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GSK Pioneers World BPH Day- Advocates Men's Prostate Health Awareness

Monday, June 25, 2018

     GlaxoSmithKline Philippines (GSK), a global leading healthcare company, is pioneering World BPH Day on June 25 through the “FUN to be WISE on BPH” advocacy in order raise awareness about the disease and help improve the quality of life of Filipino men.

     According to the Harvard Medical School, most men eventually develop some type of prostate problem, including BPH3. Patients affected by BPH often have to deal with sleep disruption and sexual dysfunction. Their daily activities and outdoor trips are also limited and can be a source of embarrassment. If untreated, BPH can also lead to Acute Urinary Retention (AUR) and may require surgery2.

GSK Pioneers World BPH Day- Advocates Men's Prostate Health Awareness
Commitment and exercise

Raising Awareness for Eating Disorders among Teen Males

Sunday, February 28, 2016

     There is a lot of attention on eating disorders, especially with young girls. It is estimated that 50 percent of teenage girls indulge in unhealthy activities in order to lose weight or to prevent weight gain. This is a drastic increase when compared to previous decades. The spotlight on eating disorders, unfortunately, seems to shine largely upon females. The frightening truth however is that 30 percent of teenage boys also use drastic measures to reduce their weight. 
Raising Awareness for Eating Disorders among Teen Males
The Misconception 

     Eating disorders are typically considered to be a ‘girl’s’ disease. Many are under the mistaken belief that it is an affliction that only affects females. Even more worryingly, there are many medical experts who are still unable to diagnose anorexia or bulimia in young boys or men. This is why it is difficult to find eating disorder treatment for men in the medical community. 

     One of the reasons for this is the different expectations that society places upon males and females. For instance, in the fashion industry women are always portrayed as being extremely skinny. It is desirable to be a size zero and very lean. This, however, is not the case for boys and men. They have traditionally been urged to be bigger and buffer. It is all about going to the gym and building muscles. This concept of ‘larger’ leads many people to believe that males cannot develop an eating disorder. This, unfortunately, is where they are mistaken. 

Progression of the Disease

     The need to be more physically desirable is often a gateway to unhealthy eating patterns in males. This means that the symptoms may differ from those seen in females. This, however, does not exclude these behaviors from being indicators of a mental disorder. With young men, it may typically begin with exercise and cutting calories to get the ideal body. In certain instances, this can progress. It will develop into exercising constantly, even past the point of exhaustion. They will also begin to limit their calories to a dangerous low number. 

     One of the components of this type of mental illness is that the sufferer cannot perceive that their behavior is unhealthy. They are also unable to notice the drastic changes that their bodies are undergoing. For instance, a young man with a skeletal physique may still see himself as overweight or not good enough when he looks in the mirror. This only serves to push themselves harder to get the body that they still think they need to achieve. They do not see their actions as unreasonable or unnecessary. The only thought they are able to focus on is how much exercise they need to do and limiting their calories. 

Take Action 

     There needs to be a greater awareness about the potential threat that many young men are facing. It is only then that this disease can be avoided. Society needs to be made aware that this is a public health nuisance. This will encourage more people to seek the help that they so desperately require. It will also help friends and loved ones to be able to spot the signs of this terrible disorder. This will go a long way in preventing and curing this mental illness.

ATC Healthcare Supplements

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

     "Prevention is always better than cure." Take it from me because I've seen and experienced it with my father. If he's just obedient and had strictly complied to the doctor's order, then I presume that until now we are managing CKD and dialysis free. Anyhoo, I don't want to blame him for what happened. What I can do now is learn from this experience and start a healthy lifestyle. It's excruciating emotionally and physically when one is sick in the family. 

     In my opinion, one thing that can help us in preventing or managing these diseases as early as possible is drinking food supplement, eating right, exercise, and laughter. Before drinking food supplements, be sure to have a regular check-up with your doctor and ask him/her about the food supplement that you are going to take. Speaking of food supplements, ATC Healthcare brand is making a name in the food supplment industry. I've tried a few food supplements from this brand and my father is taking ATC Fish Oil capsules as his heart supplement- doctor prescribed! To know more about ATC Healtcare supplements continue reading below :)
ATC Healthcare Supplements
ATC BitteGo, ATC LiverMarin, ATC Fish Oil
     ATC Healthcare International Corporation is a company established in 2005 which offers a complete line of dietary food supplements and other healthcare products, from immunity boosters, cleansing and detoxification supplements, to slimming capsules, answering the needs of all ages. Today, ATC Healthcare has grown into one of the most innovative healthcare developers in the country. Here are the food supplements to take if you want to protect your liver, heart, and prevent diabetes.

Make a Sweet Life with BitterGo

      Food is the number one stress reliever for most of us. So, how sweet would it be if we are able to eat anything we want without worrying about our blood sugar? Being in control of your blood sugar without depriving yourself from food is a struggle for some, but that shouldn’t be a problem with BitterGo.

     BitterGo is a dietary food supplement that is a combination of Ampalaya powder, Luyang Dilaw Powder, and Bawang Powder. The combination of these helps manage your insulin levels and assist in lowering your blood sugar levels. Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be a punishment, satisfy your sweet tooth in moderation with the help of BitterGo.
ATC Healthcare Supplements
ATC Healthcare BitterGo 
Benefits of BitterGo (7.50 per piece)

  • Extremely beneficial in treating Diabetes mellitus
  • Helps in lowering blood sugar levels and also helps in suppressing sugar out flow in urine
  • Aids in managing polyuria or frequent urination
  • Helps in handling diaphoresis or excessive sweating
  • Reduces Blurring of Vision and tingling sensation in the extremities
  • Helps stimulate the pancreas, spleen and liver to intensify absorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract
  • With Bawang Powder, which couldn’t be found in other ampalaya supplements
  • An outstanding blood purifier and helps in maintaining good and clear skin.
  • Takes way the bitterness in consuming your Ampalaya
  • 100% All Natural and proven safe

Stop the Stress, Take a Rest with ATC Fish Oil (6.00 per piece)

     In a fast-paced world we live in, stress is always present. Traffic, office hassle or attending to your family’s needs, these are just some of the things that stresses us. Stop thinking too much, for it may have a great effect on health especially to your heart. Stress can alleviate your blood pressure that may lead to heart attack or stroke. So stop the stress, take a rest. Let ATC Fish Oil take care of your heart.

     ATC Fish Oil is a dietary supplement extracted from various fish. It contains the Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) that are known to possibly aid in lowering blood pressure. Protecting your body from stroke and heart attack. Protect your heart from the stresses of daily living with ATC Fish Oil. 
ATC Healthcare Supplements
ATC Fish Oil 
Benefits of Fish Oil 

  • Helps lower blood pressure, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol
  • Less Pain and Inflammation
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Protection from Stroke and Heart Attack
  • Better brain function and higher intelligence
  • Helps lower blood pressure triglycerides and LDL cholesterol
  • Known to have omega 3 fatty acids
  • Protection capabilities from stroke and heart attack
  • Known for less pain and inflammation
  • Alleviates depression and other psychological problems
  • Prevents and inhibits the growth of cancer cells
  • Reduces symptoms of breast, colon and prostate cancer
  • Gives shiny and glowing skin
  • Protects retina, improves eyesight 

ATC LiverMarin (9.00 per piece) 

     LiverMarin is a dietary supplement that contains 250 mg of Silymarin or Milk Thistle that protects the liver by acting as an anti-oxidant; it promotes the growth of liver cells and prevents liver damage. LiverMarin also contains 100 mg of Sodium Ascorbate that helps in boosting the immune system and enhances the absorption of Silymarin in the body. With a healthy diet, active lifestyle and regular intake of LiverMarin, you can keep your liver healthy.
ATC Healthcare Supplements
ATC LiverMarin
LiverMarin Benefits

  • Protects the liver since Silymarin acts as an anti-oxidant.
  • Keeps harmful substances away from liver cells.
  • Reverses liver damage.
  • Decreases insulin over production.
  • Prevents liver cirrhosis an Hepatitis A,B; Manages SGPT, SGOT level
  • Protects, nourishes and improves the liver
  • Helps with the digestion of fats
  • Moistens mucus membranes, giving you a healthy skin

     Have you tried taking one of these supplements from ATC Healthcare? I'll share my father's review of ATC Fish Oil in the coming days so stay tuned for that. He's been taking ATC Fish Oil for three months already to protect his heart and increase good cholesterol in his body.

For inquiries, you may contact ATC Healthcare at these numbers: 516-8888, 0909-3333333 or 0917-5623333.

Medicard's Tips to Starting a Healthy Year

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

     The year is still young and perfect for a fresh start. Have you made a resolution yet? If not, it might be a good idea to work on improving your health and well-being. “The beginning of the year is a time for resolutions for many Pinoys. Usually at the top of our resolution list is the pledge to become healthier and fit. That is why many are keen on dropping bad habits and starting a new diet or fitness regimen,” says Dr. Nicky Montoya, president of MediCard Philippines.

     I believe that dedication and commitment are the keys to have a healthy living. Make it a habit and do it for the rest of your life. You can start anytime but once you started on dropping the fats, sweets, nicotine, etc stay focus and be fit to inspire your family and friends. See the tips from MediCard Philippines on how to stay fit after the jump. Click CONTINUE READING please :)

How to Take Care of Your Liver from MediCard Philippines

Sunday, February 08, 2015

     Hello dearies! How's your health? Here's an interesting article from MediCard Philippines. When I received a copy from my email, I said to myself that I must share this. My sister-in-law's niece passed away last week because of liver cancer. She's just 10 years old and it's so heart-breaking that a child was diagnosed with a very horrible illness. I've heard stories of how the family bravely fought the battle. We need to open our minds and must be aware that lifestyle plays an important role in prolonging our lives. 

     The liver is the biggest and one of the vital internal organs in the body. It performs numerous important functions, including the filtration of blood from the digestive tract, detoxification of chemicals that enter the body, metabolization of fats, and regulation of hormones and blood sugar levels. 

     But despite its important role, the liver is also one of the most abused body organs. “Throughout a person’s lifetime, the liver is constantly engaged in a cycle of damage, inflammation and cell death. Under normal conditions, it can repair and renew itself. But if it is injured faster than it is repairing, the damage can be irreversible and may lead to organ failure,” explains Dr. Nicky Montoya, president of MediCard Philippines.


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