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Saturday, July 14, 2012

     O-M-G! It's end of season sale once again. I know it's crazy! I'm planning to lift my no buy mode (parang coding lang =P) hehehe! but here's my bipolar personality again. I would love to shop new clothes and shoes since the last time I bought a pair of flats was months ago. But I'm worried that I will regret buying those stuffs. It's weird, I know! I'm also confused what brand to buy. Most stylish items are on sale so this will make me go nuts! Even if I already made my shopping list that I restricted only to three items (THREE ONLY) I'm sure that I will ignore it most specially if the items that caught my eye is 70% off the tag. I'm an impulse buyer before. I hope I can resists the power of temptation. So before I go on bargain hunting later, I want to share this post so you know what to expect on my next reviews. 

     Please bear with me for the long introduction. If you can still remember my post about being lucky on giveaways, well thanks to my lucky charm because I also won from other giveaways that I joined. This GC is for my son Kenzo and the hubby who loves eating chicken and burger :D and oh, coffee float is enough for me.

Certified Foodies Giveaway
500PHP GC from Jollibee
     My sister-in-law gave me this new product from AVON to review. She said this new hair treatment is on a special introductory price that's why she wanted me to give it a try. The hair treatment costs 199php. It's a steal because the shampoo is free. 
AVON Advance Techniques 3D
     This loot came from my sister. It's a way of saying thank you from asking a very important favor. She also saw this Tiny Buds baby powder at The Landmark baby section. At first I thought its for Kenzo but she told me to try it as finishing powder. When I read that it's made of real rice grains, I doubt it on keeping oilies at bay. But I have to road test it first, who knows this can be an HG material.
     I will end my post here dearies! My allergies are still there but not as itchy as day 1 and 2. I'm just worried that it will leave marks. I accidentally scratched them while sleeping :(  So to those who are going to spend their day shopping, take care and relax! Enjoy your day.

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  1. Kath!! nice meeting you yesterday!! :) looks like a nice product from Snoe ;)

  2. nice! :))

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  3. @Hazel- Yay! Nice meeting you din :) Grabe, now lang ako nakaka-post ng comment. Busy busyhan ako. hehehe

  4. @Eva Tornado- Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. Thanks for the compliment. Will visit and follow you back ^^


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