A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia

Friday, February 03, 2017

     Gelatos, pasta, pizza, and more! A piece of Italy that's authentic and brought to use by Casa Italia! More than a year since introducing authentic Italian cuisine to the Filipino palate, Casa Italia continues to delight with its best-selling fares and awe with its new flavorful creations. 

     Never the one to stop churning out a menu with only the finest and freshest ingredients, Casa Italia takes the helm once again with their glorious array of dishes. Where to start? Scroll down below to see their menu :)

A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia

The Appetizers

     Choose from a bowl of mushroom soup-- creamed from a mixture of earthy and smoky mushrooms.

A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia

     Or baguette chips dipped in a masterful blend of artichoke hearts seasoned with basil, olive oil and garlic, crowned with melted cheese.

A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia

The Pizza

And when you’re thru with the appetizer, you can now dig into their now famous selection of Italian pizza! Who hasn’t heard of their Quattro Formaggi--a combination of Formaggio Bianco, Mozzarella, Emmental and cheddar cheeses layered to create a delectable bite?

A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia
Grilled Cheese Quattro Formaggi

For those looking for a taste of taco--the “Italian” way-- the Carne Asada pizza is your dish of choice as it mixes red sauce, ground beef, chips and lettuce atop a perfectly baked crust.

A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia
Carne Asada Pizza

Casa Italia also pushes the imagination further by cooking up the Parma Peach Pizza-- a melody of prosciutto parma and sliced peaches on a bed of mushroom garlic cream sauce.
A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia
Parma Peach Pizza

The Sandwiches

Those who missed Casa Italia’s scrumptious sandwiches can fill their big cravings once again.  Returning to the menu is the Roast Beef Sandwich which packs tender slices of slow roasted flank steak, broiled with cheese, into a 6-inch baguette.
A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia
Roast Beef Sandwich

Casa Italia also makes their own version of the Grilled Cheese using its famous Quattro Formaggi blend wedged into their freshly-baked bread.
A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia
Quattro Formaggi 

The Rice and Pastas
Another dish that is sure to whet the most discerning palate is the Tomato Mozzarella Ziti- penne baked with tomato and b├ęchamel sauce topped with mozzarella cheese.
A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia
Tomato Mozzarella Ziti

And who can resist the Baked Chicken and Mushroom Rice- smothered with creamy sauce and drizzled with mozzarella?
A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia
Bake Chicken and Mushroom Rice

The Dessert and Gelatos
To complement all your meals at Casa Italia, why don’t you just go all out and try their new array of shakes? Taken from no less than its signature gelato line, Casa Italia has blended and smoothened them into a perfect beverage of flavors-- Chocolate, Vanilla, and Matcha.

A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia
Casa Italia Shakes

And we haven’t even started counting their abundant gelato selection which has been Casa Italia’s biggest draw! Just one scoop takes you back to the time when only honest-to-goodness ingredients were used to ensure authenticity in taste.

A Piece of Italy with Casa Italia
Casa Italia Gelato

Casa Italia remains true to its promise. If you want the real deal in Italian cuisine from beginning to end--head on over to Casa Italia located at Forbes Town Road, Burgos Park at Bonifacio Global City and at The Block in SM North EDSA, Quezon City.

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