Nemuri Sleep Well- Bringing Comfort to Your Sleep

Monday, August 25, 2014

     Next to eating, we all want to sleep! But there are a lot of things to consider in order for you to have a sound and tight sleep at night like the environment, noise, lightning, etc, etc. Do you sleep in comfort or in pain? 

    In this fast-paced lifestyle, it’s so important to have at least seven to eight hours of sleep everyday. Imagine all the stress that we acquired from our daily work and even on personal lives. Our lack of sleep affects on how we perform and the quality of our life. The more we sleep, the better our body functions well. There's a new player in town that will let you have a good night sleep. Click CONTINUE READING to know more about Nemuri Sleep Well :)
Nemuri Sleep Well- Bringing Comfort to Your Sleep
     Newly opened Japanese-themed brand Nemuri is making a big wave in advocating healthy lifestyle with their products that are designed to encourage a restful sleep. From sleep wear, pillows, hypoallergenic blankets, comfort accessories, and aroma revitalizer, Nemuri is a perfect store for people who wanted to experience comfort and quality of sleep. A place where loungewear is not just beautiful and stylish, but luxuriously soft and comfortable. What’s unique about the store is it plays rhythmic sounds that helps customers to calm and relax while shopping. 
Nemuri Sleep Well- Bringing Comfort to Your Sleep
     Inspired by Japanese culture, Nemuri Sleep Well offers Japanese artistry that brings out simplicity and excellence at work.The brand believes on its core principles about the Value of Life and Value of Sleep.
Nemuri Sleep Well- Bringing Comfort to Your Sleep
     “We wanted our customers to know that our daily lives are very well affected by our sleep. Husband and wives fight on small and petty things which probably leads to lack of sleep or rest. Mother’s easily get frustrated with their children because of being too tired. Accidents happens because of lack of sleep while driving. All these things are very relevant on sleeping,” said Charles Sy, who owns a retail fabric store and conceptualized the brand Nemuri
Nemuri Sleep Well- Bringing Comfort to Your Sleep
     Sy explained, “Living a quality life involves resources such as time, money and effort. Investing on sleep is very much important as it consumes almost one third of our life. We are very excited about Nemuri as the brand offers healthy and effective sleep solutions for everyone.”

     Nemuri, a Japanese word which means to “sleep well” peacefully, is targeting professionals and married couples from ages of 25 to 45. Most of Nemuri’s sleep wear fabrics are from Japan and locally manufactured in the country. 
Nemuri Sleep Well- Bringing Comfort to Your Sleep
     Currently, studies shows that at least 15-percent of the population or approximately 12-million Filipinos, have sleeping disorders or issues related to sleep. With this scary figures, only small percentage do care about getting quality of sleep.
Nemuri Sleep Well- Bringing Comfort to Your Sleep
To know more about Nemuri, you can visit their store located at the 3rd level of Glorietta 4 or you may log on at
Like them on Facebook nemurishop 
or call (02) 869-0302 / (0917) 8787528.

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  1. Mas gusto ko pang matulog kesa kumain, thank God I have a super comfy bed and pillow. Thanks for sharing this miss ko na tuloy Kama ko lol


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