Get Selsun Blue Confidence! Join the Upside Down Class Pass today

Saturday, August 28, 2021

     There are many barriers to building confidence. It may be past experiences, lack of a support system, or persistent health problems that are difficult to address without help. One such example is scalp problems like dandruff. The appearance of flakes on clothes and bare skin can give off the impression that a person is unhygienic. This can truly affect someone’s confidence. 

     Selsun Blue Upside Down Class Pass- series of lessons from experts on health and fitness that aims to promote wellness and enable people to build confidence. Get Selsun Blue Confidence in this three-episode series featuring NCCA Ani ng Dangal awardee, pole dancing champion and certified diet and nutrition coach Jamaica Jornacion; professional makeup artist, athlete, and certified fitness coach Jigs Mayuga; certified fitness coach and The Movement Studio owner Ida Paras and six-time UAAP Cheerdance Competition champion, National University pep squad coach and gymnast Ghicka Bernabe.

Get Selsun Blue Confidence! Join the Upside Down Class Pass today

Product Review: Cream Silk Rich Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner

Monday, September 14, 2020

     I've tried a lot of hair care products in the past and some of them became a mainstay in my stash. I'm very particular when it comes to the ingredients because my hair has gone through a lot of chemical abuse for more than 10 years up to now. The formulation comes in many forms too- liquid, cream, gel, solid bar, and now there's balm. Yes, a hair care product that's oh-so rich because the texture is close to those balms.

     Introducing the all-new Cream Silk Rich Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner- first-ever conditioner inspired by the best that Mother Earth has to offer. The country’s #1 haircare brand combines its signature moisturizing technology with organic balms and luxurious natural oils in one product for naturally luscious hair that blooms with life. My thin, limp, and dry hair was so excited when these conditioners landed in our doorstep thus I tried it right away. It has been two weeks since I started using these conditioners and oh boy, if you are looking to nature to find the beauty solution you need, you've stumbled on the right brand- a product that gives the best of both worlds - the potent results that can be created by technology, with the trusted tender care our natural surroundings can give. Sharing my thoughts on Cream Silk Rich Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner after the jump!

Product Review: Cream Silk Rich Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner

Feature: Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Range

Saturday, July 25, 2020

     We all need some vitamin sea but because of the pandemic, the "take me back to the beach" trip will be put on hold. Summer was canceled for most of us because it's better to stay at home and better be safe than sorry. If you miss the ocean, the beach, and the sea, there's a new collection that will take us back to our DNA- Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Range.

     As residents of a tropical country, loving the beach and the ocean is part of our DNA. Being surrounded by the fresh air and smell of sea salt gives us a much-needed refreshed feeling, deepening our love for the water. As the beaches are not only our safe havens, but also an important natural resource and source of national pride, it’s important to show the same love and care for them as they have given us. This July, the brand that believes in showing small acts of love for the planet and for yourself, introduces the Clean Oceans Range, a limited edition set of personal care products, in bottles made with 100% ocean-bound plastic. Scroll down to know more about the collection and why you should try it now :)

Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Range

4 Cheap Keratin Conditioners in the Philippines

Monday, June 01, 2020

     Move over, hair conditioner because these babies are making a scene in the hair care department. Half of my life I've been using different brands of conditioner to make my hair shiny, manageable, and frizz-free. I was born with straight but thin and limp hair that's prone to breakage and hair fall. When I started using different hair dyes to sport the shades that I like every three months, my hair started to feel rough and dry. Chemicals in the dye that I've used in the past are already taking its toll on my hair that's why I need an intensive hair treatment every now and then.

     Salon hair treatments are expensive and should be done twice or once a month. The price also depends on the type of treatment and hair length. Speaking of which, Keratin Treatments are the talk of the town when it comes to resurrecting health and shine in a super dry and damaged hair.  Since hair salons will not be opening soon because of the pandemic, a DIY or at-home hair care product is a must. In a random grocery shopping during the enhanced community quarantine period, I discovered hidden gems that function like salon keratin treatment- 1-minute Keratin Conditioners that can be used daily at the comfort of your home. Sharing a short feature of the 4 Cheap Keratin Conditioners I'm using alternately every day.

4 Cheap Keratin Conditioner in the Philippines 

David's Salon Foliage Hair Care

Monday, September 30, 2019

     Achieving naturally beautiful hair is not an overnight thing. It’s a balance- from professionally trained stylists who will take care of your hair at the salon and how you will maintain it at home. Products need not be expensive. It’s about hair care that will not break the bank but does not sacrifice quality. Presenting Foliage- the brainchild of David Charlton of David’s Salon.

     The team of David Charlton realized that there was still a need for salon-quality products that were created with advanced formulations and natural ingredients yet are competitively priced. From these seeds grew the idea of Foliage- natural professional haircare that caters to basic hair issues. It smoothens frizz, protects from constant coloring, rebonding, and perming plus repair damaged hair and hair loss. They created uncomplicated yet effective products and treatments- keratin treatment line, shampoo and conditioner, repair and reconditioning formula, and a booster-serum. Sharing more information on Foliage and the products that I tried at home which I highly recommend for great hair needs.

David's Salon Foliage Hair Care 


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