Nivea Whitening Lotion Philippines

Friday, October 15, 2021

     I'm a sucker for body lotion and if my memory serves me right, the first brand that I've tried was Alyssa Ashley White Musk that was given to my mom by a relative from abroad. I was in elementary back then and I have no idea about body lotions. All I knew was that it has to be applied to the skin after taking a bath. So when I entered junior high school, I've learned that there are different brands of body lotions in the market and it was from Nivea that I first saw a whitening variant. 

     From then on, Nivea has been a household brand and an essential in my skincare regimen. I've tried different variants in their whitening line in the past and was able to make a review of the old formulation, click here. Fast forward today, Nivea is still the number one brand when it comes to whitening lotions. What I noticed is that they made it more affordable to the consumers and offered a wide array of variants that target specific problems in the whitening and anti-aging department. Sharing some of my recent Nivea Whitening Lotion finds here in the Philippines from their official Shopee store below :)

Nivea Whitening Lotion Philippines

Feature: Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Range

Saturday, July 25, 2020

     We all need some vitamin sea but because of the pandemic, the "take me back to the beach" trip will be put on hold. Summer was canceled for most of us because it's better to stay at home and better be safe than sorry. If you miss the ocean, the beach, and the sea, there's a new collection that will take us back to our DNA- Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Range.

     As residents of a tropical country, loving the beach and the ocean is part of our DNA. Being surrounded by the fresh air and smell of sea salt gives us a much-needed refreshed feeling, deepening our love for the water. As the beaches are not only our safe havens, but also an important natural resource and source of national pride, it’s important to show the same love and care for them as they have given us. This July, the brand that believes in showing small acts of love for the planet and for yourself, introduces the Clean Oceans Range, a limited edition set of personal care products, in bottles made with 100% ocean-bound plastic. Scroll down to know more about the collection and why you should try it now :)

Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Range

Jergens Holiday Glow Kit

Friday, December 14, 2018

     The cold air that I felt this morning is my sign that Christmas is near. This cool breeze also reminds me that it's time to upgrade my skincare essentials with more moisturizing products to prevent dryness. I have combination skin but cold weather tends to suck out all the moisture in my skin making my legs and arms flaky and itchy.

      Looks like Santa heard my wish of sporting a glowing skin this season. Jergens sent me a holiday kit that will take care of the dryness and give my skin all the moisture that it needs. It will be a pampering kind of holiday because they also include a satin rob and jade roller, yay! Want to have a glowing skin this holiday season? Check out the tips I listed below :)

Jergens Holiday Glow Kit

Feature: Biore UV Body Care Serum Anti Pollution

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

     Can you feel that it's so hot these past few days? Summer is really here! But before you enjoy the warmth of the summer sun please be reminded that UV rays are damaging. Check your summer skincare essentials first before basking under the sun.

     Sunscreens are no longer just for those lazy days on the beach. Skin experts have established that a UV skin protector should be part of every Filipina’s daily skin regimen to protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Aside from these, aging and pollution are the skin concerns that should be addressed daily. DON'T SKIP SUNBLOCK AND SUNSCREEN!!! Skipping increases the susceptibility to premature aging and skin cancer. But wait, there's a preventive measure, keep reading below :)

Feature: Biore UV Body Care Serum Anti Pollution
With my fave face sunblock, Biore UV Face Milk :)

Product Review: Vitapack 8-in-1 Whitening Lotion

Friday, November 24, 2017

     Hi dearies! It's been a year since the last time I reviewed a whitening lotion. I have this thing of using a brand religiously for months or years if I experienced positive results. If you'll look into my whitening lotion review archive, you'll only see a few brands because most of the brands that I've tried are cost-effective.

     If you're really serious in your whitening game, taking glutathione supplement is not enough especially if you want to see drastic results. In fact, a combination of different whitening products for the whole body is recommended for daily use to see faster and maximum results. Have you read my review of Vitapack Megawhite and Vitapack Beauty? These products from Vitapack are cost-effective and if taken religiously, you'll see promising results. To complement those supplements, the brand also has Vitapack 8-in-1 Whitening Lotion. See my full review below.

Product Review: Vitapack 8-in-1 Whitening Lotion


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