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Watsons Makes Health and Wellness Accessible

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

     In a perfect world, people would eat six servings of fruits and vegetables every day, their diet would not include red and/or processed meat and they'd exercise regularly. But the realities of our lives do not make it possible for us to do all that and we do need to supplement our diet with vitamins.

     Taking vitamins not only gives us the energy to help us get through the day, but it also helps boost the immune system and improve our memory and mood. Even during quarantines and lockdowns, Watsons has given Filipinos access to vitamins, supplements, OTC medications, and personal products through its 800+ stores nationwide and its online channels. Good health is just a click or a tap away if you're unable to go to a Watsons store!

Watsons Makes Health and Wellness Accessible

#StayStrongStayBeautiful with Watsons

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

     The new normal has definitely changed the way we live. We are now more conscious of what's happening in and out of our homes, more vigilant of the surroundings, taking extra care and precaution of the things that we do in order for us to stay sane and safe at all times.

     Our lives have changed so much in the past four months. We've hurdled many challenges but we've also learned to be stronger mentally and emotionally. We've strengthened our bodies and built up our immunity. As we continue with our new way of life, Watsons is here by our side. Here are some tips and product recommendations on how we can stay strong, stay beautiful, despite the challenges we continue to face.

#StayStrongStayBeautiful with Watsons

Win Special Trips from Watsons

Friday, November 08, 2019

     Watsons, one of Asia’s top health and beauty retailers, just gave away a 3-DAY / 2-NIGHT TRIP FOR 2 TO BORACAY to a total of 40 loyal cardmembers! As one of the most exciting highlights of the Share the Sun campaign last March, this promo had the simplest mechanics: all card members had to do was shop for their sun essentials at Watsons. Every P500 single-receipt purchase they made from one of Watsons’ participating products automatically got them e-raffle entries that qualified them for the promo!

     This promo is aligned with Watsons’ effort to reward loyalty card members for trusting the retail chain for their health and beauty needs. Out of thousands of Watsons’ loyalty cardholders, twenty (20) lucky winners were drawn to share the sun with family and friends in no less than Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa, one of the most breathtaking getaways in the world. It definitely was a luxurious way to reward shoppers’ loyalty. 

This is how you can win special trips from Watsons

Get A Watsons Membership Card Now!

Monday, March 04, 2019

     Shopping for my everyday essentials will be incomplete without a trip to my favorite Watsons store branch. This is my go-to store for all things health and beauty. I buy most of my personal care products at Watsons and I'm so happy when they launched their own rewards card called WATSONS CARD.
    Upon receiving the card, I was ecstatic when I saw that members get more and will enjoy exclusive benefits on purchases at Watsons. Sharing 7 reasons why you should get yourself a Watsons Card below :)

 Get A Watsons Membership Card Now!

Watsons Look Good, Feel Great this Christmas

Monday, December 10, 2018

     Christmas is the season to look good, feel great that's why this Holiday, even Santa deserves to look good, feel great and to those who make everyone feels great this Christmas, you deserve to feel great too! It's so nice to know that everyone deserves to look good and feel great this holiday season :)

     Some of the best things about Christmas are the festive parties, reunions and get-togethers with our family, relatives, friends, and even those people we don’t often get to spend time with or see during the year. Whether it’s something big with all the festive decorations and gift-giving or something simple through a visit to the mall – parties, reunions, and get-togethers with our loved ones are something we look forward to every Christmas season because it’s a time for fun, love, appreciation, and sharing.

Watsons Look Good, Feel Great this Christmas


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