Wacoal Believes That Beauty Starts From Within

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

     It has been three years since I visited the Wacoal headquarters in Kyoto, Japan but everything I witnessed there feels like just yesterday. I learned so much from the tour and it was instilled in my mind that when you say Wacoal-the mission is always making every BODY beautiful. I’ve learned to appreciate my Wacoal undergarments, even more, when I saw the passion and dedication that they put in everything they make. How their years of experience has helped them understand women’s body from the time she started to bloom until her maturity. For Wacoal, Beauty Starts From Within and believes that ageing is a beautiful thing.

     Wacoal is not just an ordinary brand because there’s science, art, and passion in every underwear that you see all over the world. Wacoal, a leader in women's underwear, has taken the time and invested the resources to monitor the changes that happen in a woman's body from their late teens to their 60's, covering more than 40,000 women in studies. The result is a principle Spiral Ageing. To know more about this and the highlights of my visit at their 9th stand-alone boutique in Eastwood Mall after the jump.

Wacoal Believes That Beauty Starts From Within
Wacoal's 9th stand-alone boutique is now open at 2nd floor of Eastwood Mall Libis, Quezon City

     Last June, I visited Wacoal at Eastwood to check the new designs and buy new undergarments for me and my family. It’s also the time of the year that I need to check my size to make sure that I still wear the right fit of bra and panty. Fit is very important and this is where the concept of Spiral Ageing comes. This means that women undergo three major physiological changes within a 30-year period.

Wacoal Believes That Beauty Starts From Within
Wacoal Sleepwear

     During her 20's, a woman's body completes its transformation to adulthood. Moving to her 30s, a woman may experience sudden weight gain, accompanied by other drastic physical changes. By the time she reaches her 40s, the upper part of the body will be visibly growing larger than the lower half. Aesthetically, this shows less firmness in the breasts and hip area. These physical differences come from a number of things like hormonal changes, the skin's loss of firmness and softness, and a decrease in one's metabolism.

Wacoal Believes That Beauty Starts From Within
Wacoal Travel X Oh Futon 2018

     This study of Wacoal is accurately true for me and my mother who is already in her late 60s. I notice the changes mentioned above that's why it is a must to know the right fit of underwear that will give the support that I need. It's comforting to know that Wacoal works to protect and enhance this beauty called Ageing by providing the correct underwear fit for a woman at the age she's in. Since the degree of ageing process is not the same for everyone, awareness of what stage you are in the process is essential for the selection of the correct underwear.

Wacoal Believes That Beauty Starts From Within
Wacoal Sports Wear- Medium Compression Bras and Leggings

Stages of Ageing:

Body Age 0: Before aging starts, the breast are ideally round.
Wacoal's Advice: Women of this age should choose a bra that emphasizes the shape of their breast, waist, and hips. Do not wear bras that are too tight or too loose. It should fit perfectly to help preserve the body shape.

Body Age 1: A sign that ageing has started. The upper part of the breasts splits.
Wacoal's Advice: Women in this stage should choose a bra that will provide lift and support such as bras with underwire, pads, and side panels with reinforced fabric or resin bone.

Body Age 2: The breast begins to sag, the nipples start to point downward.

Body Age 3: The breast continues to sag, turning outward. They also continue to become softer.
Wacoal's Advice: In addition to bras with underwire, pads, and panels with reinforced fabric or resin bone, women in this stage should also choose bras with wider straps and side panels. These provide support not only for the breasts but also for the shoulders and back.

     Having all these in mind, my store visit was a breeze. I made sure to follow all the recommendations of Wacoal that day. During my visit, their beauty advisers assisted me inside the fitting room to give pointers on what fits perfectly. They also helped me in choosing the designs of underwear especially bras for my sisters and my mother. 

Wacoal Believes That Beauty Starts From Within
Wacoal Comfort Fit Bras 

    Wacoal at Eastwood is their 9th stand-alone boutique with a very nice and relaxing ambiance. It reminds me of the Wacoal Boutique at Takashimaya Mall in Kyoto, Japan. The bras and panties are so organized and you will not get confused on what to get or should I say it's because you want to take them all, hahaha! Kidding aside, don't neglect the fitting process because the correct underwear will give you the fit and support that you need. 

     In fact, I've chosen more than three options that day so I can see which fits best. I moved around and wore my clothes over the new underwear so I can see what it looks and feel how it fits. Fitting underwear has never been this good with Wacoal because it's comfortable, relaxing, and fulfilling to know that you are wearing the right fit. I can truly say aging is a gift and nothing to worry about when it comes to body changes, all you have to do is embrace the age you're in with Wacoal.

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