Cool Kids Wear Swag Junior

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

     What comes to your mind when you hear the word swag? It's an internet slang that became popular last year and is used to describe a type of style especially in outfits. I've seen photos on Instagram with the hashtag 'swag outfit' and that outfit is more of a street style to me. It's sporty and edgy at the same time.

      Last October, I was invited to the launch of the newest clothing brand for the lil boys and girls- Swag Junior. Swag Junior is a fashion street wear brand for the coolest kids in town. Designed to be a contemporary yet comfortable alternative to typical children’s fashion, Swag Junior's collections are inspired by one of the world’s most distinct fashion meccas, Japan. Mommies we have reason to celebrate, because Swag Junior has brought their one-of-a-kind aesthetic to Manila. Are you ready to see the collection and how cool a kid can be just by wearing Swag Junior? Read more below :)
Cool Kids Wear Swag Junior

The Practical Guide to Dressing for a Festival

Monday, August 10, 2015

     Festival season is well underway, and this summer is seeing many of us heading off to our very first festival event. And there’s definitely enough choice in the shops when it comes to our fashion choices, from dainty crop tops to patterned playsuits, deciding what to wear can be quite a task! But, what are the real essentials, and what’s going to be a practical choice whilst still looking bang on trend for festival fashion? Read on to find out what’s best to – and not to – wear if you’re planning on going to a festival this summer.
Playsuits Aren’t Practical

     Although the majority of us are sure to want to copy the style of Vanessa Hudgens who looked amazing in a pretty little playsuit at Coachella, the truth is, playsuits are definitely not the most practical of outfits to wear for a festival. If it gets chilly and you need to use the portaloo, the last thing that you’re going to want to do is get undressed in that small amount of space. 
The Practical Guide to Dressing for a Festival
     Dresses are a lot more practical at a festival if you’re looking for something just as cute as a playsuit. Choose a light, flowy dress with a trendy print – geometrical, floral and animal prints are all massive trends for this summer that will look fabulous, whatever festival you’re planning to attend. 
Flared Trousers

     Another fashion comeback that’s a huge trend this summer are flared trousers. However, if you’re thinking of wearing a pair of these to a festival, they’re not the most practical of choices – by day three when there’s no grass in sight and everything’s turned to mud, they’ll be your worst enemy as they drag along the floor and get you covered in mud. Plus, if you’re wearing wellies, are they going to look good together?

Denim Shorts

     You can’t get more practical at a festival than a simple pair of denim shorts. Paired with a floaty blouse, crop top, vest top and a pair of wellies – there really is nothing that basic denim shorts won’t go with. If you’re worried about feeling the cold, you could even take a pair of plain black leggings or tights to wear underneath, and you still won’t ruin your look. Yes, we’ve decided that when it comes to practical, fashionable festival wear, denim shorts are your best friend. Available to buy from almost anywhere, you really can’t go wrong!


     Although you might want to pull out your favorite sandals especially if the weather’s forecast to be good, the most practical footwear that you can choose for a festival is a pair of wellies. After a couple of days even in dry weather the amount of people are sure to churn up some mud and muck, and the last thing you want to be doing is walking around getting your feet wet and dirty. Whether you choose to buy a pair of cheap wellies for the occasion or invest in a stronger, sturdier more expensive pair, we can’t stress enough how important it is to wear wellies – or at least waterproof footwear – at a festival this summer. 


     Festivals are jam packed full of people, so the last thing that you want to be doing is worrying about whether or not somebody’s pinching something out of your bag. Expect to be jostled around and pushed into a lot as well, so taking your five hundred dollar designer handbag to a festival is probably not the best of ideas. Instead, invest in a cheap rucksack, body-cross bag or even a bum bag where you can store any valuables, tickets, and money rather than leaving these items in your tent. 


     When it comes to accessories you really can go wild at a festival, with everything from body jewelry to elaborate floral headdresses available. However, some accessories you’re really not going to want to forget – remember to protect yourself from the sun by wearing a pair of sunglasses, or at the very least a hat. Floppy hats are really in this summer, so why not wear one of those to keep yourself in the shade and looking fashionable and trendy at the same time. 

     Are you an avid festivalgoer? Which outfits do you tend to choose when you attend a festival? Do you have any advice or tips regarding what to wear for first time festivalgoers? Whether you’ve just come back from your first festival or attend a few different ones every year, we’d love to hear your experiences and advice in the comments below.

OOTD: Denim and Chiffon

Saturday, October 20, 2012

     I'm already getting the hang of taking outfit shot in public :D I found a new photographer in the presence of my younger brother ;P But this just came coincidentally since all the outfit shots he took was taken during his free time. If I'm saying that backlogs are piling up before (usually this goes with haul, product review and event posts) I think my backlogs are piling up again and this time for my outfit of the day. I'm a very shy and soft spoken person that's why I really feel uncomfortable taking pictures in public alone. I always want to take pictures in group or with my son and ze hubby. But now I can say that I'm slowly getting used to take my outfit shots alone anywhere :D

     Here's what I wore when I attended Kanebo's Radiant Beauty Makeup Workshop at Rustan's Makati last week. I preferred the morning sesh around 10 a.m. so that I can go home early and go straight to the dialysis center to look after my father. I had a great time during the workshop that I'll muse on my next post. For this outfit, I just decided to wear something that I think will look good on me but I'm not sure if they really "match". 


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