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Red Ribbon Father's Day 2020: Paul, Doug, and Drew on Fatherhood in Quarantine

Friday, June 19, 2020

     What's common with Red Ribbon dad ambassadors, Doug Kramer, Paul Soriano, and Drew Arellano? fatherhood well spent by giving their time indoors. The quarantine allowed them to cement their position as the steadfast pillars of their families, all while keeping a cheerful and cared-for household.

     We all know that fathers are the foundation of the family and they are also like mothers who support the emotional well-being of their children. Some fathers may be goofy, and some may be quiet, but one thing is for sure – dads have that natural ability to bring out the warmest smiles and unyielding courage in everybody within the family. In this trying time, we see our dads carrying on and exhibiting incomparable strength. While their guidance has allowed everyone to remain safe, their sweetness and lighthearted humor have kept the family hopeful and optimistic. This Father's Day, let me share this heart-warming story and tribute to all the #SweetStrongDads from Red Ribbon.

Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll

Monday, April 16, 2018

     Ways on enjoying your chocolate roll: Dip a finger to get the first taste of the decadent icing, savor the cake until its last slice or, like Bianca Gonalzez, go for the sweet milk-chocolatey toppings first. If you do any of the above, you are a certified ChocoRollic! 

     For me, I dip my finger in the chocolate icing for more than once. I want to enjoy the decadent icing first before getting myself a slice. I'm a sweet tooth and Red Ribbon's Triple Chocolate Roll got me covered not once, not twice, but thrice the chocolate goodness!!!

Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll

Scarlet Snow for Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake

Monday, March 05, 2018

     Have you seen the super cute and adorable daughter of doctors Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo on Instagram? Well, like her famous parents she is an Instagram superstar. A true child star in the making. This social media darling is also the newest Rainbow Chaser who is captivated by Red Ribbon’s surprisingly colorful & chocolatey birthday cake, the Rainbow Dedication Cake

     Red Ribbon recently introduced Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho as its newest brand ambassador - her first major endorsement outside of her family’s Belo brand. She is set to share some color and joy, just like Red Ribbon’s colorful birthday cake, in her newest commercial with her fellow Rainbow Dedication Cake-loving cartoon friends, Don and the Rainbow Chasers. More about the launch below :)

Scarlet Snow for Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake

Red Ribbon Cake Creations: The Art of Delicious

Monday, November 27, 2017

     Mouth-watering cakes are in this holiday season. I'm a cake lover that's why seeing a new flavor of cake in a bakery or pastry shop is a bliss. I want to try the newest flavor/s in town and share it with my family especially if there's a special occasion at home.

     The best food creations are borne out of the passion to please the senses. It takes dedication to learn the right techniques, discover the right blend of ingredients, and achieve the ideal form and design. They say it’s the process of genius; Red Ribbon calls it “The Art of Delicious.”  Be ready to amaze your taste buds with Cappuccino Creme, Black Forest, and Peach Mango Symphony of Red Ribbon. More about the Cake Creation line below :)

Red Ribbon Cake Creations: The Art of Delicious

Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake

Friday, September 22, 2017

     Birthday parties will never be the same without your favorite cake. It makes a party special and if your birthday cake is full of surprise then it will be extra special! Red Ribbon wants to let you know that their rainbow dedication cake is the ultimate surprise that's colorful and chocolatey!

     Our friends from Red Ribbon sent the regular size rainbow dedication cake yesterday and we were so excited that after opening a box I've decided to have a slice for merienda. My son is not a fan of chocolate cake but this offering from Red Ribbon is something that he doesn't want to miss! Why? Read more below :)

Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake


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