Press Release: BELLA PELLE for a White, Smooth and Flawless Underarms

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

     Aside from expensive laser treatments that we're not sure of the long term effects, do you know another way of whitening dark and unsightly underarms? The answer is through peeling and bleaching. This is one of the most effective way to whiten dark underarms. 

    Why spend a fortune on dermatological clinics for underarm skin peeling and whitening treatments when you can do it comfortably at your very own home? The secret to a smoother, whiter and flawless underarms is now revealed!
BELLA PELLE- the answer to you dark underams!!!
     Good news is that you can already do it effortlessly at home! Introducing Bella Pelle, two Italian words that mean "Beautiful Skin", caters an underarm whitening product that already has the complete kit and instructions on how to use it to effectively whitens your underarm GUARANTEED in just 2 weeks! 

✓BFAD approved 
✓Made in Philippines 
✓Dermatologically Tested 

MISSION: Resolve every woman's dark underarms and chicken skin problems

BELLA PELLE- for a flawless, smooth and whiter underams
Don't get fooled by the fake ones. Bella Pelle is the authentic professional skin care formula underarm whitening! 

BELLA PELLE- the answer to all your underarm needs!!!
Regular Price: 1120php 
     And because Bella Pelle wants YOU to have flawless and beautiful underams, they gave us a great deal. Order a kit now and save 45% off the original price!!! Just use this special code upon purchasing: 
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     Peeling and bleaching is the best method for whitening the underarm area because it is a comprehensive solution that not only treats the symptom of dark underarms but also addresses the cause. The whitening and peeling kits are very reasonably priced (even as low as $25 – 1000php) and they're easy to use at home in a private setting where you don't have to worry about doctors and technicians. Even if a doctor isn't performing the treatment, you should seriously consider consulting a doctor or dermatologist before trying any home whitening treatments. 
BELLA PELLE- effective underarm whitening kit
     Peeling and bleaching works by removing the discolored outer layer of skin underneath the arms with a chemical peel before bleaching the armpits. This exposes the underlayer of skin that hasn't been exposed to the same conditions that darkened the skin in the first place (harsh deodorant ingredients that react with body oils and sweat). This layer of skin is much lighter and only requires a minimum amount of whitening to even out the tone and make it look natural. 

The whitening kits contain the following: 

1.Green Peeling Oil – This is the chemical that will slowly remove and slough off the outer layer of the dermis. 
2.Bleaching Cream – This is the main skin lightener that will even out the skin tone under the armpit. By removing the first layer, less bleaching is needed and less of this gets used. 
3.Aluminum Chloride based antiperspirant – Because most of the discoloring of the underarms occurs when commercial deodorants react with oil and sweat, the kit supplies a replacement antiperspirant that is odorless and is so powerful that it's prescribed for people with hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). The antiperspirant contains Melawhite which is a whitening agent that will continue to even out the skin after the initial bleaching. 
4.Hydrocortisone cream – This is a topical steroid that is used to help reduce inflammation and irritation during and after the peeling process. 
5.Whitening soap of your choice- Any whitening soap you prefer that can also be used on the body 

Directions for using an underarm whitening kit 

1. Using your fingers apply the green peeling oil to your underarms three times a day allowing it to dry completely. This should take 5-10 minutes and you won't need to rinse it off. I would recommend spacing it out over the day; however, you can apply it at night so long as you wait 15-20 minutes between each application. This will be done for three straight days. 
2. Apply hydrocortisone cream as needed to irritated areas. Your armpits will begin to burn after a day or two, and the hydrocortisone cream will help to ease the inflammation. 
3. After the three days, stop applying the peeling oil and wait for the skin to start peeling off. It may take an additional two to three days before you see any peeling. If you don't get any peeling to occur, wait two weeks before re-starting the treatment. 
4. Wait for the peeling to complete before bleaching. This may take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to complete. 
5. Once skin has stopped peeling, use the Aluminum Chloride antiperspirant as you would any deodorant and apply the bleaching cream only at night. Keep the bleaching cream in the refrigerator when not using. 
6. During the peeling and whitening process do not use any deodorant and avoid washing it with soap. This are will be particularly sensitive to any chemicals and you do not want to have a reaction. Also try to avoid shaving or waxing the area if possible. Shaving can be performed if you're extremely careful. 
                               BELLA PELLE Underarm Whitening Kit User Testimonials                                  

     That's all it takes! Just 7-10 days and your underarms will be lighter and more natural looking, perfect for the summer (and any weddings you happen to be attending). If you want to whiten your underarms again, make sure to wait three months or more before undergoing the peeling process. This will give your body time to recover .

     And now to the exciting part- 2 READERS WILL WIN 1 BELLA PELLE UNDERARM WHITENING KIT/SET. Click the link below and log your entries on the rafflecopter


  1. Wow! It did a great job peeling off those dark stains in the armpit!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Hi Pauline,

      According to the user, it did a great job in peeling dark stains on her armpits.

  2. until kelan yang promo for 45% discount? plus shipping fee on top of P621? once you order with the promo code you're entitled na for the discount? thanks

    1. Hi,

      No idea as I only blogged their promo. No update on this product as of now too.

  3. Available pa po ba tong product?

  4. Hindi mo sinali sa instruction yung sabon? When pwede gamitin sa underarm yun? Kc diba kasama sa package?

    1. Hi Jabelle,

      Hindi ko sinali kasi hindi ko naman ni-review yung product. Hindi ko ito ginamit, nagpa-giveaway lang ako at feature lang ng Bella Pelle. As of now, wala ako update if meron pa nito sa market. Pasensya na hindi ko masasagot tanong mo kasi hindi ko naman ito ginamit. Kindly read na lang. Thanks!

  5. gustu ku bumili nyan .pls help me panu ba mg order

    1. Hi,

      Kindly check the post and try to contact the number. Wala na po ako update dito. 2013 pa po ito.

  6. Hi ms kath nakabili ako ng bella pele kaso iba ung packaging nya. I dont know kung fake un or hnd. Pano ba malalaman? Thanks

    1. Hi,

      I'm not sure if there's a fake bella pele. I'm not updated na din kasi sa packaging ng product nila today. This post was three years ago pa.

  7. Do you guys ship to America?

    1. Hi bratzcandy123,

      I don't sell Bella Pelle dear. This is just and advertisement. Thanks!

  8. How much yung product?

    1. Hi,

      No idea na sa price because this post was 3 years ago pa. They just advertise the product in my blog and no update na from them. Thanks!


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