GoldLife holds first-ever Summit

Thursday, July 10, 2014

     As a health blogger, I'm always excited to share with you new products associated with health and wellness that's available in the market today. GoldLife Distribution Phils Inc—a fast-growing Filipino-owned company that distributes health and supplement products in the country—recently hold its first-ever summit dubbed as “Gold Rush 2014” at the Events Place in Scout Rallos in Quezon City. The company, which built to make a difference, has come a long way from its humble beginnings five years ago in providing Filipinos with better health and good life. To know more about the company and their products click CONTINUE READING.
GoldLife holds first-ever Summit
     Their health products includes food supplements such as Ultra-Cee (the premium vitamin-C for maximum protection), Cal-Cee (Heart and Bone Builder Vitamin-C), Glusaflex (strengthens joints and relieves arthritic pain), BodyStrong (Multivitamins for adults and kids), Sentra 42 (complete multi-vitamins), Memo-G (memory and mood enhancer), UrgenCee (a health drink powder that increase body resistance), CoffeeMax (specially formulated health drink coffee), Gluta Pearl (3-fast-acting anti-oxidants), and Chlorevita (a super-food supplements that contains 100-percent Chlorella). 

     Dick Balajadia, president of GoldLife Inc, said, “We at GoldLife are not settling on simple ones, but we move forward on top. The birth pains, the crawling stage, and formative years are all over. We have established our niche in the national pharmaceutical retail arena.” 
GoldLife holds first-ever Summit
     “We are more than ready for our next growing phase towards fulfillment of making our vision of being the company of choice in Asia. We takes pride in our strengths—the synergy of our resources in the manufacturing of innovative products and the management of our loyal, results-driven, and goal-oriented networking partners,” adds Balajadia. 

     During the event, GoldLife awarded the “Rush to 30 Qualifiers” of Hongkong and Macau as well as their GoldLife (GL) Achievers. The company also reveals its newest marketing tools and latest GoldLife Jingle as part of its expansion in 2014. 
GoldLife holds first-ever Summit
    GoldLife Distribution Phils Inc is in partnership with Lloyd Laboratories, an ISO 9001/2000 toll manufacturer (ISO Certified for the past 10 years) and has been a BFAD complaint for its current good marketing practice for the past 20 years now. The high quality raw materials used for GoldLife products are being imported from Germany, France, Scotland, and Switzerland. 

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