Watsons + SNOE Beauty Haul

Thursday, October 25, 2012

     Hello there! Just a quick haul post for today. I asked Kenzo to watch Little Einsteins from the TV so I'm here typing faster than the usual because I told him this: mommy will borrow the laptop, count 1-10! Hehehe! So last weekend I went shopping to replenish my bath essentials and look what I found at Watsons, a charcoal toothbrush! My toothbrush brand is Colgate but the charcoal thing-y caught my attention so I decided to buy it and see what's the difference from the regular bristles. I ran out of conditioner and my plan was to try the Dove conditioner for color-treated hair. I haven't seen this variant before and I'm not sure if it's available here already. My cousin mentioned it to me a month ago. I tried looking for it at Watsons and Sm supermarket but I found none. My second option was Color Me Happy but it's OOS so my last resort was Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner and it's my 2nd bottle now. 
Pure Beauty Treatment conditioner
Watsons Charcoal toothbrush
     Since I'm very busy lately and have no time to book for an appointment at my fave waxing salon, I just bought this hair removal paper and use the remaining Strip It wax that I won from a giveaway. I ran out of facial wipes and the aloe vera variant was OOS so I opted for the green tea instead.
Glam Works Hair Removal Paper
Purederm Makeup Cleansing Tissues in Green Tea
     Restocking my fave soaps from Snoe for the nth time, No.5 Vitamin C Rich Calamansi Beauty Bar and No. 10 The Special Black Bleaching Bar. Back to this soaps after finishing No.3 Special Kojic Glutathione Soap.
Vitamin C Rich Calamansi
The Special Black Bleaching Bar
     Will end my post here loves, stay safe and have a goodnight sleep :D Kenzo's time now :D

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  1. nakita ko din yun charcoal toothbrush, kaka-intrigue noh~ Let me know if there is any difference compared to the normal toothbrush~ keke. Great hauls, I am just so envy you have snoe nearby, dito sa amin walang snoe counters available T__T

  2. how's the pure beauty treatment conditioner? :) I have very very dry hair as of the moment.. i need suggestions on what to use next! :(

  3. waaa kaloka, I need to try Snoe products na talaga... I've heard so many good things about Snoe na.

  4. I like this !!
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  5. @Janet- yup, naintriga talaga ako. about the performance naman, it has soft bristles so ok sakin pero parang ang narrow naman ng bristles para sa bunny teeth ko. Hehehe! Sana magkaron na ng Snoe near your place pala mas convenient :D

    @Hazel- Maganda sa hair, malambot and medyo shiny naman hair ko. Since this is my 2nd bottle kaya siguro medyo nakikita ko na yung results nito. Di na din masyado hair fall ko. Since both tayo colored hair talaga prone tayo sa dryness :(

    @katshe- thanks for dropping by :D

  6. is there any difference when you use charcoal toothbrush?

  7. @sherry ann- unfortunately, haven't seen any difference :(


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