Cheese Platter Game On with Danes Cheese Ball

Monday, December 24, 2018

     What's one family Christmas tradition that you're excited every year? I bet it's preparing the food you will eat on Christmas Eve. Families all over the world gather to spend the holidays together because there’s nothing like the warmth of home. While no holiday celebration would be complete without family reunions, this is the best time to introduce new and fun traditions to make this holiday season even more memorable than last year’s.

     It’s a tradition that we serve spaghetti and salad on Noche Buena but this year, I’ve decided to make a little twist- instead of preparing pasta and salad, I told my mama to make a small cheese platter for the kids and adults to indulge during and after Noche Buena.

Cheese Platter Game On with Danes Cheese Ball 

     We enjoyed this cheese platter for snacks while watching our fave Christmas movie. Everyone gave us a big thumbs up while snacking on Danes Cheese Balls with crackers and will surely serve this again this coming Media Noche. If you still don't have an idea what to serve this coming New Year's Eve, why not create something delectably cheesy to share with the entire family with Danes Cheese Ball? More information about the cheese platter that's gaining popularity in parties below :)

Danes Cheese Ball
  • This creamy cheese ball with rich cheddar taste will make any dish an instant favorite come Noche Buena. 
  • It’s a deliciously festive way to add a festive touch to any pasta, salad, or meat dish! 
  • The latest thing to hit the parties this year and next year is the cheese platter or cheese board. Level up your game by serving Danes Cheese Ball as the highlight of your very own cheese platter with crackers, nuts, and grapes. 
  • Danes Cheese Ball platter is a great appetizer to share with the whole family while exchanging stories and waiting for Noche Buena and Media Noche.

Cheese Platter Game On with Danes Cheese Ball 
Simple cheese platter for pica-pica

     Filipinos value nothing else above family, that’s why Danes Cheese Ball is the ideal addition to your yuletide feast and will surely bring a smile to everyone’s face. With tasty holiday treats made even better with Danes Cheese Ball, every member of the family will savor Noche Buena while sharing stories and laughter – no distractions, just shared memories – making this holiday celebration a new and fun tradition filled with deep joy and great food.

     Danes Cheese Ball is available in all major supermarkets nationwide. It's also available thru  HonestBee app. Now you can enjoy more cheesy goodness without dealing with the holiday traffic, long lines at the grocery, or the hassle of finding a parking spot. This year, make Noche Buena even more delicious and festive – make fun and new traditions with Danes Cheese Ball. Happy HoliDANES!

Have a happy #HoliDANES

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