Feature: 555 Tuna Rice Meals 'Ka-Eat Saan, Ka-Eat Kailan'

Sunday, June 12, 2016

     Do you always feel hungry when you're traveling? Always craving for rice and ulam meals with that delicious and filling home-cooked taste to give you the energy for all that walking, sight-seeing, and exploring when you're on the go? Now, you can bring your favorite rice meals anytime, anywhere as Century Pacific Food, Inc., introduces a deliciously innovative addition to its popular 555 Tuna product line: 555 Tuna Rice! 

     This new 555 Tuna Rice is recommended to: Individuals who commute and always in a rush but want to have a quick and satisfying meal while in transit. For those who lunch in school or at work, where you can eat straight from the pack or heat the contents in a bowl in the microwave. More details about this 'Ka-Eat Saan, Ka-Eat Kailan' rice meals below :)
Feature: 555 Tuna Rice Meals 'Ka-Eat Saan, Ka-Eat Kailan'
555 Tuna Rice 

  • An exciting new 555 Tuna category that's perfect for individuals who may not have the time to cook or prepare meals but would like to enjoy the goodness of lutong bahay dishes at home or on the go. 
  • It's a 2-in-1 ulam and rice that comes in a convenient and unique, stand-up foil pouch designed in such a way to allow for space-saving storage in the pantry as well as for ease in bringing it with you wherever you go. 
  • While it is easy to open, it is also durable enough, allowing for better preservation of food and flavors.
  • This is first of its kind in the market, consumers are sure to enjoy a true kumpleTUNA experience anytime and everywhere, living up to its promise of ‘Ka-Eat saan, Sarap!’

555 Tuna Rice varieties:

Tuna Rice Afritada
Feature: 555 Tuna Rice Meals 'Ka-Eat Saan, Ka-Eat Kailan'
Tuna Rice Adobo
Feature: 555 Tuna Rice Meals 'Ka-Eat Saan, Ka-Eat Kailan'
Tuna Rice Sisig
Feature: 555 Tuna Rice Meals 'Ka-Eat Saan, Ka-Eat Kailan'
price: 27.50

availability: Available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores in Luzon.
“The new 555 Tuna Rice remains true to what 555 Tuna is known for—delicious, home-cooked ulam at affordable prices. But this time, we are bringing more to the table—all your favorite dishes complete with rice in one convenient pack so you can have a delicious, filling rice meal anytime, anywhere!” says Greg Banzon, VP and General Manager of Century Pacific Food, Inc. “With the new 555 Tuna Rice, everyone can now enjoy the healthfulness of tuna and rice, with the goodness of home cooking, all in an easy-to-open, easy-to-carry pack”.
Feature: 555 Tuna Rice Meals 'Ka-Eat Saan, Ka-Eat Kailan'
Bogart the Explorer
     And who better to show how flavorful and convenient 555 Tuna Rice than the sensational Bogart the Explorer, what with his many fun, hilarious, capers! Wherever his adventures take him, he’s sure to have a pack of 555 Tuna Rice ready when hunger strikes! Watch out as Bogart the Explorer shares his latest adventures online and in billboards and banners, bringing with him the different 555 Tuna Rice variants to make his exploits more fun, energetic, and deliciously interesting! 

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