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Product Review: Snoe White SPECIAL Black Beauty Bar

Monday, August 05, 2013

     Have you read this POST? If you're a long time reader of this blog prolly you know that there is one snoe soap that I really love. I'm sure you've seen that soap on my haul posts, I even gave it a perfect 5/5 score and been using it for almost three years! But that soap was already discontinued in the market and when I heard that news months ago I felt very very sad. That variant from snoe became my skin's very best friend. I'm in love with that soap. No matter how many new and exciting brands that keeps on sprouting like mushrooms in supermarkets, department stores and online shops, I still come back to Snoe's Black Bleaching Beauty Bar. 

     I thought I'm going to look for another brand that will give the same results like Snoe's Black Bleaching Beauty Bar and to my surprise, they reformulated it. They made it even better or should I say the best bleaching soap in the market today! I will just make my introduction short dearies. Click continue reading and find out why Snoe's Snoe White soaps will always be the first place in my heart ^_^

Snoe White SPECIAL Black Beauty Bar
will remove the impurities to refine skin tone and promote cell renewal for a complexion with inner radiance. It will remove dead surface cells to boost clarity and luminosity. This beauty bar will effectively help fade dark spots and freckles for renewed clarity and effective hyper pigmentation correction.

Skin Care Essential Haul + Bazaar

Friday, November 23, 2012

     Hi dearies! I just want to share things I accumulated from my "tipid mode"/ beauty on a budget shopping and an unexpected purchases from the Bazaar for All Season last November 4 (Sunday) with le hubby and my parents. 

     This mini haul is always on my list whenever I go shopping for my skin care essentials because all of them are my HG's. I forgot how many times I bought these products except the Quick FX which was my second sachet. If you wanna know why these products tops my list and why I considered them my skin's best-bestest friend read my reviews here ^_^
     I wanted to support my favorite fashion bloggers that's why I decided to drop by at the Bazaar for All Season last November 4 and that's a Sunday. Shopping wasn't a plan at all until my parents got delighted with the mark down prices of shoes and clothes. Even though we only have an hour to window shop, they managed to buy something that's worth every peso :D Surprisingly, the hubby gave his signal for me to shop ^_^ but there was a limit to my budget and this were all I got.
Floral Bustier Top
Chiffon Button down Polo
Anagon "ZERO" Wire Bracelet
Simone's Fashion Closet Necklace
     Souvenir photo from the Bazaar for All Season with Ana Gonzales and my son Kenzo/Zero. Wasn't able to take photo from fashion bloggers because they're all busy packing their stuff coz it's closing time :( Twas great seeing fashion bloggers! Hope to see you all next Bazaar!
Photo from

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Watsons + SNOE Beauty Haul

Thursday, October 25, 2012

     Hello there! Just a quick haul post for today. I asked Kenzo to watch Little Einsteins from the TV so I'm here typing faster than the usual because I told him this: mommy will borrow the laptop, count 1-10! Hehehe! So last weekend I went shopping to replenish my bath essentials and look what I found at Watsons, a charcoal toothbrush! My toothbrush brand is Colgate but the charcoal thing-y caught my attention so I decided to buy it and see what's the difference from the regular bristles. I ran out of conditioner and my plan was to try the Dove conditioner for color-treated hair. I haven't seen this variant before and I'm not sure if it's available here already. My cousin mentioned it to me a month ago. I tried looking for it at Watsons and Sm supermarket but I found none. My second option was Color Me Happy but it's OOS so my last resort was Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner and it's my 2nd bottle now. 
Pure Beauty Treatment conditioner
Watsons Charcoal toothbrush
     Since I'm very busy lately and have no time to book for an appointment at my fave waxing salon, I just bought this hair removal paper and use the remaining Strip It wax that I won from a giveaway. I ran out of facial wipes and the aloe vera variant was OOS so I opted for the green tea instead.
Glam Works Hair Removal Paper
Purederm Makeup Cleansing Tissues in Green Tea
     Restocking my fave soaps from Snoe for the nth time, No.5 Vitamin C Rich Calamansi Beauty Bar and No. 10 The Special Black Bleaching Bar. Back to this soaps after finishing No.3 Special Kojic Glutathione Soap.
Vitamin C Rich Calamansi
The Special Black Bleaching Bar
     Will end my post here loves, stay safe and have a goodnight sleep :D Kenzo's time now :D

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Haul + Thank you Mama for this bag

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

     Hello loves! Been very busy last week hence lack of post. Have you joined my three giveaways yet? If not, click here, here and here to join :D I still have another giveaway coming this October so keep on checking for updates. I have so many things to share with you like another batch of winnings, haul posts, product reviews and the Lolita Fragrance Launch that I attended last week. So for this post, I wanna share with you my recent haul mostly skin care products like soaps and toner. A printed canvass bag that was given to me by my mom when I visited them weeks ago.

     My original plan was to restock on All Organics Lemongrass toner when I claimed my Laniege Snow BB Cushion at Trinoma. But I can't resists the urge to buy a bar of my favorite Calamansi soap even though I still have one in my closet (yes, I keep them in my closet so that my clothes will smell citrusy :P) and a new one in my soap dish.
All Organics Lemongras Facial Toner
All Organics Calamansi Soap
Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion 4g Samples
Snoe white no. 10 Special Black Bleaching Bar
     I was in a hurry that day but when I passed by the Snoe counter, I decided to buy another bar of soap. The Special Black Bleaching bar was out of stock that day and the SA said that they already had a Snoe counter at Sm Fairview located inside Cinderella. Yehey!!! I can now buy my favorite soaps from Snoe anytime I want since SM Fairview is just 10 mins away from our house. 
Snoe white no.3 Special Kojic with Glutathione Beauty Bar
     Yay! Another soap from Snoe white, I heard Kojic and Glutathione combo is another way to effectively even out skin tone. Let's see if this will pass my standards when it comes to whitening department. I have high hopes with Snoe and I'm sure this will be another HG.

Genevieve Gozum Printed Canvass Bag
     My mon gave me this shoulder/body bag when I visited them weeks ago. I'm not sure if this can pass as aztec or tribal in terms of the print. I still don't know what kind of outfit will suit this bag. Any suggestions from you will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!

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Just Sharing

Saturday, July 14, 2012

     O-M-G! It's end of season sale once again. I know it's crazy! I'm planning to lift my no buy mode (parang coding lang =P) hehehe! but here's my bipolar personality again. I would love to shop new clothes and shoes since the last time I bought a pair of flats was months ago. But I'm worried that I will regret buying those stuffs. It's weird, I know! I'm also confused what brand to buy. Most stylish items are on sale so this will make me go nuts! Even if I already made my shopping list that I restricted only to three items (THREE ONLY) I'm sure that I will ignore it most specially if the items that caught my eye is 70% off the tag. I'm an impulse buyer before. I hope I can resists the power of temptation. So before I go on bargain hunting later, I want to share this post so you know what to expect on my next reviews. 

     Please bear with me for the long introduction. If you can still remember my post about being lucky on giveaways, well thanks to my lucky charm because I also won from other giveaways that I joined. This GC is for my son Kenzo and the hubby who loves eating chicken and burger :D and oh, coffee float is enough for me.

Certified Foodies Giveaway
500PHP GC from Jollibee
     My sister-in-law gave me this new product from AVON to review. She said this new hair treatment is on a special introductory price that's why she wanted me to give it a try. The hair treatment costs 199php. It's a steal because the shampoo is free. 
AVON Advance Techniques 3D
     This loot came from my sister. It's a way of saying thank you from asking a very important favor. She also saw this Tiny Buds baby powder at The Landmark baby section. At first I thought its for Kenzo but she told me to try it as finishing powder. When I read that it's made of real rice grains, I doubt it on keeping oilies at bay. But I have to road test it first, who knows this can be an HG material.
     I will end my post here dearies! My allergies are still there but not as itchy as day 1 and 2. I'm just worried that it will leave marks. I accidentally scratched them while sleeping :(  So to those who are going to spend their day shopping, take care and relax! Enjoy your day.

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