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Feature: Bell HYPOAllergenic / Bell Cosmetics

Thursday, November 15, 2018

     Wearing makeup should enhance your feature, give self-esteem, and make you more beautiful. It should bring out the best in you not the stress in you! Do you have sensitive skin that prevents you from wearing makeup? I feel you because I saw how my sister’s sensitive skin reacts to makeup and it’s really bad! Red and itchy bumps appear after application that's why she's forced to wash her face immediately.

     She's been struggling for years in finding the right brand that will not irritate her skin. There are brands in the market that cater to individuals who have sensitive skin but it's not budget friendly and offers limited color selection. Fast forward today, a European brand has landed on Philippine shores- Bell HYPOAllergenic or Bell Cosmetics. It is a hypoallergenic line that uses very gentle formulas and high-quality ingredients for their products. Know more about Bell HYPOAllergenic after the jump and the sensitive skin's must-haves :)

Feature: Bell HYPOAllergenic Cosmetic  / Bell Cosmetics


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