Herbalife Nutrition E-Wellness Tour July 2021

Practical Ways to Manage Stress from Herbalife Nutrition Experts

Sunday, August 22, 2021

     When I ask someone the question "how's life going lately?" The immediate answer I always get is the word stress. We are all experiencing stress because of the pandemic and it's been affecting our well-being. Stress is part of daily living, but it can become a major cause for concern when it starts to affect one’s health. There are several ways to manage it, and we can start by being more mindful of the food we eat, and taking better care of our mental health.

     Last July, I was invited to the monthly online media engagement of Herbalife Philippines to join  Herbalife Nutrition Institute Chairman Dr. David Heber and Herbalife Nutrition Global Fitness Advisory Board Member Shayamal Vallabhjee as they share ways how to deal with stress. Both Dr. Heber and Vallabhjee have been speakers in separate Herbalife Nutrition eWellness Tour events presented by Herbalife Nutrition Philippines. The monthly forum aims to promote nutrition education by inviting experts from the fields of science, nutrition, health, and fitness to talk about the importance of good nutrition and having a healthy active lifestyle in achieving overall health and wellbeing. Read more highlights of this online event below.

Practical Ways to Manage Stress from Herbalife Nutrition Experts 
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