Feature: The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal

Friday, December 29, 2017

     For the past six years, I've been consistent in jotting notes in my planner every day. I write down my father's dialysis schedule, my events, what I ate that day, and all the activities that I'll be doing for the week. This coming 2018, I'll be using a new planner and it's The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Giving Journal. It's my first CBTL Giving Journal that's why I'm so excited to use this come January 1, 2018.

     2018 marks the 10th year of the giving journal. The ones you'll see in CBTL stores are the 10th edition planners that comes in 4 colors- green, gray, blue, and white- a do it yourself cover of the giving journal. More details about The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal after the jump.

Feature: The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal

     Every year, the Giving Journal has a theme and for the 10th year, the theme has something to do with empowerment- LEAVE A LEGACY. To empower each individual to live excellently and purposefully by living a life of service to others. 

 The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal

     Those who partake in this holiday tradition by supporting the Giving Journal initiative are able to help live out the legacy of the Real LIFE Foundation, the direct beneficiary of the Giving Journal.

The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal features:

1. There are 12 CBTL coupons that you can use each month giving you more reasons to enjoy your favorite food and drink from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

 The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal
CBTL Coupons

2. You will see an inspirational message or foundations on the first page of each month. This is where you'll set your visions and aspirations so you'll get inspired to achieve your plans for the year.

 The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal

3. On the next page is what I call 'This month's list' of to do, to buy, etc. It's a bullet, step-by-step, imagery kind of task manager.

The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal
This month's list

4. The 'plannering' page is the page where you list down important tasks or notes for the day. This is the space where I'll write down my events and what I will eat for the whole day. I count calories and I love writing in my planner the food that I eat every day.

Feature: The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal
Plannering time!

5. Stickers and more cute stickers to customize the planner. I love using stickers in my planner as it gives good vibes whenever I see them. I love CBTL's stickers because they're soo cute!

Feature: The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal

Start the year right and get your own 2018 Giving Journal. How? See below:

A. The 2018 Giving Journal can be purchased for Php 1,999 at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store.

B. The 2018 Giving Journal may be redeemed when a stamp card is completed with 12 stamps.
  • A minimum single-receipt purchase of any REG or LRG sized coffee or tea-based beverage, Original Ice Blended, Cold Brew, Nitro Brew, Hot Chocolate/Hot Vanilla, Ready Coffee box, CBTL capsules, qualifies a customer to automatically get a stamp card. 
  • (1) Original Ice Blended (any flavor, regular or large size) 
    (1) Tea Latte (any flavor, regular or large size) 
    (1) Coffee-based beverage (any flavor, regular or large size) 
    (1) Holiday featured beverage (any flavor, regular or large size) 
    (8) The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf beverages* (regular or large size) 
    *Coffee or tea-based beverages, Original Ice Blended, Hot Chocolate/Vanilla, Cold Brew, Nitro Brew
    *Double shot for espresso-based beverages
    Stamps may also be collected by purchasing the items below:
    (1) Ready Coffee Box (any flavor) = 1 stamp 
    (1) CBTL™ Capsule Box (any flavor) = 2 stamps 
    (1) CBTL™ Single Serve Beverage System (any model) = 12 stamps
  • 12 circles must be stamped and completed
  • The completed stamp card should be presented and surrendered to the store where the Giving Journal will be claimed. The cashier will punch the stamp card to prevent reuse.
  • All customers of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf can avail and join the promo.
  • Combining of stamp cards is not allowed.
  • Stamps cannot be redeemed in conjunction with another promo
  • The 2018 Giving Journal may be claimed at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store all throughout the promo period from October 21, 2017 to January 14, 2018 or until 60 days after the promo has ended. 

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