Book and Borders Cafe Grand Opening Celebration

Thursday, July 30, 2015

     I'm a coffee lover. This perk me up drink never fails to give me the amp I need to start my day. I think I'm in love with the smell of caffeine. So when an invitation about the grand opening of a coffee shop in Quezon City arrived in my inbox,  my mind keep on saying 'be still my coffee loving heart'    

     Hello coffeholics and book worms! I'm pretty sure that you'll get excited to know more about this newly opened themed cafe in the heart of Quezon City. Last Tuesday, I was invited to the grand opening celebration of Book and Borders Cafe where good books, good food, and good coffee unite. The celebration was enjoyed by everyone. The charming and inviting theme of Book and Borders will surely perk you up anytime of the day :) To see more of the celebration highlights, scroll down please :)
Book and Borders Cafe Grand Opening Celebration
     Book and Borders Cafe is located at 281 Tomas Morato, Quezon City. If you're frequent to crowded coffee shops, I presume you are used to hearing loud voices and chit chat. This themed cafe has purposely turned their space into something that is more relaxed and quiet.
Book and Borders Cafe Grand Opening Celebration
     Book and Borders cafe encourages customers to go through their extensive selection of books, and take their time to hangout or read. In fact, the cafe also make book stands available for its customers, to make reading their chosen book much easier. I wasn't able to roam around that day to see the tittles on display. I just heard that aside from hard bound books, they have magazines, children's books, style guides, novels, and others that I'm sure will entice you to open and read one from the shelves. 
Book and Borders Cafe Grand Opening Celebration
     Look ma, I feel like I'm inside a school library again! But it's not the usual library where aside from reading some are taking a nap. At Book and Borders cafe, you'll feel relaxed and awake. The smell of books and the aroma of the coffee is inviting so complementing the nice ambiance and the library aspect of the cafe are delicious light fare and refreshing drinks.
Book and Borders Cafe Grand Opening Celebration
Smoked Turkey Ham Sandwich, Fried Tuyo Pasta with Kesong Puti (yum!!!), and Iced Mocha
     During the grand opening celebration, savory and filling meals were served. The choices include sandwiches, pastas, hot and cold coffee concoction, and desserts! Yay for the desserts. Book and Borders cafe have muffins, breads, cupcakes, pies, tarts, squares, doughnuts, and cakes like Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake. They serve different kinds of filling pastas like Truffle Mushroom Pasta and Tuyo Pasta that I really liked. There's also salad and pancakes on their menu to name a few. Of course, a variety of coffees and smoothies on a hot day will complete your visit at the cafe!
Book and Borders Cafe Grand Opening Celebration
A buffet of drool-worthy desserts: chocolate matcha cheesecake, tiramisu, tarts, and others that I forgot the names :(
     The cafe's brand ambassador were present during the celebration. Karylle and Benjamin Alves entertained the invited guests and shared their love for books. They both encourage the habit of reading as well as indulging in one's love for coffee. 
Book and Borders Cafe Grand Opening Celebration
Book and Borders brand ambassador Karylle
     Thank you so much Book and Borders Cafe for having me. 'Read.Sip.Dine' This tagline is definitely a must-try not just for book lovers and coffee lovers but anyone who is looking for a nice place to hang out in the busty metro. Visit them today!

To know more about Book and Borders Cafe:
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You may also call them on 0932 8717856

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