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Wacoal Believes That Beauty Starts From Within

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

     It has been three years since I visited the Wacoal headquarters in Kyoto, Japan but everything I witnessed there feels like just yesterday. I learned so much from the tour and it was instilled in my mind that when you say Wacoal-the mission is always making every BODY beautiful. I’ve learned to appreciate my Wacoal undergarments, even more, when I saw the passion and dedication that they put in everything they make. How their years of experience has helped them understand women’s body from the time she started to bloom until her maturity. For Wacoal, Beauty Starts From Within and believes that ageing is a beautiful thing.

     Wacoal is not just an ordinary brand because there’s science, art, and passion in every underwear that you see all over the world. Wacoal, a leader in women's underwear, has taken the time and invested the resources to monitor the changes that happen in a woman's body from their late teens to their 60's, covering more than 40,000 women in studies. The result is a principle Spiral Ageing. To know more about this and the highlights of my visit at their 9th stand-alone boutique in Eastwood Mall after the jump.

Wacoal Believes That Beauty Starts From Within
Wacoal's 9th stand-alone boutique is now open at 2nd floor of Eastwood Mall Libis, Quezon City


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