LG Mosquito Away RAC

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    I always make sure that Kenzo is protected from pesky mosquito bites. I let him wear pajama the whole day because he is sensitive to insect bites and he has G6PD deficiency. This type of genetic disorder is prone to hemolytic anemia and a bite from mosquito with dengue or malaria is a BIG NO NO! Anti- dengue and malarial drugs is prohibited to patients with this kind of deficiency because it will only trigger the co-existing condition.

     So aside from mosquito lotions, oils, and creams, I'm always on the look out for new technology to keep those pesky mosquitoes away from my son. I'm also prone to mosquito bites and suffered from dengue when I was young. The unveiling of LG Moquito Away RAC with ultrasonic wave technology is for sure the answer to keep families safe from dengue mosquitoes. To know more about this new innovation from LG, click CONTINUE READING now!
LG Mosquito Away RAC

     Global technology innovator LG Electronics has once again answered an important need of Filipinos through its product innovations. After coming up with air conditioners that fight air pollution and humidity, LG has now come up with a new air conditioner that fights dengue, a tropical disease that has become one of the leading killers of Filipinos, especially children from all walks of life.

     Recently launched in the Philippines is LG’s revolutionary Mosquito Away Residential Air Conditioner with technology that repels mosquitoes, including dengue-causing ones, allowing a healthy, comfortable and mosquito-free haven in homes, schools, and establishments.

     Vice President for LG Philippines’ Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions group Steve Kim said, “Our new Mosquito Away residential air conditioners will help Filipino families protect themselves from the fatal dengue disease. It is once again our way of putting technology to good use.”

     The Mosquito Away RAC utilizes a speaker generating ultrasonic wave that makes inaudible u-wave at a specific frequency of over 30kH that is completely harmless to humans. The ultrasonicwave technology is very convenient and probably the easiest away to keep mosquitoes away.
     The anti-dengue air conditioner has been tested by Dr. Pio A. Javier, Research Professor of theCrop Protection Cluster of University of the Philippines, Los BaƱos. Test results showed that theLG RAC is capable of repelling indigenous mosquitoes, the dengue-causing Aedes aegypti, at a very high success rate of 82.71 percent.

     Aside from its Mosquito Away feature, the new LG RAC boasts of a low voltage starter that allows the unit to operate at lower voltage in lower temperatures. Its jet cooling feature,meanwhile allows for quick cooling.

To learn more about the new LG Mosquito Away air conditioners, visit www.lg.com/ph or ww.lgblog.com.ph
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  1. I wanna have one like this. My son has a G6PD deficiency, too. Thank you for the infos, Ms. Kath! :)


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