over and over again for those who are neglecting the virus. Hear, hear that proper handwashing and effective surface disinfection are a must these days!!! More information about Mikrozid Surface Wipes and my thoughts about this brand after the jump!

Feature: Mikrozid Surface Wipes

Herbalife Virtual Run 2021

Monday, October 11, 2021

     The pandemic and mandatory quarantine have confined us in our homes for more than a year already. Some of us became less productive when it comes to physical activities while others stayed focused on their health and wellness journey. Apart from eating healthily, I always make sure to move my body first thing in the morning. As much as possible, I avoid sitting down unless I'm working on content creation. This kind of physical activity doesn't end there as I also include yoga or weight lifting in my exercise routine five times a week.

     This month, I'm so excited to incorporate another kind of physical activity in the form of running. It's my first time to join a run hosted by Herbalife Philippines called Herbalife Virtual Run that started last October 1 until 31, 2021. Now in its second year, the challenge is part of the premier global nutrition company’s Get Moving With Good Nutrition campaign that seeks to give people the push toward healthy active living. More details and tips on how to prepare for this run below.

Herbalife Virtual Run 2021

K-Drama Heroines on PLDT Home Viu

Friday, October 08, 2021

     Aside from the romantic storylines, there are so many relatable life lessons to dig in Kdramas. No matter how ordinary our lives seem to be, we are the heroines in our own stories. Such is the inspiring narrative written in many K-dramas and perhaps is one of the many reasons for the genre’s enduring popularity. Whether intellectually or emotionally, no matter the age, K-drama fans relate so well with these fierce femmes on their favorite shows.

     With PLDT Home and Viu, Filipino Hallyu fans can connect more with their fave K-drama heroines with no interruptions. PLDT Home offers unlimited access to the best K-drama series and films for a better K-viewing experience Filipinos can all enjoy at home! Need a guide on which K-drama shows have the best plots featuring empowered female characters? Read on!

K-Drama Heroines on PLDT Home Viu

Love at First Sight with the NEW ASUS ZenBook 14 UX425EA (11th Gen Intel)

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

     My first blogging laptop is ASUS K555L, an entry laptop model that was launched six years ago. I have no regrets about choosing this brand because I've tried and tested its performance and durability for a long time already. Fast forward today, ASUS has launched new laptop models from its ZenBook series. When I first saw this laptop, I said to myself that it's time to upgrade to a more portable one. Don't get me wrong, I still love my ASUS laptop. It's still working fine and can do a lot of things up to this day. I never had problems when it comes to performance or hardware issues. But it's also nice to do an upgrade, especially if buying a new laptop will help me stay motivated and keep my productivity high as I work easy using this baby that's boasting timeless beauty and effortless portability.

     In a world full of uncertainty, there's one thing that's certain when it comes to technology and all things laptop. Say hello to the World's thinnest 14" laptop with QHD Display powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics- The all-new ZenBook 14 (UX425EA) – a 14-inch ultraportable laptop now packed with more power and speed, advancing productivity and creativity wherever, whenever. It's love at first sight! ZenBook 14 is so light, compact, and pretty on the outside but it's powerful and incredible on the inside. Read more about my favorite features of this beauty after the jump!

Love at First Sight with the NEW ASUS ZenBook 14 UX425EA (11th Gen Intel)

6 Fun Activities for Children at Home

Monday, October 04, 2021

    Up until lately, there has been a severe bone of contention on when art started. Some art historians argued that the first art pieces’ date back to around 35,000 and 10,000 BCE. However, archaeological investigation in Blombos cave, South Africa, proves otherwise. In truth, the discovery of 70,000 old ochre art pieces indicates that art started way before cave paintings.

     Based on this information, it is evident that art has been an integral part of human life for the longest time. A recent study suggests that exposure to art activities stimulates the brain and helps in self-expression, problem-solving, concentration, and memory.

6 Fun Activities for Children at Home
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