OOTD: Puss in Boots

Sunday, January 27, 2013

     Hellos! This is my first outfit post of the year :) Thank you very much to Kai of Brew of the Day for taking my outfit shots. Remember that I'm very shy to take outfit shot in public? I'm 10x times more shy here when we did my outfit shot because it was taken inside the Landmark Trinoma but it's okay since almost all we're rushing home so there's only a couple of shoppers walking and they didn't even bother to look on what we're doing =P

    I wore this outfit 3 weeks ago when I met-up and had dinner with blogger friends. I look haggard and tired in this photo, right? And look at my tummy, it's bloated like the cat in Puss in Boots hence the title of this OOTD. Blame it on Christmas and New Year's celebration and some post holiday gatherings. There's also 3 birthdays in our family after new year including my birthday! Insert the holiday weight gain here. Whew! 

     Do you like my boots? It's my 4 year old boots from Hong Kong. I bought this when we had our tour there with le hubby. I was 3 months pregnant when we went there and that's first week of December if I'm not mistaken. My feet was very tired of walking and getting numb because of the cold weather that's why we decided to buy this from one of the stores there in Mongkok. This was stocked in the shoe box for a very long time and I'm happy that it's still in good condition. There's a little flaw inside where the leather chips-off but it's minimal.

     Thank you so much to Ms. Marqui Santos for this gorgeous bag. I won this from Manila shopper's Studio Boheme Honey Badger Bag Giveaway :D

top: gray blouse- Redhead SM GTW c/o Lissa Kahayon

jacket: gray cardigan- thifted

bottom: skinny jeans- Lee

shoes: mid calf black boots- Hong Kong

bag: doctor satchel- Studio Boheme c/o Manila Shopper

accessories: wire bracelet- Anagon Collection 

Good Times!~


  1. Love the boots talaga! See you tomorrow, Kat! :D

  2. niceoutfit post! can i grab some for our fb page? :)

  3. Nice outfit post! can we grab some photos for our facebook client album? :)

  4. bagay sau kath! ganda! ang chic mong tignan! loved it ^_~

  5. I love those shoes! Simple outfit but it looks really stunning.:)
    Im a new follower, hope you can check back. Thanks!


  6. @Dawn- Thanks so much dear :)

    @Aya- Thank and thank you for another event full of chika :)

    @Say- thanks :)

    @Marqui Santos- Thank you for dropping by Ms. Marqui :) Sure, you can grab my photos :) Thank you for the interest :D It's my pleasure :)

    @Janet- Thanks Janet :)naku medyo bloated nga lang. Hehehe

    @Clai Litiatco- Thanks for following, will check back :)

  7. Nice outfit dear. I just followed you. I hope you can check my blog and would you mind following me, too?


  8. you rock the outfit girl.. love it!!.. :)

  9. @Belinda Ibanez- thank you dear :)


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