Men's Sneakers: The Iconic Models to Have in Your Wardrobe

Monday, January 29, 2024

     Sneakers are one of the most beloved and popular shoe styles in the world: they are used by all sportsmen and women because they are versatile and super lightweight, loved by businessmen and managers to complete business looks, they drive fashion addicts crazy who pair them with casual and original outfits, and, in their couture version, they are also conquering the haute couture scene, with the world's leading designers constantly bringing them to the runway season after season.

     Today there are mens sneakers in every style, shape, color, and material, as well as limited editions, rare and exclusive collections, revisitations of the past, and novel and eccentric proposals. In this article we try to provide a guide to men's sneakers useful for moving among timeless collections, new arrivals that will set trends during 2024, and iconic models that are present (or should be) in everyone's wardrobes.

Men's Sneakers: The Iconic Models to Have in Your Wardrobe

3 Classic Sneaker Styles that Never Go Out of Style

     We can start with a model created for tennis courts, which quickly spread to the streets becoming a must among men's shoes. These are the white sneakers that, with their simplicity and minimal beauty, continue to be the emblem of urban elegance, sophistication and good taste. Perfect to pair with any look, from the most casual to the elegant and serious, in the latest collections they have been embellished with light contrasting details.

     Another model that never loses its charm is the total black model: aggressive, high-performance and with a great aesthetic impact, this men's shoe has been among the most popular for a few seasons because it is suitable for a wide range of situations (from formal to informal) and gives a mysterious and intriguing charm even to the most basic look.

     On the other hand, perfect for casual occasions are the running sneakers redesigned for everyday life: very light, modern and very comfortable, they are an evergreen that has been worn for a few years now not only for running, but also for outings and leisure, with bright colors and patterns that do not go unnoticed.

3 Models of Elegant and Chic Sneakers

     Among the models that can be worn with tailored suits and formal looks are men's leather sneakers declined in the most classic tones (blue, black, gray, sand and white) that absolutely rhyme with elegance.

     Also men's suede sneakers are synonymous with refinement, so much so that they are a prestigious passe-partout even for the most special and rigorous occasions. Then there are models that play on revisiting and focusing on historical patterns of the most famous Maisons with a mix of colors typical of the past years, linear designs, low sole and maximum rigor. Again, the important thing is to focus on neutral and minimal tones and avoid overly eccentric colors.

     Then there are models that play on revisiting and focusing on historical patterns of the most famous Maisons with a mix of colors typical of the past years, linear designs, low soles and maximum rigor.

The Models that Will Set Trends in 2024

     Who doesn't know about chunky sneakers? Gritty and contemporary, they feature thick and uneven soles and midsoles, oversized sizes and massive designs. This is a trend that originated in the 1990s, but is destined to be popular in this 2024 as well because of the mix of comfort, originality and glamour they give the wearer.

     Another model that will become a real trend are men's high top sneakers: worn in place of ankle boots and amphibians before the warmer season, they can be enriched with prints, optical graphics, patterns, etc. to make them absolutely unique.

     Space then goes to new avant-garde sneakers that are already creating great expectations among all lovers of the genre. Not only futuristic designs, unexpected shapes and innovative materials (such as vegan and sustainable sneakers or those with a metallic effect), but these shoes use the most advanced technology to revolutionize the footwear industry and leave everyone wide-eyed. Among the most anticipated proposals are definitely 3D and 4D printed men's sneakers, smart sneakers (digitally powered, following the wearer's needs) and computerized sneakers (providing real-time data). This is a trend that will surely conquer the market between now and the next few years and make this type of shoe a real cult object.

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