Press Release: All Dolled Up with Paperdolls Holiday Collection 2013

Saturday, February 08, 2014

     I can still remember my childhood days where I used to play paper dolls with my sisters. We love playing this game because we got to choose the kind of clothes that we want our paper dolls to wear. Wearing gorgeous and colorful paper clothes means that they're all dolled up. Fast forward today, I love wearing dresses and chic clothes.They never go out of style. This versatile clothing pieces can be mixed and matched with various styles of bags, shoes and accessories. When I heard that there's a brand of clothing line called Paperdolls, childhood memories came back. I know that Paperdolls offers a different vibe when it comes to women's fashion and style.

     All dolled up. This might be one of first things that may come into mind when Paperdolls is mentioned. As a matter of fact, this is the very core idea of the brand. Tracing back its roots to creating dainty cardboard cutouts in order to fulfill a fashion fantasy, Paperdolls has definitely gone a long way. Today, with three other brands (Milly, Scoop Proj. and Pd & Co.) that allow the company to spread its goal of helping women feel better by looking better, Paperdolls continues to empower Filipinas to celebrate the simple pleasures of dressing well and smart.

All Dolled Up with Paperdolls Holiday Collection 2013

     Be that as it may, Paperdolls has seen itself as a driving force into making modern women feel comfortable and stylish by offering wearable fashionable pieces at affordable price points. Therefore, getting dolled up is not just Paperdolls’ passion, but also its mission.

So it’s time to put away those cardboards, and be the doll you’ve always wanted to be!

Elegant. Opulent. Effortless. 

     This Holiday season, Paperdolls takes women of today to an era of romantic dressing, pre-war elegance, and retro-active glamour with three captivating collections.

Winter Garden

     This is definitely no secret garden. This collection is all about showing and flaunting the best florals for the holiday season. Taking its reference from vivid foliage veiled in a blanket of snow, this collection takes inspiration from the subdued hues of the garden. With teal, salmon, and blue as key colors, the Winter Garden collection depicts a woman treading her busy everyday life with grace and utmost femininity.

    Aside from color, cuts and materials employed in this collection also invokes a vision refinement. Lace in teal and salmon is heavily used in dresses and tops as the main focus. In other pieces, lace is craftily embroidered or used as an accent. As for design, A-line dresses take the spotlight, promising the wearer to be transported to a period of elegance.


     For some, the term ‘opulent’ may denote a certain lavishness and exaggeration. But for Paperdolls’ Opulence collection, opulent is all about richness and depth of color. This collection paints a picture of a woman in a pre-war period of the 1920’s framed in contemporary times. The collection depicts lavish details, like lace paneling and overlays in burgundy, black, and cobalt. It is inevitable for the collection to convey a sense of boudoir sensuality. 
     For design, dresses and tops mostly have the boat necklines and Peter pan collars. This easily gives a classic feel and exudes a restraint kind of sexiness to the wearer. Balanced with short and long-sleeved tops, pieces also feature individual embellishments, like floral appliqu├ęs and soft belt wrap to actuate one’s waist.

Holiday Collage

     One might say fusion fashion, combining prints and colors, merging the old and the new. Paperdolls’ Holiday Collage collection jumps off from a classy interpretation of quirky, mixing print favorites like stripes and checks with more vintage ones. The color palette is founded on black and white, but turns to a twist with some bright accents, from dazzling yellow to electric blue. This may be the most casual-looking collection from Paperdolls this season but pieces are designed with the effortless chic look in mind.

     Pieces range from relaxed trousers, printed tees, dressy tops, and casual daytime dresses. The Holiday Collage collection is a well-balanced portfolio for the no-fuss modern woman who needs clothes that readily shifts from day to night. 

Paperdolls and its other brands are available in the following retail outlets: 
  • Paperdolls: Department Stores in SM Supermalls and Robinsons Malls 
  • Milly: Department Stores in SM Supermalls 
  • Scoop Proj.: Boutiques in SM Pampanga, San Lazaro, Sta. Rosa, North EDSA and Fairview 
  • Pd &Co.: Boutiques in Robinsons Ermita, Galleria, Festival, Pampanga and Metro East, Market Market, Marquee Mall, and Department Stores in Landmark Trinoma and Makati, KCC Gen. Santos and Island City Mall 
To know more about Paperdolls and its Holiday 2013 Collection, visit: 
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  1. Oh, I like the collection. The cut is suited for my body type. Yey!

  2. I will check this out pag napadpad ako sa mall. I love the concept of their name. :) I am also still collecting paperdolls today, simply because I just love dresses and shoes. Since hindi naman ako nakakabili lahat ng gusto ko, dun ko na lang tinutuon yung pagkahilig ko. :) Hope this one is not as pricey like other brands. But I love the dresses featured, very elegant and symbolizes sophistication. I think every lady should have atleast a dress from PaperDoll. Ang cute! :)

  3. I remember Susan Africa as one of the first endorsers of Paper Dolls. My gaad, Mara Clara days pa yan ha. :)

  4. Their dresses are sooo pretty but I don't think they have something for my body type. Geesh, I'm 4'11" but on the heavier side. Gusto ko pa naman yung unang dress. :(

  5. same here, nung bata pa ako ang dami kong collection ng paper dolls, namana na nga lang mga cousin ko yung mga yun if i'm not mistaken halos mapuno ang isang shoe box,.
    i like the blue dress, ang cute,.

  6. @Rae A.- yay! hope you'll find one and post it on your IG ha :)

    @Aegeane Mikka Brioso- Wow! Ang dami pala natin mahilig sa paperdolls. Hehehe! I know this one is not cheap and not expensive din, the price is worth the quality naman. I have a dress from Paperdolls and the quality is great!

    @Czjai Reyes- Ocampo- Wow, parang hindi ko ma recall yun? Naging model pala sya ng Paper Dolls?

    @nelabratinella- hello sis :) yup, it's pretty! Naku, baka naman meron na :) Visit them soon!

    @Sheryl An Mungcal- they have cute dresses talaga! wow, paper dolls collector ka pala :)


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