February's Been Very Good To Me Part II

Friday, March 30, 2012

     So here's my part two of February winnings. Sorry for the delayed post as some of my prizes arrived later than the said date but it's worth the wait. Thank you so much for all of these! I'll be sharing some of my gifts to my sisters and in-laws. They're the ones who I took in- charge of receiving these packages. 

Ask Me Whats' Bayer Gives: Gift Packs from Saridon

Giveaway: 1 bottle of Calci-Aid
1 bottle of Rogin-E
5 blister packs of Saridon
1 tube (10pcs) of Berocca
10 boxes of Bepanthem Ointment

Shen's Addictions' Reader of the Month- February

Giveaway: 2 pcs. Nature Republic Snail Therapy Mask Sheet
1 pc. Nature Republic Brightening Mask Sheet
1 mini size Nature Republic Collagen BB cream
1 tube Nature Republic Fresh Farm Peach Foam Cleanser
1 tube Nature Republic Morning Fruits Peach Body Lotion
1 Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydro Gel Eye Patch
(hingal, hingal.. ang haba naman kasi ng product name)

joanna doodles' Comeback Giveaway

Giveaway: 1 Big tub of Lorys Hair Cream
I haven't receive my prize yet but Joana informed me that the variant I selected were out of stock so I'll just wait for it.

     I'm really lucky! I can't wait to try these goodies and make a review on them one by one. I know it will take a long time but I guess there's a saying that It's better late than never!

Good Times!


  1. awww, you are so lucky!! all those goodies are awesome ^_^~ The name for the eye patch is really long indeed..(kala mo anung product but its just ends with "oh, eye patch" lng pala" lolz..=)

  2. Wow, hope your winnings continue.. :D I haven't been very lucky recently, but hope I get to win too ^^

  3. Yey! Congrats sis! :)

    Followed you through GFC


  4. @CarmisCaprice- Thanks for visiting :)

    @Sumi- Hi sis! Thanks :)

    @Janet- Thanks! Oo nga ang haba, habang nag type nga ako nagkabaligtad pa yung ibang words XD

  5. how to win those freebies sis

  6. @Anonymous- tapos na yung giveaway sis. if you want, you can follow their blogs and wait for the giveaways for you to join.


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