Herbalife Nutrition E-Wellness Tour April 2021

Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy the Herbalife Way!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

     Our brain, like the rest of our body, needs to be checked regularly. When I say check, it's like evaluating if one or all of the key components of mind health is present like strong memory, ability to think and reason, steady mood, and agreeable personality. With the recent events and the uncertainties happening, our mental health may not be in good shape. I presume that some of you have experienced signs of stress, anxiety attacks, and sleep disturbances because of our current situation. 

     It is very timely that Dr. Small, who is a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board, talked about “Healthy Aging: Brain Fitness for Healthy Adults” at the most recent Virtual Wellness Tour hosted by Herbalife Nutrition Philippines. As part of the discussion, he shared his views on effective ways to improve memory and help maintain cognitive functions. He also provided relevant information on how balanced nutrition, sustained physical activity, and sound lifestyle practices will safeguard our ability to perform mental processes. Sharing the highlights of this online event below :)

Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy the Herbalife Way!


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