4 Easy Tips on How to Manage Your Family's Finances

Saturday, December 03, 2022

     As the years pass by, I've come to realize that the phrase "adulting is real" is hitting close to home. Now, I truly understand what my parents would always tell me back in my younger years about the importance of budgeting and saving money especially when you have your own family. 

     We have a bakeshop and rental business way back that's why I easily get what I want without begging my parents to buy it for me. They're the ones who manage our finances and all I do is ask them to buy it even if it's not necessary. There were times that they will not give what I ask because they are saving up in order to sustain our business. My father is strict when it comes to managing finances and he would always tell me to know the difference between needs and wants. Are you struggling with your finances and want to learn how to easily manage them? Read more about these easy tips after the jump.

4 Easy Tips on How to Manage Your Family's Finances
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PLDT x Lionsgate Play Promo

Thursday, November 24, 2022

     Just in time for the holidays, PLDT Home – through its exclusive partnership with premium streaming platform Lionsgate Play – is helping its customers get one step closer to the home entertainment of their dreams.

     From now until December 31, 2022, PLDT Home is raffling off different smart home entertainment devices every month. By activating the free Lionsgate Play voucher code that comes with their PLDT Home internet subscription, customers can enter the raffle and have a chance to win a smart OLED TV, a portable smart home projector, and a smart TV stick to transform their homes into an immersive movie theater experience. Customers can now better enjoy Hollywood blockbusters like the John Wick series, the Hunger Games franchise, and the Saw films – all available on Lionsgate Play.

PLDT x Lionsgate Play Promo

Product Review: OPPO A16- The Smart Choice

Monday, November 21, 2022

     It has been ages since I last reviewed a smartphone and in time for the holiday season (checks gift list), I can say that this phone from OPPO's A series line fits the bill if you are planning to buy a gift for your techie friends or loved ones. Aside from the phone's specs and features, OPPO is a brand that I highly recommend and trust. I reviewed two OPPO smartphone models years ago that truly deliver in terms of quality and price.

     So today, let me share my thoughts on one of OPPO's A series smartphones- OPPO A16. This model from the A series is an entry-level smartphone under P10,000 and after testing it for more than two weeks, I can say that it packs a punch on features that's why it's the smart choice for everyone. 

Product Review: OPPO A16- The Smart Choice 

The Concept of Giving redefined with ConcepStore

Friday, November 18, 2022

     The season provides the perfect setting as ConcepStore opens its lifestyle hub with an array of modern and thoughtfully-designed home appliances perfect for this season of giving. Introduced in 2020, ConcepStore elevates one’s home experiences by giving its customers a wealth of product options to choose from, whether needs are influenced by health, safety, security, and hygiene concerns or by the simple need to automate time-consuming chores, ConcepStore is sure to offer just what the customers need.

     With the opening of the lifestyle hub, ConcepStore brings a whole new meaning to the concept of giving. This season, aside from the personalized shopping experience customers get to enjoy for every visit at the lifestyle hub, customers may also avail of exclusive gifting services in time for the Holiday season.

The Concept of Giving redefined with ConcepStore

Zone V Camera Club x PLDT Home

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

     A premier club of photographers, Zone V Camera Club and PLDT Home continue with their mission of building online learning hubs for underprivileged youth with students of ERDA SaBaNa (Educational Research and Development Assistance, Samahan ng mga Batang Nananambakan) in Tondo, Manila as the latest beneficiary.

     To empower the students to do better in school and in life, Zone V Camera Club donated computers while PLDT Home provided a 400 Mbps broadband connection for the next two years. Jointly, Zone V Camera Club and PLDT Home have refurbished ERDA’s computer room to make it more conducive for learning, while the walls and tables have also been repainted. A mural on one wall was painted to depict the modern-day life of the students in Tondo, Manila, and how they cope with digital learning.

Zone V Camera Club by PLDT Home 
Zone V Camera Club and PLDT Home executives with ERDA-SaBaNa beneficiaries


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