Devant “15.15.15” Anniversary Promo

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

     I can't believe that our first brand of flat screen television will be celebrating its 15th year this 2018!  Home-grown TV brand Devant is celebrating its 15th year of providing high-quality TV products in the country. Entertainment has truly come a long way – from basic LCD TVs to the most recent feature-packed Quantum Ultra HD TVs – and Devant has been part of many Filipino households through these years of TV entertainment evolution by constantly providing a wide range of products that cater to the needs of the consumers.

     Devant is already a trusted brand in our household. We have 3 Devant televisions at home- one in the living room, another in our bedroom, and the last one is supposed to be in another bedroom but I decided to give it to my parents so it was in their house now. Hahaha! Kidding aside, as technology advanced throughout the years, smart devices have captured the attention of today’s generation and have become popular sources of entertainment. Due to the convenience it provides, smart devices have become must-haves for every individual in the era of tech-savy consumers. However, this development somewhat created a “bonding with myself” attitude, especially among members of Filipino families. Rarely will you see them talk and bond with each other at the end of the day because most of their attention is focused on their own devices.

Devant “15.15.15” Anniversary Promo

     Devant has always believed that regardless of how their day ended, it is of utmost importance that family members get together and enjoy common activities where they can share their feelings and other emotions while at the same time be entertained. Devant has continually advocated that families remain tied together, with the TV at the center of their precious family moments to help keep their tight bond and promote a stronger family relationship.

     Want to spend family nights or weekend moments the best way possible? Whip up a steaming bowl of popcorn, or crack open those bags of chips, match it with your favorite drinks, and spend quality time with your loved ones by sitting in front of a TV and bond over your favorite movie or TV series. These precious moments are truly priceless compared to hits, likes or shares online.

     As its way of giving back to its Filipino consumers for 15 successful years in the Philippines. Devant announces its latest exciting TV promo. Devant’s “15-15-15” Anniversary Promo aims to allow more families to own a big screen TV and help keep family ties deeply rooted than ever.

Devant “15-15-15” Anniversary Promo
  • From August 15 to August 19, 2018, customers may avail of Devant’s 49DL541 49-inch Digital TV with ISDB-T antenna at a special promo price of Php 15,000.00 only.
  • The promo entitles one customer to one (1) TV unit reflected in one (1) invoice and is available for straight or cash payment transactions paid in full amount within the promo period only. 
  • The TV product shall be a stand-alone unit, with no other premium items included. 
  • Other installment promos and cash discounts are not valid in this specific promo, and is also not applicable to Business-to-Business, institutional or corporate purchases.
  • The Devant “15-15-15’ Anniversary promo is available in leading appliance stores nationwide.

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  1. Wow! 49inches for 15!?. murang mura na sya... masrP manuod ng movie pag ganito kalaki. 😀😄

    1. Hi Peachy,

      Yes! Ang mura, nakaka-tempt bumile ulit ng TV. Hahaha!

  2. Wow thanksnfor sharing this, nagbabalak na kami bumili ng new tv sa sala eh good thing nabasa ko to. Thanks

    1. Hi Rojean,

      No worries! Balitaan mo ako if naka-bile ka. Sulit na sulit :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Divine,

      Yes :) Gusto ko nga din bumile. Hahaha!

  4. wow super affordable 👍👍I will recommend it to my friend and family too 😊

    1. Hi Francia,

      Thanks and yes please. Trusted ko na ang Devant. Yung 50 inch and 40 inch na devant LED namin ang tagal na okay na okay pa din. While yung Devant na 50 inch smart LED na binigay ko sa papa ko, mabilis yung function compared dun sa isang brand ng smart TV din nila.


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