Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

     If a child asks you why it is important to wash your hands, do you have an instant answer? It's a no brainer that you'll say- handwashing is very important to avoid sickness. But to a little one, there's more to explain other than the diseases caused by not washing your hands properly. The curious minds need to be satisfied in order for them to understand the basics- the why, when, what, and how of hand washing.

     Weeks ago, Safeguard Philippines brought us to Singapore to know the answers to those questions. They let us visit their innovation center to discover the science behind germs. We became mommy microbiologist and the kids were the little detectives for a day to investigate if our hands are really clean. My little detective, Kenzo joined other kids in Safeguard Science Discovery Tour and learned so many things about cleanliness and Safeguard. Learn more about bacteria and how Safeguard provides superior skin germ protection for the whole family after the jump!

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore

Feature: AcneCare Soap

Monday, May 09, 2016

     Hello dearies! I would like to share this feature of AcneCare Soap. If you're one of those asking and wondering what type of soap is suited for pimple and acne prone skin, I think here's the answer that you've been waiting for. AcneCare Soap is one of the addition to AcneCare's anti-acne products that was released last year. 

     To be honest, the soaps that was sent to me by Vida Nutriscience are still with me, in my stash and unopened. Since I really don't experience breakouts for the last three years, methinks that I won't be needing these for now. But for those who are problematic with their skin due to breakouts, here's one of the soaps that you might want to try. This soap is also available at Since I have not tried it yet, I will not give a more in-depth review and recommendation. I will share important information about AcneCare Soap- what it's for, ingredients, price and where to buy, okay? So now let's start :)

Feature: AcneCare Soap
AcneCare - Anti Acne Soap
  • Revive your skin with an original formula which won't dry skin while gently cleansing away excess oil and allowing your skin to recover.
  • With Bio -Sulfur 
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Ace-B3
  • BFAD/ FDA Approved FR# 76392
Feature: AcneCare Soap
size: 135 g

price: 149 php (Around $3.15)

place bought: Free
Available in Mercury Drugstores, Watsons and SouthStar drugstore
Also available at

instructions for use: Use daily for face and body. Leave it for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. For external use only.

ingredients: Triethanolamine, Stearate and/or Triethanolamine Laurate and/or Triethanolamine Myristate, Sodium Stearate and/or Sodium Laurate and/or Sodium Myristate, Aqua, Sorbitol and/or Glycerin, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil (and) Water (and) Ethyl Alcohol (and) Hydrogenated Castor Oil (and) Tocopheryl Acetate, Sulfur (and) PEG-30 Castor Oil, Niacinamide, Ascorbic Acid, Aloe Vera Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cocodiethanolamide, Tetra Sodium Etidronate, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, CI 19140

Feature: AcneCare Soap
Feature: AcneCare Soap
Have you tried AcneCare Soap? Kindly share your experiences on the comments sections below :)

For more information about AcneCare, visit their website:
Like them on Facebook: AcneCare Clinically Proven Against Acne & Pimples
Follow them on Twitter: @AcneCareBeauty

For orders , you may also buy this at Cheska's Online Store
mobile numbers: 0915-3463000, 0922-5458124 and 0928-3997789
Like them on Facebook: Cheska's Store
Follow them on Instagram: @cheskasstore

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Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C

Monday, May 02, 2016

     Taking care of our skin is not easy because aside from our daily habits, finding the right products that will maintain our skin healthy is very important. There's also another important habit that we need to practice- using the product religiously and sticking to the regimen if it's effective.

     But skin care becomes more complicated when our skin care goals change overtime like for example we always stay under the sun resulting to uneven skin tone and worst developing dark spots in some parts of our body. When these problems arise, we need to change our skin care regimen and try other brands that will be as effective like before. There's a #OneWashWonder that everyone's talking about and it was already revealed! Details about this promising skin care product below :)
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
     We have different skin types and skin care needs. In this age and time, many Filipinas want to achieve fair and even skin tone. I presume that most Filipinas have tried different skin whitening products. These women use whitening soaps and experience a tingling and stinging sensation thinking that this is a sign of efficacy. Beauty does not have to mean pain, especially when it may be doing more harm to the skin than good. 
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
     Weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of the World’s No. 1 Facial Skin Care Brand- Olay that provides skin care products to address every skin care need, including whitening. I received a super pretty invitation and I have no idea about it. During the launch beauty enthusiasts and beauty bloggers gathered to witness the unveiling of that #OneWashWonder and Olay revealed itself to be the #OneWashWonder that promises fair, radiant skin without the pain.
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
Olay Skin Whitening Bar in Rose and Milk 
     Olay unveils the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar, which 8 out of 10 Filipinas agree helps to whiten skin from the very first use. To share her experience about Olay Skin Whitening Bars, Valerie Weigmann talked about Olay and why she is recommending it to Filipinas who wants to achieve fair skin with continued use and to see a difference from the first wash. 
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
Radio DJ and Lifestyle Blogger- with Beauty Queen Valerie Weigmann
It’s no wonder that the new Olay is quickly winning over fans, including beauty queen, model and entrepreneur Valerie Weigmann. “Getting and maintaining fair skin has never been easier,” she shares. 
Why choose the New Olay Skin Whitening Bar? Here are the claims and its benefits:

  • It has a Triple Whitening System that gently exfoliates, brightens and evens the skin tone. 
  • It even contains 90% of the active ingredient found in Olay Natural White Day Cream
  • It is also dermatologically and clinically tested to be gentle on skin with naturally-derived ingredients like rose, pearl and milk extracts. 
  • It also has a longer lasting scent and a rich lather that leaves skin soft, smooth and moisturized. 
  • With the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar, fair skin does not have to be a long or painful process anymore.
  • Olay proves that this #OneWashWonder can be both effective and gentle.
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
Bath in rose and milk goodness with Olay Skin Whitening Bar in Rose and Milk
     Get natural white skin from first use. Discover the #OneWashWonder for yourself today. I was amazed that after my first use, I saw and felt something different in my skin. I've tried the Rose and Milk variant on my hands and saw my palms glowing. What more if I use it in my body right?
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose and Milk on my hands. Tried washing my hands during the event and yes, there's a different kind of glow on my hands after.
     And because I really wanted to see that there's more positive effects to that #OneWashWonder when you use Olay Skin Whitening Bar, I partnered with Olay to review the product and continued using the Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose and Milk variant at home. After one week of continued use, I can say that my skin is soft, smooth, and glowing. Of course I haven't seen any drastic change in my skin tone because one week is not enough knowing that I have a fair skin.
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
      But what's promising about the New Olay Skin Whitening Bars are the results after one wash like soft, smooth, and literally glowing skin which looks like glitters are dusted all over my body. I can also attest that my skin feels squeaky clean after use.
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
size: 60 g

price: 34.00 php (Around $0.70+)
46.00 php (Around $0.90+)

place bought: Free
Available in all leading supermarkets, groceries, and drugstores nationwide.

instructions for use: Use like your regular soap. Use daily for best results!
Enjoy its creamy lather and lasting fragrance that will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised. Feel the difference from the first use. 

Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose and Milk- Sodium Palmitate, Tapioca Starch, Water, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Glycerin, Fragrance, Palm Kernel Acid, Sodium Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Ceramide NP, Pearl Extract, Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract, Zea Mays (Corn) Silk Extract, Caproyl Sphingosine, Phytosphingosine, CI 14700
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
Olay Skin Whitening Bar in Rose and Milk
Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Papaya- Sodium Palmitate, Tapioca Starch, Water, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Glycerin, Fragrance, Palm Kernel Acid, Sodium Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Butylene Glycol, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Ethanol, CI 15510, CI47005, CI45410
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
Olay Skin Whitening Bar in Papaya
Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Vitamin C- Sodium Palmitate, Tapioca Starch, Water, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Glycerin, Fragrance, Palm Kernel Acid, Sodium Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Ascorbl Phosphate, Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl Disulfonate, Morus Alba Root Extract
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
Olay Skin Whitening Bar in Vitamin C
Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bars- Rose and Milk, Papaya, Vitamin C
Olay Skin Whitening Bars in Rose and Milk
What I like:

  • The packaging is simple but dainty and pretty. You can read and see the information about the variant of the soap that's inside the box.
  • The price- it's very affordable!
  • I like the scent of rose and milk and vitamin c variant. The first one has a subtle rose scent while the latter is mild fruity.
  • It produces a rich and creamy lather.
  • My skin feels squeaky clean after each use.
  • It's easy to rinse.
  • My skin feels soft and smooth to touch after use.
  • I can literally see a glow, like what I've said above there's a glittery-like glow on my skin.
  • I also feel refreshed after taking a bath. Not sure if there's an ingredient that gives a little cooling effect.
  • No irritation, breakouts, or whatsoever.
  • The soap doesn't melt easily.
  • There's a batch and expiry date stamped on the box packaging.
  • It's easily accessible.
  • There are three variants to choose from, all are intended to beautify the skin gently.

What I don't like:

  • My sensitive nose dislikes the  papaya variant but I think it's just me because my sister and my mom likes that scent.

Will I repurchase: Yes, it's in the realm of possibility.

     I give this a 4.5/5 rating. This rating goes for the rose and milk variant. I'll be testing the two variants in the next days and the variant with Vitamin C looks promising too as there's a natural ingredient known to whiten the skin- Morus Root Alba Extract (White Mulberry). I can say that the soap is okay in revealing my natural white skin after a week. It's good in exfoliating dead skin cells and in maintaining my skin tone even if I'm always out under the sun. Of course I still use my favorite sunblock.

     I'll keep using the remaining rose and milk variant for now as I'm loving the effects on my skin. The New Olay Skin Whitening Bar promises natural white skin from first use and in my observation is an effective yet gentle solution to whiten tired and uneven skin. 

Have you tried the new Olay Skin Whitening Bars? What's your favorite variant?

Good Times!~

DISCLAIMER: I've partnered with Olay to discover that #OneWashWonder but the thoughts expressed here are my honest opinion about the product. What works for me may not work for you or vice versa.

Busy Days Deserve #LUXnights + Giveaway!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

     I'm a stay-at-home mom and I'm busy as a bee juggling different tasks everyday. I'm a hands-on mom to my son, a personal assistant-nurse-adviser to my father, a wife to my husband, and working full time at home as a blogger. I'm always busy. There are times that I just wanna stay in bed the whole day to relax and ease out the body pains and aches (hello house hold chores), and regain energy by sleeping because I lack sleep due to my son's class schedule.

     I'm not complaining though, life is good. I have a simple life and I'm blessed because I have an awesome family. At the end of my busy days there is nothing more indulgent than bathing with perfume. I haven't tried this ritual but now that LUX is already in the Philippines, I think I'll be indulging myself in a luxurious pampering sesh at home every night with #LUXnights! More details on how you can have an indulgent #BathewithLUX below :)
Busy Days Deserve #LUXnights + Giveaway!
     The new LUX Perfumed Bar Soap and Body Wash Collection allows you to bathe with Perfume Every Day, and promises to be the luxurious indulgent treat every woman deserve – ending your busy days with #LUXNights. With fine fragrances crafted by Perfume Experts from New York, London and Paris, LUX offers you different scents to choose from such as Magical Spell, Soft Touch, White Impress and Love Forever. 

     Last February 2, 2016 at the House of LUX in SM Makati’s Beauty Hall, LUX talked about how women of today deserve to treat themselves after a long busy day by bathing with perfume with LUX body Wash. Brand Ambassador, Solenn Heusaff, together with the LUX team, also demonstrated just how to do this by launching her online film showing how her ‘Busy Days deserve #LUXnights, and sharing a simple yet indulgent way to treat yourself. Watch Solenn’s #LUXNights video here:
After choosing your preferred scent, here are the steps to do this indulging ritual from LUX:

POUR a coin-sized amount of LUX Body Wash on a bath puff
Busy Days Deserve #LUXnights + Giveaway!
RUB the bath puff to form a luxurious lather
Busy Days Deserve #LUXnights + Giveaway!
MASSAGE the bath puff all over your body to enjoy bathing with perfume
Busy Days Deserve #LUXnights + Giveaway!
     With the new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection, every busy day will now be celebrated with an indulgent #LUXnight that every woman deserves. Try new LUX Perfumed Body Wash 100ml for PHP55 (SRP) and LUX Perfumed Bar Soap 110g for PHP39 (SRP.)

     And because I want you to experience #LUXnights, I'm giving away three #LUXnights kit from Lux Philippines. The mechanics are very easy. KINDLY TAKE TIME TO READ and UNDERSTAND the mechanics :) This giveaway is open to all as long as you have an Instagram account that is set in Public. Example entry is posted on my Instagram account @kathneko. Good luck!


1. Follow @LuxPH and @kathneko on Instagram.
2. Post a photo by answering this question: how you go about your daily life?
3. TAG @LuxPH, @kathneko and use the hashtags #LUXnights #BathewithLUX #LUXnightsKath.
4. Be sure that your account is set in PUBLIC so I can verify your entry.
5. Giveaway will start at 12:00 and will end February 15, 2016 11:00 p.m.
6. Winners will be announced by Lux PH on February 17.
7. The winners will pick-up their prizes at Makati.

To know more about #LUXnights, visit
#LUXNights #BatheWithLUX

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Product Review: Japonesa Face and Body Bar Soap

Monday, October 26, 2015

     Hi dearies! I'm excited to reveal the latest whitening soap that I'm using as of the moment. I've been using this face and body bar for more than a month now. For my long time readers, you know me already when it comes to product reviews. I make sure that I use a whitening product for at least three to four weeks before sharing my experience. For the nth time, I have fair skin but it's uneven and I guess lacks nutrition. Yes, using whitening products makes the skin "oh so good" to look at but the question "is your white skin healthy?" will arise.

     With this realization, I think I've stripped off some nutrients present on my skin because some of the whitening soap that I've used before will just whiten my skin and that's the end. What if there's a soap that will help maintain or achieve fair, bright, young skin and healthy at the same time. We need to nourish our skin and that nourishment is something Japonesa Face and Body Bar can offer. This face and body bar is a SKIN FOOD! Intrigued? See the ingredients below and learn more why I highly recommended this promising product. Something that will be a mainstay in my bath essentials :)
Product Review: Japonesa Face and Body Bar Soap
What is Japonesa Face and Body BarJaponesa is a unique blend of:

  • LACTOFERRIN that heals, repairs and regenerates the skin.
  • GLUTATHIONE that provides pinkish and flawless complexion.
  • COLLAGEN that makes the skin smooth and young looking.
  • PROBIOTIC is an active ingredient which nourishes, exfoliates naturally and adds nutrients to our skin.
  • ST. JOHN'S WORT an anti-inflammatory and protection for sensitive skin.
  • OLIVE OIL provides extra protection and moisture in our skin.
  • GLYCERIN helps improve the texture of the skin.
  • COCONUT OIL gives the soap a creamy and more lather.
  • SWEET VANILLA a mild scent infused to enhanced relaxing mood when the soap touches your skin.
Product Review: Japonesa Face and Body Bar Soap
  • Japonesa bar soap is a Japanese soap that has different benefits from head to toe. 
  • It is a SKIN FOOD- it nourishes the skin to help remove impurities and infused the outer later of the skin with probiotics and lactoferrin. Can I say it's like a yakult for the skin!
  • It is a whitening and anti-aging soap. 
  • It can be used as shampoo for hair and scalp care, and as feminine wash.
  • It has ingredients that's a first in organic whitening soap. 

Product Review: Japonesa Face and Body Bar Soap
     After more than a month of using this creamy face and body bar religiously, I'm impressed with the results. I decided to stop using other skin care products related to whitening like whitening lotion and cream. I can attest to the effectiveness of this creamy bar because in a span of thirty days, my skin maintained its color, looks healthier than before and there's a pinkish undertone when I'm outside the house. At first I though I'm getting dark but my sisters told me that I'm still fair and there's a certain brightness.
Product Review: Japonesa Face and Body Bar Soap
Japonesa Face and Body Bar Lightening Soap in two sizes
size: 120 g
70 g

price: 220 php (Around $4.70+)
135 php (Around $2.80)

place bought: Free
Available at UNIMART, Greenhills and
You may reach them here 
Mj Jamias (T)+63 2 8834883 / (M)+63 917 6022758

instruction for use: Wet the soap and use a towelette to make a creamy lather. Massage very gently all over the face and body. Rinse and pat dry.

ingredients: Lactoferrin, Glutathione, Collagen, Probiotic, St. John's Wort, Olive Oil, Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Sweet Vanilla
Product Review: Japonesa Face and Body Bar Soap
The soap is wrapped in a special Japanese paper. You can see the engraved brand name and logo of the soap once you open the wrapper.

What I like:

  • It's made of organic ingredients.
  • Japonesa Face and Body Bar is infused with lactoferrin and probiotics, first in the organic whitening soap department. 
  • It's a lightening, anti-aging face and body bar that's also great for sensitive skin.
  • The scent- smells so DIVINE! It's so luxurious, first time to try a soap that smells like vanilla. 
  • The packaging is attractive and has a luxurious feel because of the engraved logo.
  • Aside from the box packaging, the soap inside the box is wrapped in Japanese paper.
  • The soap produces a very rich creamy lather.
  • I don't need to worry if I left the soap in my soap dish despite the hot weather. Even if this is hand made, no signs of melting happened. I was able to use the bar until the very last shape. It's amazing how it can withstand the weather.
  • The price- if I'll do the math it's affordable as one bar will really last more than a month with daily use.  
  • It's multi-purpose- can be used from head to toe. Face and body bar, shampoo for hair and scalp, and feminine wash too.
  • My skin feels soft and velvety smooth after every wash. 
  • It maintained my skin tone despite the hot weather.
  • Made my skin glowing and bright.
  • Exfoliates really well! I can see dead skin big time every time I scrub my body.
  • Japonesa Face and Body Bar is available in two sizes: 120 g and 70 g. I can say that the later is great for travelling. No need to bring bulky soap with you when you go on a trip.
  • Made some dark spots and blemishes caused by pimples appear lighter after a month of everyday use. 
  • Though I'm not sure on the anti-aging effect, I noticed that my skin became supple. I thought I'm getting dark but there's this "namumula" (rosy/healthy tinge) on my skin.
  • Complete batch, manufacturing and expiry date printed on the box.

What I don't like:

  • Not easily accessible. It's available at UNIMART Greenhills and in their physical store only as of the moment.

Will I repurchase? YES, definitely! This soap is back-up worthy.

     I give this soap a 5/5 rating. Another organic soap that I'll include on my top list, another holy grail material as I'm very much impressed on the performance.  I have very sensitive skin that's prone to redness and irritation. I'm glad that no negative reactions arise on my skin from the very first use. I highly recommend this Japonesa Face and Body Bar if you like to have healthy-white and young skin.  Japonesa Face and Body Bar is proud to be an organic and all natural Pinoy brand! Made from high quality raw materials, not tested on animals (cruelty free) and made in the Philippines.

     I know that there are so many whitening and anti-aging soaps in the market today. Read the ingredients carefully and see what it can do to your skin. This is my honest opinion about the product. The ingredients in this soap are promising and I think the first to offer Lactoferrin and Probiotic in one bar. Would you like to  Japonesa Face and Body Bar a try?

Good Times!~

DISCLAIMER: This product was given to me by Maria Janieli skin care for review. The views expressed here are my honest opinion about the product. We have different skin types, what works for me may not work for you or vice versa.


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