SM Woman Summer 2018 Collection + Women's Month Offers

Monday, March 12, 2018

     We are celebrating International Women's Month and SM Woman wants to celebrate this with the launch of What Women Want- a month-long celebration that aims to give you amazing deals, discounts, perks, and promos from different brands at the SM Store.

     Did I mention before that half of the clothes inside my closet came from SM Woman? I so love SM Woman because I find the styles unique and easy to mix and match. I also like their collection which caters to all shapes and sizes. Last week, SM Woman unveiled their Summer 2018 collection with a fashion show held at SM Makati. See my picks and what's in store for all women below :)

SM Woman Summer 2018 Collection + Women's Month Offers

Feature: My SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale Experience

Thursday, March 13, 2014

     Ah shopping! The ultimate stress reliever for women, do you agree? Women loves to shop and when the word S-A-L-E comes to our mind, there's joy and excitement in us that's going to explode anytime. I always say to myself that I'm on a shopping ban but when I see the word sale on posters and banners, I turned into an amnesiac and it's like I'm on a magic spell. That's the reason why I'm here today and share with you my experience on one of the crazy sale that I've been to. SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale was the biggest sale in my entire sale-shopping-experience! The first day of sale was Valentine's Day and boy oh boy, I've seen how shopper's rummage into piles of different clothes, bags, shoes and other stuff that were 50-70% off the price tag! It's really an amazing experience. 

     Three days before the sale, I said to myself that I'll just buy basic clothes for my son since it's also my mission to cover the sale that day. I just brought my shoulder bag with me just to make sure that I'll stick to my plan. But when I reached SM City Sta. Mesa and passed by the department store, I saw shoppers going gaga over sale items. I got curious and said to myself I'll be in a shopping coma few minutes from now. Lo and behold, I just found myself carrying a shopping basket with different clothes for my son and myself! Want to see my what went home with me? Click CONTINUE READING and smile :)
Feature: My SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale Experience
Excuse my blurry photo, my cam can't focus properly :(

OOTD: Puss in Boots

Sunday, January 27, 2013

     Hellos! This is my first outfit post of the year :) Thank you very much to Kai of Brew of the Day for taking my outfit shots. Remember that I'm very shy to take outfit shot in public? I'm 10x times more shy here when we did my outfit shot because it was taken inside the Landmark Trinoma but it's okay since almost all we're rushing home so there's only a couple of shoppers walking and they didn't even bother to look on what we're doing =P

    I wore this outfit 3 weeks ago when I met-up and had dinner with blogger friends. I look haggard and tired in this photo, right? And look at my tummy, it's bloated like the cat in Puss in Boots hence the title of this OOTD. Blame it on Christmas and New Year's celebration and some post holiday gatherings. There's also 3 birthdays in our family after new year including my birthday! Insert the holiday weight gain here. Whew! 

February in December

Saturday, January 12, 2013

     I've been meaning to share this post last week before I published my FAB Holiday Makeover at The Jing Monis Salon but I'm still waiting for the last prize to arrive. So when it arrived yesterday, I took photos of it and now the list is complete. Why February in December? I guess, what happened last February on all the giveaways that I joined happened again last month. If you read my posts: February Part 1 and February Part II you'll say that I'm really very lucky when it comes to online giveaways, contests and promos. 

     Jing Monis Salon I DV Hairpieces Like and Share Giveaway

Lissa Kahayon x SM GTW Christmas Promo Giveaway

So Gelleesh Hair Care Giveaway

     Thank you Gellie, I can now have a hair spa party with my sisters at home. This winning is very timely since our hairs need some loving from all the abuses last year. Think of dyeing, straightening and curling our hair using mechanical and chemical products. 

Vanity and Everything in Between's BDJ 2013 Planner Giveaway

     Yay to my new planner! I can say this is my first "formal planner" to date. I had one planner before but can't call it the real planner because all I did was post stickers to it and never wrote anything on the pages. Bummer! So now, I'm very motivated to write all the thoughts I have in mind because BDJ planner is not just a planner, it's a power planner. Everything a woman needs in a planner is on BDJ :D

Bioessence Christmas Treat

Kanebo Powderless Liquid Foundation Sample and Makeover

     Had this makeover last December at Kanebo counter Sm beauty section Mall of Asia. The MUA there was very approachable and never had a dull moment while she's doing my makeup.  Silly me forgot her name :( I love the transformation she did using this new foundation from Kanebo. I like my eye makeup here because of the smokey look that doesn't look to harsh for daytime. The coverage is excellent, no need for concealer and it turns into powder that looks good on photos. I hope I can get a full-size of this product soonest!!! Hello another tipid mode (saving mode)

Good Times!~


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