Fairview Terraces Style Origin + Shopping Mall Tour

Sunday, July 06, 2014

     Hi dearies! How's your Sunday? Let me share with you another fabulous event that I 've witnessed last June 28, 2014. I was very privilege to be invited by Niche and Fairview Terraces marketing team to the Style Origin Men's Week Fashion Show. But before the show, the marketing team toured us inside their one of a kind shopping mall. Yes it's one of a kind because of its architectural structure- the ambiance, the  lighting and the design of the mall itself is unique. I'm lucky that I live few minutes away from Fairview Terraces that's why I can go and drop by at the mall anytime of the day! Are you excited to see the stores we've visited? Click CONTINUE READING and smile!
Fairview Terraces Style Origin + Shopping Mall Tour
Fairview Terraces marketing team briefing the bloggers after a hearty merienda at Recipes.

Lee 125th Anniversary Archive Tour + Lee Denim DIY

Monday, May 26, 2014

     Hello dearies! Let me share with you another grand event that happened last Friday at Robinson's Place Manila. I was invited by Lee Jeans Philippines to celebrate their 125th Anniversary by creating your own jeans! Yes, I have a new pair of Lee Jeans and the most exciting part was I customized it according to what  I like it to be. I've been loyal to this brand since I was in college so being part of this event was a dream come true :) I had a blast during the event and I'll share with you what happened from the DIY section- Lee Jeans Spring/Summer 2014 Collection show and the Archive Tour. Click CONTINUE READING to know more about their history and the stories behind the tour.
Lee 125th Anniversary Archive Tour + Lee Denim DIY

Press Release: Heat Up with the Paperdolls Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Friday, April 25, 2014

     Hello dearies! Good news to all fashionistas out there! Summer and spring season is around the corner and it's time to change your wardrobe to something more fresh, light and comfortable without sacrificing style. I believe that summer clothes should not be boring, actually it's the season where one can mix and match colorful clothes that looks clean, comfy and refreshing to the eyes. I've been wearing comfortable clothes lately since I can't stand the heat but methinks I need to replenish my wardrobe with event outfits that's in this season. When I saw this collection from Paperdolls, all I can say is wow and wow! I'm a big fan of floral and prints so I guess I'll be sporting one of the clothes below in one of my events. Actually, I will be out today to do some Paperdolls shopping. To see few pieces from the Paperdolls Spring/Summer 2014 Collection click CONTINUE READING to find out!
     Once again, it’s the time of the year to shed from the cocoon clothing of the holidays. As the cold winds pass by, the sweltering heat of summer greets us with full force. Summer is pretty much when everything is in full bloom – from new adventures, new memories, and of course a new wardrobe that’s comfortable and trendy. This season Paperdolls plays up a mix of well-loved themes and prints and reinvents them to what Filipinos love best: fashion, comfort, and ease.
Press Release: Heat Up with the Paperdolls Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Romwe Off-White Oversized Aztec Tribal Cardigan Now on SALE!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

     Hello dearies! It's sale time once again from Romwe. This cardigan is always the best seller from July to now. And now, they have improved the quality and the packing, but the price will be only $15.99 on 6th March.
Romwe Off-white Aztec Tribal Cardigan.$15.99 on 6th March only! 

This item you must have! 
Romwe Off-white Aztec Tribal Cardigan.$15.99 on 6th March only! 
Free shipping to the worldwide, 30 days money back Guarantee. 
Never miss out!

Press Release: All Dolled Up with Paperdolls Holiday Collection 2013

Saturday, February 08, 2014

     I can still remember my childhood days where I used to play paper dolls with my sisters. We love playing this game because we got to choose the kind of clothes that we want our paper dolls to wear. Wearing gorgeous and colorful paper clothes means that they're all dolled up. Fast forward today, I love wearing dresses and chic clothes.They never go out of style. This versatile clothing pieces can be mixed and matched with various styles of bags, shoes and accessories. When I heard that there's a brand of clothing line called Paperdolls, childhood memories came back. I know that Paperdolls offers a different vibe when it comes to women's fashion and style.

     All dolled up. This might be one of first things that may come into mind when Paperdolls is mentioned. As a matter of fact, this is the very core idea of the brand. Tracing back its roots to creating dainty cardboard cutouts in order to fulfill a fashion fantasy, Paperdolls has definitely gone a long way. Today, with three other brands (Milly, Scoop Proj. and Pd & Co.) that allow the company to spread its goal of helping women feel better by looking better, Paperdolls continues to empower Filipinas to celebrate the simple pleasures of dressing well and smart.

All Dolled Up with Paperdolls Holiday Collection 2013

     Be that as it may, Paperdolls has seen itself as a driving force into making modern women feel comfortable and stylish by offering wearable fashionable pieces at affordable price points. Therefore, getting dolled up is not just Paperdolls’ passion, but also its mission.

So it’s time to put away those cardboards, and be the doll you’ve always wanted to be!

OOTD: Pahiyas Festival

Saturday, August 24, 2013

     Here's a super late OOTD post. I was emptying my recycle bin yesterday and saw these outfit photos from our summer vacation at Lucban, Quezon. We stayed there for three days and luckily was able to celebrate one of the grandest festival in our country- The Pahiyas Festival. Have you seen colorful leaf shape decorations on television ads or from random things? Those leaf shape designs are called Kiping. It's made of malagkit/sticky rice and shaped into leaves symbolizing bountiful harvest. Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every 14th of May in honor of St. Isidore for giving farmers rich and bounty harvest throughout the year. 

     Since it's summer, I opted to wear something very light and comfortable from head to toe! And because the highlight of the celebration was to roam around the town to see houses decorated with colorful and awesome kipings, I decided to wear my super comfy sandals. 
Pahiyas Festival

OOTD: Black and Blue Urban Chic

Friday, February 15, 2013

     Hello! Belated Happy Valentine's Day :) I hope all of you had a blast yesterday. Before I start laying out the details of my outfit, I just wanna thank ze hubby for making hearts day extra special. 

     If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you've already seen this ensembles. This is what I wore during the L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod Launch. The attire should be black and blue urban chic and these colors perfectly matches the Steampod. I'll just make this intro short, my mind is floating got only 4 hours of sleep :( Please leave a comment if you have questions. Thank you for understanding :D Special thanks to Aya of Codename Aya for these lovely photos! 
 Black and Blue Urban Chic

OOTD: Puss in Boots

Sunday, January 27, 2013

     Hellos! This is my first outfit post of the year :) Thank you very much to Kai of Brew of the Day for taking my outfit shots. Remember that I'm very shy to take outfit shot in public? I'm 10x times more shy here when we did my outfit shot because it was taken inside the Landmark Trinoma but it's okay since almost all we're rushing home so there's only a couple of shoppers walking and they didn't even bother to look on what we're doing =P

    I wore this outfit 3 weeks ago when I met-up and had dinner with blogger friends. I look haggard and tired in this photo, right? And look at my tummy, it's bloated like the cat in Puss in Boots hence the title of this OOTD. Blame it on Christmas and New Year's celebration and some post holiday gatherings. There's also 3 birthdays in our family after new year including my birthday! Insert the holiday weight gain here. Whew! 

OOTD: Denim and Chiffon

Saturday, October 20, 2012

     I'm already getting the hang of taking outfit shot in public :D I found a new photographer in the presence of my younger brother ;P But this just came coincidentally since all the outfit shots he took was taken during his free time. If I'm saying that backlogs are piling up before (usually this goes with haul, product review and event posts) I think my backlogs are piling up again and this time for my outfit of the day. I'm a very shy and soft spoken person that's why I really feel uncomfortable taking pictures in public alone. I always want to take pictures in group or with my son and ze hubby. But now I can say that I'm slowly getting used to take my outfit shots alone anywhere :D

     Here's what I wore when I attended Kanebo's Radiant Beauty Makeup Workshop at Rustan's Makati last week. I preferred the morning sesh around 10 a.m. so that I can go home early and go straight to the dialysis center to look after my father. I had a great time during the workshop that I'll muse on my next post. For this outfit, I just decided to wear something that I think will look good on me but I'm not sure if they really "match". 

OOTD: Taken 2

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

     I was one of the lucky winner to Nuffnang PH's Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men blog contest. I won two tickets to the especial screening of Taken 2 last October 5, 2012 that was held at Shangrila Cineplex 1. Days before the said event, I was very clueless what to wear since I'm very lazy that week to dress up. I decided to wear something laid back with my old pair of jeans and a comfy shirt then just added a blazer so that my outfit will somehow look chic. 

OOTD: Flowers

Thursday, September 27, 2012

     Looking for a dress to wear in an important event or gathering gives me stress. I always look inside my closet two days before the said date and do the mix match thing-y but I can't decide which is which. I'm not good in matching colors and sometimes I lack the courage to wear the dress or the outfit that suits my personality. I always ask advice from my mom, my sibs and ze hubby. 

     When I received a VIP invitation for the Lolita grand launch, the first thing that came into my mind was the outfit. The e-vite's theme was very sweet and girly. I asked blogger friends if I need to wear something formal. When they said no, just wear something where you'll stand out means I can wear anything, a dress or a cute top and skirt will do. So I decided to wear something colorful and girly. I already made an outfit post wearing this dress here and just added a floral cover up that somehow made this outfit Japanese inspired. Tulip dress and Floral kimono cover-up combined and tada~ flowers! 

OOTD: Eat-All-You-Can

Sunday, August 12, 2012

     Hi ladies! I'm back with another attempt to do an outfit of the day post. I'm a bit nervous and somehow shy when taking pictures in public alone that's why until now I only got 3 OOTD posts and the first two was with my son: First Attempt and Kenzo's Me Time. My only solo OOTD post was taken last Mother's Day when we celebrated it at my lola's house. I had so many attempts to do an outfit post but I got so many reasons too why I failed. Hahaha! It's either I forgot the camera, the batteries were drained, I'm not in the mood or my outfit was not suitable for an oufit post lol :D 

     So yesterday was the day! My husband's uncle celebrated his birthday at Kamayan West ave. and it's a perfect timing to take pictures because we have two cameras, no excuse for low battery and such. I wore something loose yesterday since it's an eat-all-you-can buffet, I'm expecting my tummy to explode! Kidding aside, I mean I'm not a big eater and this kind of buffet will make my tummy look big since I have all the guilty pleasures eaten yesterday. Excuse my hair, need to go to salon to have some serious treatment, I think =P

Love Package + Hate Situation

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

     Hello lovelies, how are you? Don't forget to join my 100th Follower Giveaway. I will just make a quick post. I'm still experiencing this freaky skin allergy/insect bites thing-y for days now. I don't know what to do! I've taken lots of anti-histamine and applied anti-itch creams and ointment but none seems to work. The last option I think I need to do before things get worse is consult a doctor. This thing is really freaking me out. It's like my worst nightmare. I can't sleep and my mind seems empty. My concentration level is down and I get irritated most of the time. I hope this thing will just go away without a mark. I'm afraid that I scratched some part of my body unconsciously and this will lead to scarring. Gaaah! But before ending this post, I will just share what I received last week. I won from another giveaway and this time it's from a fashion blog. I soooo lurve these stuffs and thinking of doing another outfit post soon. 


Thank you Ms. Aisa and Romwe for this wonderful giveaway! Will post photos soon :D

     My sister also gave me a tub of Soft White Body Scrub in Bengkoang. She wanted me to try it first. Will make a review after a week. I can't use this right now because of this allergies/insect bites spreading all over my body.

      I will end my post here guys. I hope you will visit my blog often, read my reviews and join my giveaway. 

     Good Times!~

OOTD: Mom's Day Simple Celebration

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

     Belated Happy Mother's Day to all! I'm so busy lately hence another backlog on things to review. Please bear with me dearies, I'll promise to keep you updated after this week because I'm really busy. Family matter + some relaxing and bonding time with the hubby is scheduled this week so I'll just leave you with this post of what I wore last Mother's day. 

     We just made the celebration simple by going to my parents house and have dinner with them. After that we dropped by at my cousins house to welcome her because she just arrived from Doha, Qatar and will be having a short vacation here. What I wear here is the version of my love for neon accessories ever since I started collecting them. I heard that Neon is "in" so I looked inside my closet and found old accessories like this bracelet and a simple top that matches today's trend.

OOTD: Kenzo's "ME" Time :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

     Hi dearies! It's holiday today, I'm sure some of you are still sleeping. I hope you don't mind if I'll share another photo of me with my son. This time I'm already facing the camera. Kenzo got a new bag but it's too big for him to carry on his shoulders. The hubby was teasing him that he's a school boy that's why he's eager enough to carry the bag while posing. This photo was taken after eating dinner at SM Fairview. The hubby took this photo using his cell phone camera. 
top: sleeveless racer back- greenhills

shorts: from my old black jeans- DIY

shoes: tom's inspired red flowered flats- thifted

Enjoy your holiday! Good Times!~


An Attempt to do an OOTD post

Thursday, April 19, 2012

     Last Saturday, we went to my mother's hometown at Lucban, Quezon to attend my cousin's wedding. I don't know what to wear. I rarely attend to special occasions that's why my wardrobe consists of only few dresses and formal wear. The hubby told me to wear something comfy and stylish but I don't know if I can sport this kind of dress. So I looked inside my closet and this is what I found:


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