How Do Rag & Bone Boots Fit? Your Shopping + Style Guide

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Rag &and Bone clothing brand is one that focuses on delivering timeless and original designs to its customers. The brand has clothing and accessory options for both men and women including sweaters, blazers, skinny jeans, bags, and hats. The brand is also committed to delivering these products to its customers without compromising the core values that made it a success in the first place.

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Where Can You Buy Rag & Bones Boots?

     Rag & Bones merchandise can be purchased from the brand’s official online website Rag-Bone.coms. The brand’s merchandise can also be bought from other online fashion retailers like Shopbob. The brand also offers international shipping through its official website. The international shipping process is handled through the brand’s partner, Global-E. The brand can ship to a number of countries and locations around the world like the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, South America, and Canada. The shipping method used for international orders is DHL. When it comes to taxes and duties, the brand will not cover the cost of these. These rates will be calculated based on the purchased product's country of origin. The customer will be required to pay these rates at checkout.

The Rag &and Bone brand also has a few retail store locations you can visit in person. All of the available retail store locations are found in the continental United States. Some of these locations include:
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Georgetown, Washington (2 stores, men’s and women’s)
  • New York, New York
  • Dallas, Texas

Rag & Bone’s Boot Collections

     The Rag & Bone brand offers multiple different types of footwear options for both men and women. Some options include sneakers, running shoes, and boots for men. As well as loafers, sandals, sneakers, and boots for women. Almost all of the items available in these two collections are available in multiple colors and many of the boots and sneakers are available in either leather or suede.

Rag & Bone’s Shiloh Hiker - Leather Ankle Boots

These ankle boots are only available in one color, black. 
Image courtesy of Rag &-Bone.

     Rag & Bone’s Shiloh Hiker - Leather Ankle Boots are an excellent choice for both hiking and city stomping. They have a heel height of 45 mm and are available in sizes 35 through 41. The boots are made from 100% cow leather in the upper section and 100% rubber in the outsole. If you’re looking for a pair of boots that will work for practically any situation, then look no further. Rag & Bone’s Shiloh Mid-Leather Chelsea Boots

These boots are only available in 2 colors, antique white, and black.
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Rag & -Bone.

     Rag & and Bone’s Shiloh Mid-Leather Chelsea Boots bring a subversive feel to the traditional Chelsea boot design through its use of lug soles. The boots are made from 100% leather and use a rounded-toe design. They feature cross-track stitching of a bold color contrast that really pops and elastic gore inserts that provide the wearer with extra comfort. These boots are available in sizes 37 through 41 and have a heel height of 3 inches.

Rag &and Bone’s Rover - Suede Chelsea Boots

These Chelsea boots are available in multiple colors, black suede, chestnut suede, and warm grey suede. image courtesy of Rag &-Bone.

     These Rover Suede Chelsea Boots from Rag & Bone make the ideal building blocks of any wardrobe. The boots are available in sizes 35 through 41. They’re made from both leather and suede and feature an almond toe design. The boot’s heel height is 1.77 inches. These boots will help capture that authentic, timeless, and iconic style you’ve been searching for.

Rag & Bone’s Tall Moto Boot - Leather Moto Boots

These Moto boots are only available in one color, black.
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Rag & -Bone.

     Rag & Bone’s Tall Moto Boot - Leather Moto Boots are made using soft-washed leather. They have a heel height of 45mm and a shaft height of 330mm. The boots feature rounded toes, unlined gusseted gore, leather pull tabs, and contrasting stitch Eva midsole details. These boots are available in sizes 35 through 41. If you're looking for something that is strong, durable and brings a commanding presence to practically any outfit, then these boots will be just right for you.

Rag & Bone’s Grenson Dodger Boot - Leather Military Boots

These military boots for men are available in 2 colors, black and brown.
image courtesy of 
Rag & -Bone.

     The Grenson Dodger Boot - Leather Military Boots’ design was first made for the Rag & Bone brand more than 15 years ago. Designed by the legendary heritage boot maker Grenson, this boot recently received a revival back in 2022, making it the brand's current best-selling men’s boot. The Dodger Boots feature leather pull tabs, a military-style rounded toe, and solid rubber commando soles. This boot is available in sizes 41 through 44.5. These boots are made from leather and are made in the UK. If you're looking for something durable, sturdy, and stylish, these boots have you covered.

Common Questions For Rag &and Bone Brand Products

     Whether it's suede or hard leather, Rag &and Bone boots can pair well with practically anything!
  • What should you wear with Rag & Bones boots?: This question is a bit tricky to answer as each person has their own style and look that works best for them. In fact, the brand is very supportive of people’s individuality and seeks to help people express themselves through their wardrobe. Still, if you're looking for some recommendations, some of the brand’s boots will actually have a “pair with” section near the product details on the boot's page. You could start there. You could also try browsing the many tops, bottoms, and jackets in the brand’s catalog and see if any of them match the boots you're looking to purchase.
  • How do Rag & Bones boots fit/Are they comfortable?: The brand’s boots are designed to fit true to size and be extremely comfortable. In fact, many of the brand’s boots have adjustable straps and other sections within their boots that allow you to adjust their fit and make them more comfortable. If you’re confused about the sizing of a particular item you should consult the brand’s official size guide, which can easily be found on most of the brand’s product pages under the size section. This size chart shows the conversion of the listed sizes into many different size standards for multiple different countries including the United States, Australia, and Japan.
  • How do you clean Rag & Bone Boots?: Pretty much all of the brand's boots will have their preferred cleaning method listed under the features and details section of their product page. Many of the boots you find on the official online store will suggest that you have your boots cleaned by a professional that covers the particular type of material your boots are made from.
  • Do Rag & Bone Have Sales?: Yes! Rag &and Bone’s official website is known to have end-of-season sales. During these sales, you can purchase select items for up to 75% off. The information related to these sales as well as the items on sale can be viewed by going to the sale section on the official Rag &and Bone website. The brand also offers promotional sales such as getting x amount off your first order. If you're looking for a particular item but find its retail price to be a bit out of your price range, check for it on the sale page periodically throughout the year.
  • Why are Rag & Bone products so expensive?: Many of the brand’s products are made from 100% of their advertised materials, such as 100% cotton or 100% wool. You can check the materials of any of the brand’s products by visiting that item's product page and viewing its features and detail section. Some of the materials used in an item's construction may also be sourced from multiple different locations around the world to ensure only the best materials go into the item's construction. Essentially, the prices are as high as they are because of the brand’s commitment to providing its customers with high-quality, long-lasting, and comfortable products.


     Rag & Bones offer some very high-quality boots that are built to be both long-lasting and comfortable. The brand's large selection of other clothing options, as well as having options for both men and women, make it a great shopping choice for anyone looking to get someone a present for their birthday or the holidays. After all, a pair of boots are a gift that is long-lasting, stylish, and useful.

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