Smart and Healthy Snacking with Gullón

Thursday, July 15, 2021

     Did you know that one of the secrets to healthy eating is to eat frequent small meals throughout the day rather than indulge in one or two big meals? Snacking provides energy boosts in-between meals and helps curb your appetite so that you are less likely to overeat when mealtime comes. 

     No, don't go for junk foods, sugary and salty options during snack time because you can also enjoy snacking the healthy way. Smart and healthy snacking are great for managing blood sugar levels, after-exercise meals, and a better mood. Be smart about your snacks and they will even help you lose or maintain your weight and give you nutrients for a fitter, healthier you!

Smart and Healthy Snacking with Gullón

Chippy Kada Bucket List Challenge

Friday, July 07, 2017

     Do you want to tick those travel goals in your bucket list with your friends for free? Then read this news from the ultimate barkada snack, Jack ‘n Jill Chippy as they gather fun-loving groups of friends for a different kind of adventure with the Chippy Kada Bucket List Challenge. 

     Take your friendships to a whole new level of enjoyment and dare to take the challenges that Jack 'n Jill Chippy will set for a one-of-a-kind “kada-bonding” experience. Monthly prizes are bucket list-worthy which include a Batangas beach trip, a tour of the Corregidor Island, and a visit to Subic’s Tree Top Adventure, new and exciting barkada moments are sure to unravel. More details of  Chippy Kada Bucket List Challenge after the jump!

 Chippy Kada Bucket List Challenge

CalCheese for Yummy and Healthy Snacking

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

     Last May 13, 2017  Mayora Philippines recently launched CalCheese, a new cheese wafer biscuit for the wais mom in time for Mother's Day. The event was held at the City of Dreams and was hosted by actress and proud mother of two, Dimples Romana, who expressed her enthusiasm over the snack. 

     There are so many snacks in the market today but with CalCheese, Filipino moms won’t have to choose between treats that their kids will like and snacks that are nutritious. Highlights of the launch after the jump :)

CalCheese for Yummy and Healthy Snacking
Dimples Romana – Ahmee and her daughter Callie enjoying CalCheese

Oishi Snacktacular 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

     The most exciting and fun-filled event that made me WOW last year is making a big come back this year to give their fans another round of  awesomeness as Oishi- makers of snacks and drinks that make us say O, Wow! will turn an event center as a big play ground for kids and kids at heart this weekend.  

     Summer has winded down but this year is about to get even more exciting with the return of Oishi Snacktacular. The fun-filled affair will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on July 15-17 showcasing interactive booths, fan- favorite snacks, and Oishi’s iconic Team O members – Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Ramon Bautista, Alex Gonzaga, Slater Young, and Elmo Magalona. More details about this exciting event below :)
Oishi Snacktacular 2016
Yay to this super cute Mario/Lego/Minecraft like box
     Now, it's time to press play to see Oishi's innovative booths make their comeback at this year's 8-bit inspired event! The booths that you should not miss are as follows:

1. Make Your Own Snack Booth, O-Twirl, Snack Shack, and Slush C+

  • Be as inventive and imaginative in these booths.
  • You can make your own Oishi Snacks and refreshing Oishi Drinks

2. Oishi Snack Catcher

  • A crowd favorite!
  • Get strapped up and guided to an enormous pool of Oishi Snacks and grab all the treats you can take with your own hands and may I add your feet! 

3. Cuckoo Blaster

  • This new and exciting activity task the player to catch as many balls as possible with the Cuckoo suit on.
Oishi Snacktacular 2016
Booths that you should not miss!!!
     This year’s Snacktacular is made even more exciting as Oishi celebrates the 70th year of Liwayway Marketing Corporation, the company behind Oishi with the World of O,Wow booth. Get a glimpse of Oishi snacks that are unique to other countries such as Pillows Buko from Vietnam, Pods Manchurian Style from India and more!

     One of the highlights of the event will be the introduction of Team O's newest member- Maine Mendoza as Oishi Ribbed Crackling's endorser. With #OishiSnacktacular you're sure to emerge a winner!

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Good Times!~

Granny Goose Pop 'n Chips- Snacks that Make Life Extraordinary

Thursday, March 17, 2016

     I'm a long time fan of Granny Goose snacks. It's one of my favorite snacks when I was in high school. I always make sure that we have cheese flavor Kornets  in our snack stash. On the other hand, my siblings fave is Tortillos. Fast forward today, Granny Goose keeps snack time exciting and tasty with its more-than-the-usual line of products. Every bag of Granny Goose ensures an extraordinary snacking adventure with its unique product formats.

     Craving for a snack that’s different from the usual fried chips in the market? Try Granny Goose’s latest offering, Pop ‘n Chips, which guarantees a different munching experience. This hybrid treat combines the soft texture of popcorn and snappy crunch of chips and it’s popped and not fried. Before sharing this article, I've already tried both flavors of Pop 'n Chips and I must say it's worth every calories! More details about this flavorful snack that will surely make you crave for more below!
Granny Goose Pop 'n Chips- Snacks that Make Life Extraordinary
     Pop ’n Chips can be enjoyed in two mouthwatering flavors, Jalapeño & Cheese and Sour Cream. It comes in solo packs (P12.00 SRP) and now, in buddy packs (P24.00 SRP) that are perfect for sharing.

     Over the years, Granny Goose has offered well-loved snacks that complement extraordinary moments. One of its classic snacks is the stone-ground Tortillos, rolled thin to deliver more flavor in every chip. This is available in four tasty flavors - Barbecue, Cheese, Chili and Sour Cream. Granny Goose also gives us our favorite cone-shaped chips, Kornets. Now with bigger cones for a bigger crunch in delicious Cheese and Natural flavors. Enjoy snacking to Granny Goose’s more-the-usual line of products: the new Pop ‘n Chips, the flavorful stone-ground Tortillos, and the cone-shaped Kornets.

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