Package of HOPE: Buy and Send Relief Goods Package Online at Goods.Ph

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

     United We Stand, Divided We Fall this quotation keeps on swirling on my mind when typhoon Yolanda hit our country. No ones to blame, everyone must take part in reaching out and saving lives. I may not have done a big part on the relief and rescue operation but the province of Tacloban and other devastated provinces in our country are always included in my prayers.
     In view of the recent disaster and total devastation in both property and lives brought about by typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda which wreaked havoc in the provinces of Tacloban and other parts of Visayas, Goods.Ph,in partnership with Philippine Red Cross, opens a new means of sending donations to the victims of typhoon Yolanda in an effort to alleviate the unforeseen sufferings of our unfortunate countrymen. Grief and hopelessness is deeply etched on the faces of millions of Filipinos who are wondering where to get their next meal and how to rebuild their homes and lives.
“Send a Package of Hope to the Yolanda victims by purchasing Relief Goods online through Goods.Ph and they will send your donations directly to the Philippine Red Cross National HQ. Visit and be the candle in the dark and light the way and provide Hope and Save a Life.”
Package of HOPE: Buy and Send Relief Goods Package Online at Goods.PH
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  1. I'm really sorry for those people who has been hit by typhoon Yolanda. Maybe theirs lives are now ruined, but at least they have hope and each other which is important. Now they are a really big family as the whole world should be..

  2. i'm really glad that a lot of filipinos have been helping out our brothers and sisters in the Visayas area. we're Pinoys, we can definitely withstand this!

  3. It's good to know there are a lot of ways for people to help the refugees/victims of Yolanda. :)

  4. I received an e-mail from last week about this. Praying for the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda. Have a great weekend sis. God Bless! x

  5. So awful when devastation strikes like this - the best thing to do is help in as many ways as possible I agree - donations are great & provide hope to those who are facing the brunt of this awful disaster. Everyone who contributes - keep up the good work!

    Charlotte Webber

  6. Weeks has passed already since Yolanda disaster but people all over the world are still doing something to help the victims. It's good to hear that.

  7. they still need our prayers. i hope they are much better now than before. god bless us all

  8. That is most certainly a convenient way to help!

  9. Thanks for sharing about this :) It definitely will help a lot of people!

  10. Thanks for sharing about this :) It definitely will help a lot of people!

  11. This breaks my heart. It is wonderful that you are posting this. They are still in the world's prayers.

  12. @Andreea Leau- I feel you. I hope they'll be able to move on and start a new life. Helping them will make wounds heal faster. yes, I'm happy that we are very eager to help our kababayans.

    @Sol Felice Alvarado- yes, we need to help one another in times like this.

    @Shekinah- hope you can also share this news to all your readers and spread the word.

    @Charlotte Webber- thanks dear for your comment, we Filipinos are very grateful to all the help that we received. We'll be forever grateful to them.

    @NocturnalReader- yes, it's a long process that's why help is still needed.

    @Rubbie Anne Abad- let's help one another in all way we can. yes, prayers are powerful.

    @Philip Nino Tan-Gatue- yes doc :)

    @nadine- it's another convenient way of helping the victims.

    @thepinterestedparent- thank you dear, your prayers are of great help to our country.


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