Press Release: Party Swap for a Cause

Saturday, November 23, 2013

     'Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Christmas is just around the corner. I can't imagine that in just a month we'll be celebrating the most joyous season and with that I know the season will be incomplete without the sweetest gift that one can give. Whether we like it or not, cookies and other types of pastries are considered as one of the most coveted and practical gift suitable for all ages. 

     Are you a home-baker or have a sweet tooth and would like to make your craft meaningful this Christmas. The best way to share and show your home baked pastries and goodies is to mingle with other bakers and exchange your creations with them. In this way you'll be sharing ideas with one another while giving hope to the less fortunate cancer patients. This pastry swap is important to home bakers because the event will showcase your products through photography (Photography Academy of Manila is one of the partners in this event) and how to make creative online selling. I know, this is a very exciting an fun event! See details after the jump :)
What is Pastry Swap?

     In the US, it’s normally called as Cookie Swap which occurs during December. A gathering where pastry swapping takes places. A unique version of potluck but filled with cookies, bars, meringues and the like which is an ideal and hearty gift.

     Sounds interesting huh?! So to all my readers who are home- bakers, this is your chance to learn techniques on how to make this hobby a successful business online.

     If you're interested to join, here are the details of the event. I'm sure this day will be a memorable one for you and for your sweetest passion because you've done it for a cause!
  • Registration fee of P1500 to P2000 will cover a display table, venue payment and bottled waters and a serving of coffee. 
  • Partners: The Photography Academy Manila
  • Beneficiaries: Food Revolution and Eat and Cheat Cancer Book Project
     For more details, please visit Gastronomy By Joy or you can send your queries to Don’t forget to mention that you got this information from me, you can either include or Dear Kitty Kittie Kath in your email inquiry. 


  1. Wow ... pastry swap? Sounds delicious just by reading about it. Definitely a press release worth checking out. Especially for those who have a sweet tooth. :)

  2. @Angela Ricardo- yup! I agree with you, I have a sweet tooth and love all kinds of pastries!

  3. @Angela Ricardo- yup! I agree with you, I have a sweet tooth and love all kinds of pastries!


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