Product Review: Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser

Friday, August 21, 2020

     Skincare junkies, hear ye, hear ye! Say hello to the all-new Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser that's perfect for sensitive skin! I’m so excited to share this because it’s a breakthrough in germicidal soaps. We all know that anti-bacterial soaps tend to be harsh on sensitive skin making it dry. The all-new Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser gently lifts up to 99.9% of germs, dirt, and oil with its Micellar technology- tiny balls of oil cleansing molecules suspended in water to draw out dirt and impurities without overdrying your skin.

     Did you know that sensitive skin is more vulnerable to germs? This is due to a weaker skin barrier vs normal skin that's why if you have sensitive skin, you need a germ-protecting soap like Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser series that's also paraben-free, and dermatologically tested. The three variants are already a staple in the household. I’m currently hooked with Berries & Pear variant while my son uses the unscented one that's perfect for his sensitive skin. ⁣Sharing my thoughts on the all NEW Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser below.

Product Review: Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser

From A Mom to Mom- Safeguard's 'Pabaon Sa Buhay'

Thursday, July 05, 2018

     I'm sure that all of you saw the heartwarming and inspiring video of Norman King- the first Aeta who graduated from the University of the Philippines. It's an achievement that all parents can be very proud of. I also graduated from UP and yes, my parents are so proud of me until now. 

     The Safeguard "Pabaon Sa Buhay" short film is a real-life story of how a mother’s ‘pabaon’ of life lessons & values protected her son’s indigenous identity in the outside world. The lessons of Warlita King enabled her son Norman to be the first ever Aeta to graduate from the Philippines’ premier state university. I'm sure that all moms have 'pabaon sa buhay' to their children and as a mom, I want to pass on the provisions in life that my mama taught me to my son.

From A Mom to Mom- Safeguard's "Pabaon Sa Buhay"

4 Ways to Make Hand Washing Simple and Fun

Saturday, June 09, 2018

     How many times you've seen the words hand wash, hand washing, germs, bacteria on my blog and social media posts? A LOT!!! I will never get tired of telling you that hand washing is very important, a practice that all are required to do and observe properly. It is also called hand hygiene that's why it must be a habit that you do, not once or twice, but as many times as possible!

     Germs are everywhere, inevitable, and already a part of our lives but we can prevent them from harming our family and inflict serious illnesses especially with young children who love to touch things here and there. Hand washing is simple and easy BUT do you know the proper way of doing it? Sharing tips on how to make handwashing fun for kids so that it will become a habit :)

4 Ways to Make Hand Washing Simple and Fun
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#HANGINfection is here!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

     We all know that germs can be passed through person-to-person contact or touching dirty objects. What many of us don't know is that germs live in the air, too. If you believe that not touching anything or anyone can keep germs at bay, you better think again. 

     Good thing, Safeguard, Philippine's Number 1 Family Skin Germ Protection Soap, partners with Pambansang Bae Alden Richards to spread the word about #HANGINfection and how to fight it. The fun part? They didn’t just make it informative. They also made it fun and nostalgic!

#HANGINfection is here!

5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

Thursday, December 28, 2017

     The most wonderful time of the year, but little would you know that germs are celebrating in every corner of our homes. Since gatherings, parties, and celebrations are happening here and there, germs can also be found in Christmas decors, kitchen sink, bathroom, and laundry area. But fret not because there are simple ways that you just need to follow to survive the merry yet craziest season of the year.

     Everyone in our family knows that I'm a clean freak. I make sure that everything's clean and in order every day- holiday or not. I'm the master when it comes to "everything clean" in our house that's why the tips that I'll be sharing are the things that I always do to keep our house free from germs throughout the year.

5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season


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