Romwe Shirt and Skirt SALE

Saturday, June 22, 2013

     Romwe is having another sale! So far, this is one of the best deals that I love because I love shirts and skirts! Expect me to see wearing one of these pieces :)
Romwe Shirt and Skit Sale
Romwe Shirt and Skirt Sale, Up to 60%off! Only 3 days! June 21- 23, 2013


  1. i like the blouse and skirts from romwe,wish i could purchase in the future..

  2. like the skirts, so colorful.

  3. @sherry ann- Romwe has wide selection of blouses and cute skirts. Hope you can check the site and browse baka may magustuhan ka :)

    @Belinda Ibanez- hello :) Same here, dami talaga cutesy and colorful skirts and Romwe


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