OOTD: Pahiyas Festival

Saturday, August 24, 2013

     Here's a super late OOTD post. I was emptying my recycle bin yesterday and saw these outfit photos from our summer vacation at Lucban, Quezon. We stayed there for three days and luckily was able to celebrate one of the grandest festival in our country- The Pahiyas Festival. Have you seen colorful leaf shape decorations on television ads or from random things? Those leaf shape designs are called Kiping. It's made of malagkit/sticky rice and shaped into leaves symbolizing bountiful harvest. Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every 14th of May in honor of St. Isidore for giving farmers rich and bounty harvest throughout the year. 

     Since it's summer, I opted to wear something very light and comfortable from head to toe! And because the highlight of the celebration was to roam around the town to see houses decorated with colorful and awesome kipings, I decided to wear my super comfy sandals. 
Pahiyas Festival


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