Product Review: Danarra Aromatherapy Oil

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

     Stress is already a part of us. It is inevitable but we can manage it in different ways. Let's take for example the Filipino workers with 9-6 pm jobs. Their day begins with an average of two-hour commute to the office and another two-hour commute to get home. Can you see the picture? Days begin with stress and ends with stress!

     I'm a stay at home mom and I'm experiencing stress too! From daily routine house chores to parenting and daughter duties, I experience stress every day. To keep me sane, I look for ways on how to cope and manage it. Some people enjoy a nice dessert, go for a workout, watch a movie, or spend time with friends and family. These are effective but not accessible immediately, right? There's one thing that young professionals including me have in our bags or pockets- a soothing balm that comes in many forms. The trending now- aromatherapy oil!

Product Review: Danarra Aromatherapy Oil

GNC's Top 10 Products + The New GNC Gold Card Membership Discount Card

Friday, March 07, 2014

     Hello! Here's the continuation post of my favorite health and supplement store- GNC Live Well Philippines :) In this post, I would like to share with you the TOP 10 PRODUCTS in terms of unit sales. I'm not surprised when I saw my favorite facial moisturizer on the number 1 spot. As I've said on my last post, GNC Vitamin C Facial Moisturizing Cream is my HG (holy grail) face moisturizer. Yes, I've tried several brands and even organic ones but I keep on coming back to this product whenever I feel that I get immune to the current skin care products I'm using. If you're a loyal GNC customer, I'm sure you're familiar with the products sold in their stores. I want to mention them all but methinks one post is not enough because they have so many great products to offer not just for Men and Women's health. They also offer Ginseng, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Sports Nutrition, Personal Care, Children and Teen Health products. According to the pr, they have more than 600 sk units so I'm sure whatever you need to boosts health and vitality GNC have them in store for you!

     So now may I present to you the top 10 products of GNC Live Well Philippines in order. Click CONTINUE READING to find out!


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