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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

     It's the time of the year again to stock up beauty essentials. If you're a beauty junkie who loves trying out fresh drop skincare products or just a newbie building your basic stash, there's an online shop where you can score premium skincare items for less.

     SKINCARE SALE ALERT! Get your hands on these branded skinsentials from SaSa x Shopee Beauty and get up to 88% off! Whoa! That's an awesome deal that you should not miss especially on cult favorites and luxury brands that you've been itching to try. I was browsing at the official SASA Shopee online store since last night and cannot contain my excitement as I add the products that's on my wishlist months ago. So without further ado, here are the brands (my favorite skincare brands) and their highly-raved products that you might want to consider adding to your cart before the sale ends!

SaSa x Shopee Beauty

     For those who have no idea, SaSa is a leading cosmetics retail group in Asia. It has over 260 retail stores in Asia, covering Hong Kong and Macau SARs, China, Mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia. I first saw a SaSa store during my first visit to Singapore last 2008 and in my Hong Kong trips in the past years. Fast forward today, SaSa launched their official store on Shopee and it's one of the most-loved brands under the Shopee Beauty section.

     From hair care to makeup, Shopee Beauty has all your makeup and skincare needs! Enjoy the most exclusive deals up to 90% off, new launches, and exciting offers fit from various brands for every makeup & skincare haul--only from Shopee Beauty!

     Facial Treatment Clear Lotion contains SK-II's patented Pitera™ and AHA that can remove dirt and exfoliate old skin cells, and enhance skin regeneration.

Product Features:
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities.
  • Increases skin's ability to absorb nutrients from other skincare products.
  • Light and watery texture make nutrients penetrate into the skin surface.

Ingredients & Efficacy:
  • Pitera™: Accelerating metabolism of skin
  • Salicylic Acid: Removes dead skin cells with melanin
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Moisturizing, lock in moisture
SaSa x Shopee Beauty

     Kiehl's Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution adopts the Activated C formula, which can effectively attack deep-set dark spots and even the skin tone. It contains White Birch Extract, which helps restore hydration and nutrients to the dermis and epidermis layers of skin and hence promotes the metabolism and blood circulation of skin. The addition of Peony Extract can eliminate the damage caused by free radical oxidation to the skin, which prevents the aging of skin, allowing you to look youthful all the time.

Ingredients & Efficacy:
  • White Birch Extract: Restores hydration and nutrients to the skin.
  • Peony Extract: Anti-oxidant.
SaSa x Shopee Beauty

     It is designed for solving skin problems due to lack of sleep. Detox, relax and moisturize skin at night, making you wake up with bouncing hydrated skin.

Product Features:
  • Detoxifying & Purifying: The SleeptoxTM purifying and normalizing skin fatigued caused by daytime stress, and also helps the skin to restore at its optimal condition overnight. The nighttime detox functions help seize the golden repair period, drain away toxins accumulated during the day and relieve pressure for the skin.
  • Moisture the skin: With the Moisture WrapTM formula, wraps a breathable moisture layer around the skin to deliver moisture deep into the skin during nighttime, making you skin hydrated.
  • Promote deep sleep: It contained a natural scent combined withrelax sandalwood oil, orange flower and ylang ylang etc. The patented aroma of the sleeping mask helps relaxing your mind and body to achieve a deep sleep.
SaSa x Shopee Beauty

     So there ladies, these are the products that you should check out in Shopee Beauty section. There are so many beauty products that are currently on sale. Don't miss this opportunity and download the Shopee App to browse for best deals for branded beauty! These are 100% authentic products, go and now is the best time to splurge and save!

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