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Thursday, August 08, 2013

     Maalalahanin ang bawat Filipino. We use the phrase ingat ka, ha or mag-ingat ka to our friends, relatives and love ones every now and then. We always take into consideration their welfare especially if they will go to school, work and even if just outside the house to do errands. It's our nature to be thoughtful and considerate and to show how we care, we always use these phrases. 

     Aside from saying take care (ingat) so that we'll always be cautious with everyday living, we love being taken care of. Let's take for example our parents, they're the ones who worry too much if one member of the family is sick. They will do everything to take good care of us and make sure that we're in good condition before they let us go on our own. I will always remember how my mother take good care of me during those times that I'm sick. She will make sure that I eat the right kind of food and drink my medicines on time. I will never forget how my mother says ingat ka ha, kagagaling mo lang sa sakit from the time that I already recovered from my sickness.

     Now that I'm already a mom, I always want to make sure that I'm taking good care of my family. But there were times that I still get sick especially when I'm sleep deprived and stressed, bouts of headache always happen to me. If there's one thing that will make sure I'm well taken care of during those times that I suffer from nerve crackin headache, it's biogesic. It's the safest and the most reliable remedy for headache. I can't count the times how biogesic helped me with my headache. So whenever I feel my head throbbing, my husband will hand me a tablet of biogesic. Now I know that taking biogesic is like following my mother's advice and hearing her voice says ingat!

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  1. i always have biogesic sa medicine cabinet, i like to join here, sana tumatanggap pa sila ng entries, Thanks for sharing this sis, now ko lang nakita ;(

  2. @Leilani Gamboa- I'm not sure if the contest is extended. Please visit their FB page for the details. I'm a long time Biogesic user din.


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