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Friday, October 25, 2013

     For years, Philip Abadicio has always been associated with the success of the products and brands he launched for his clients. As a PR practitioner, he established RPA and Communicate where he mastered the ropes of the lifestyle industry. Thus, it gave him the chance to hobnob with some of the country’s known celebrities in society, showbiz, business, politics and media. It also brought out the friendliest and most intuitive side of his personality as captured on-cam in his latest quest as lifestyle TV host on TV5’s News channel, Aksyon TV. He adds color to the viewing experience with a the lifestyle magazine and talk show on its second season called “It’s More Fun with Philip” every Sunday at 8:30 pm.

     With his new show on the main channel coming up soon and renewed contract with the network, Philip has been given an assurance of his status as the only TV show and host that paves the way for lifestyle to be more interesting and within reach of all Filipinos. Philip – Lifestyle Guy will air its initial telecast on October 27, 2013, Sunday, 11 a.m. to 12 noon, on TV5.

     “It’s a lifestyle show that makes the audience experience the delicious food we eat, the wonderful places we visit, the latest gadgets we try, the latest fashion, the beauty fixes, and the spa treatments we enjoyed. It’s a show that gives the audience the chance to win these experiences and thus, share with them all the lifestyle aspects we featured in the show,” relates the fast-rising TV host. The new show is made for nanay, tatay-- 25 to 45-year old men and women—and their kids who would like to experience various lifestyle genres, at the confines of their own living rooms.

     As a lifestyle host, Philip believes that there are a lot of things to be discovered by Filipinos from all walks of life. “A good lifestyle,” he says, “must not only be enjoyed by people who can afford, but must also be made relevant to all our kapatid here and abroad.” It’s an eye-opener on how life can be lived in style and with loads of fun. “We hope to provide a lifestyle show where we all learn and be more conscious of the beautiful, inspiring and delicious things around us. It’s a show that I’m hoping will educate, entertain and inspire all of us,” he explains.

     Philip – Lifestyle Guy will be visually appealing, culturally enriching, and gastronomically appetizing with the different segments in every episode such as Philip’s Finds, a showcase of the hippest trends, newest dining options, chill spots, fitness forays, and other fab finds in the metro. It is more interactive as the host gives the viewers a chance to sample the featured items by simply tweeting, sharing their comments on social media or texting.
     Phil-up! Is a segment where people from different walks of life would personally try the featured products or services. Even the bumper’s segments are hilariously smart, like I Saw the Sign, Whatchathink? Asking the audience on their thoughts about trivial questions, and Weblog discusses news bits on the online lifestyle source,, of which Philip Abadicio is editor-in-chief.

     Philip – Lifestyle Guy is directed by Dave Hukom and written by Yasmine Holes. It airs on TV 5 every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 12 nn. Set to provide more fun, information and entertainment to your TV viewing experience, get ready to travel Metro Manila and other parts of the country with style, as media maven Philip Abadicio shows you how to celebrate and live a good, happy and stylish lifestyle, whatever status, situations and circumstances you have right now.

     You can also find out about the contests, winners and other announcements on their social media accounts: 
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  1. Oooh.. I must watch this one! Sounds like it'll be an awesome show! ^^

  2. Is he like Tim yap? But more on lifestyle.

  3. i must watch this, i think this a great show,entertaining...

  4. @Super Airam- watch it dear, awesome show indeed!

    @Sheela Marie Castillo- not really dear pero mas maganda yung format and mas interesting kasi covers almost all.

    @sherry ann gole cruz- watch it ha :)

  5. Ive seen the trailer/ teaser of this segment on TV. i wish for the success of Philip and the team ... bravo ..:D

  6. i'll take a look at this, be watching it on sunday, the show seems to be interesting :)

  7. I've watched last Sunday's episode and started joining his online giveaways. His show is a lot of fun. :)

  8. Philip the lifestyle guy would be a nice show to see the latest trends in food, lifestyle, events and places.

  9. Nice TV program with a twist to Filipino lifestyle.

  10. This is definitely a new show to watch. When I first heard of the name of this show, I thought it's an American show.

  11. @lovemindanao- thank you! hope you can watch the tv program every Sunday morning, lots of learning!

    @Joy- yes dear, watch this because you'll learn new things from Philip.

    @Rochkirstin Santos- Yay! Madami na din sumasali sa contest nila. Hope you enjoyed watching :)

    @Franc Ramon- yes sir! new segment every week and it's not boring to watch.

    @Fernando Lachica- yup :)

  12. Philip has his own style that practically appeals to everyone's lifestyle. I know for sure his show will be a success. He knows what he is doing. He is a master of his own world.


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