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Feature: Wonderhome Naturals

Friday, June 11, 2021

     I’m a self-confessed clean freak and my husband calls me ‘foreign contaminant’ (one of the robots in Wall-E) every time he sees me cleaning non-stop at home that's why I'm so happy when receiving cleaning products for home care, personal care, and lifestyle use. Ironically, some of the cleaning products we use at home though formulated to kill dangerous germs, contain ingredients that, even with short-term use, can irritate the eyes, skin, and throat, and cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and trigger asthma with their strong, chemical scents. 

     Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), gases emitted from cleaning supplies and pesticides, also pose a huge threat to our health. Long-term exposure and inhalation could lead to cancer, kidney and liver damage, as well as damage to the central nervous system. Having that said, this promising brand is leading a clean revolution and making waves of changes, not waste! Introducing Wonderhome Naturals, a proudly Filipino brand that brings home and personal care products powered by plant probiotics. More about the brand and the products they sent me below.

Feature: Wonderhome Naturals

Product Review: Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser

Friday, August 21, 2020

     Skincare junkies, hear ye, hear ye! Say hello to the all-new Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser that's perfect for sensitive skin! I’m so excited to share this because it’s a breakthrough in germicidal soaps. We all know that anti-bacterial soaps tend to be harsh on sensitive skin making it dry. The all-new Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser gently lifts up to 99.9% of germs, dirt, and oil with its Micellar technology- tiny balls of oil cleansing molecules suspended in water to draw out dirt and impurities without overdrying your skin.

     Did you know that sensitive skin is more vulnerable to germs? This is due to a weaker skin barrier vs normal skin that's why if you have sensitive skin, you need a germ-protecting soap like Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser series that's also paraben-free, and dermatologically tested. The three variants are already a staple in the household. I’m currently hooked with Berries & Pear variant while my son uses the unscented one that's perfect for his sensitive skin. ⁣Sharing my thoughts on the all NEW Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser below.

Product Review: Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser

#StayStrongStayBeautiful with Watsons

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

     The new normal has definitely changed the way we live. We are now more conscious of what's happening in and out of our homes, more vigilant of the surroundings, taking extra care and precaution of the things that we do in order for us to stay sane and safe at all times.

     Our lives have changed so much in the past four months. We've hurdled many challenges but we've also learned to be stronger mentally and emotionally. We've strengthened our bodies and built up our immunity. As we continue with our new way of life, Watsons is here by our side. Here are some tips and product recommendations on how we can stay strong, stay beautiful, despite the challenges we continue to face.

#StayStrongStayBeautiful with Watsons

Feature: Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Range

Saturday, July 25, 2020

     We all need some vitamin sea but because of the pandemic, the "take me back to the beach" trip will be put on hold. Summer was canceled for most of us because it's better to stay at home and better be safe than sorry. If you miss the ocean, the beach, and the sea, there's a new collection that will take us back to our DNA- Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Range.

     As residents of a tropical country, loving the beach and the ocean is part of our DNA. Being surrounded by the fresh air and smell of sea salt gives us a much-needed refreshed feeling, deepening our love for the water. As the beaches are not only our safe havens, but also an important natural resource and source of national pride, it’s important to show the same love and care for them as they have given us. This July, the brand that believes in showing small acts of love for the planet and for yourself, introduces the Clean Oceans Range, a limited edition set of personal care products, in bottles made with 100% ocean-bound plastic. Scroll down to know more about the collection and why you should try it now :)

Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Range

Watsons Switch Test Launch

Thursday, June 23, 2016

     A wise shopper knows what to pick between quality and savings, right? If asked, quality or savings? I noticed that most of the consumers now will choose savings over quality because of high prices of products in the market. They will scrimp and sacrifice quality because they think the money they have can only take them so far. But here’s the thing- neither one is actually right, now that Watsons has a better answer. Switch & Save with Watsons.

     I've said this before, I'm a loyal Watsons shopper and I've made a switch long time ago. For several years now Watsons has been running its Switch & Save campaign where customers can save up to 80% less if they switch from the leading brand to Watsons label and still get excellent quality personal care products. Just recently, they set up unbranded booths in their store to make an experiment named Watsons Switch Test. More details about the #switchtest and highlights of the launch below :)
Watsons Switch Test Launch
Tessa Prieto Valdez, Christian Bautista, Patty Laurel, and Iya Villania
     This campaign of Watsons has met a massive success after convincing tons of people from everyday shoppers to high-profile endorsers like Iya Villania, Christian Bautista, Tessa Prieto Valdez, and Patty Laurel to make the change. Even with such unbelievably great savings, some skeptics remained unconvinced that Watsons products could be as good as the leading brand. To settle the question once and for all, the Watsons team decided to put it to the test- The Switch Test.
Watsons Switch Test Launch
L to R Jared De Guzman, Ines Bernardo, Karen Fabres, Tessa Valdez, Krisel Macatangay, Christian Bautista, Janelle De Leon and Helen Capunong
The Switch Test works like this:

  • Setting up unbranded booths in major cities around the country.
  • Watsons put its products up against the best of the best- the category leaders. 
  • Without showing or telling them what brands were involved, the Switch Test mediator had each customer try out two products- Watsons and the leader. 
  • They were asked to hold them, examine them, test and compare them, and eventually to choose the one they would buy. 

The Switch Test results:
“Brand A lotion smells good, and is softer on the skin, compared to Brand B,” said one shopper who was surprised to learn that Brand A was actually Watsons. She was even more surprised when she found out Watsons costs 80% less.
     During the Watsons Switch Test launch held at Makati Shangrila, Watsons team selected a couple of media guests and bloggers to participate in the switch test. Beauty blogger Kaycee Enerva of Kikay Si Kat came up on stage with Miss Tessa Prieto Valdes to do the test. There are two bottle of lotions labeled A and B. Kaycee slathered lotion A and B on her arm. Made an observation on both lotions' texture and scent. 
Watsons Switch Test Launch
Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdes with blogger Kaycee Enerva doin the switch test
      The team tested lotion, toothbrushes, body scrubs, tissue, even hair irons, and, in the end, less than 20% of shoppers chose the leading brand over Watsons quality. But when informed of the sizeable savings afterward, even they were easily swayed to switch. 
Watsons Switch Test Launch
Valerie Tan test Watsons product with Host Ines Bernardo
     Indeed, with the Switch Test done, the results are clear- 8 out of 10 shoppers prefer Watsons quality, not to mention the Watsons price. And as for that age-old question about quality or savings- it finally has an answer it looks like everyone can agree upon. Take both. Switch to Watsons and save!  One in particular summed it up perfectly, “Up to 80 percent savings on body lotion, 60 percent on body scrub, and 55 percent on hair iron, what’s there to think about?” So with Watsons Label products, you get quality and savings in every product you buy. My faves? Watsons Body Scrub and Watsons Body Lotion.

Have you made the switch to Watsons Label? What's your favorite personal care products from Watsons?

Good Times!~


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